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Australia: Petition calls for ban on `dangerous` cosmetic surgery games and apps aimed at kids

Children as young as three are being taught to critique their own bodies and appearance through “dangerous” cosmetic surgery apps, experts have warned. A range of these games can be found on various app stores, targeting very young girls with bright colours and fairytale characters. They allow kids to perform serious cometic procedures including rhinoplasty, liposuction, eyelid surgery and cosmetic injections on a cartoon character. Global body positivity organisation Endangered Bodies has spent a year monitoring apps like these. The group recently launched a petition calling for tech giants including Amazon, Apple and Google to ban these apps altogether and develop policies to prohibit the download of cosmetic surgery apps by children and teens.

My daughter needs plastic surgery – how can I tell her?

Stop pointing out her physical imperfections, Mariella Frostrup tells a mother who thinks her lonely daughter needs better looks to be happier.

Girls as young as eight being groomed by cosmetic surgery games

Girls just eight years old are being targeted by cosmetic surgery apps, with “revolting” new tactics used to groom an ever-younger market, experts have warned. A report by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics says under 18s should be banned from getting fillers, botox or plastic surgery and calls for sweeping restrictions on online games which promote such ideals.

Adolescents involved in bullying have greater desire for cosmetic surgery than others

School bullies and their victims are more likely to want cosmetic surgery, according to new research by the University of Warwick. Almost 2800 adolescents - aged 11 to 16 - in UK secondary schools were screened for their involvement in bullying, through self and peer assessment.

Schoolgirls are being preyed on by lip filler cowboys

Amateur beauticians with no medical training are offering to inject schoolgirls with dangerous lip fillers for as little as £59, the Daily Mail reveals today. Insecure young women are being targeted on social media and encouraged to have their lips injected to enhance their looks. But the cosmetic treatments – which may be carried out in back rooms of hair salons and in customers’ living rooms – can cause irreversible damage. Undercover reporters from the Daily Mail accompanied 17-year-old college student Ellie Ducker while she visited amateur lip filler practitioners who advertise online.

Safer Internet Day: Many kids say it's 'important' to look good in selfies

Newsround has spoken to lots of 10 to 12-year-olds about their thoughts on selfies - and many said there's a pressure to look good in them.

Thousands sign petition to ban cosmetic surgery games targeted at children

Petition launched against children's app which encourages users to give women nose jobs and eye lifts. Endangered Bodies said in a statement that the games feature animated characters, vibrant graphics, and simple actions young children can understand to glamorise cosmetic surgery and encourage children to go to drastic means to achieve "perfection."

Botox injections are booming among millennials

Botox is gaining popularity among millennials, with people getting injections at as young as 18-years-old, thanks to social media and the quest for the perfect selfie. Young women, some without a wrinkle in sight, are spending a lot of money to capture and hold onto their youth.

Millennials are more likely to post plastic surgery on social media

It's now common knowledge millennials are the crowned rulers of social media. Also known as Generation Y, the typical 18 to 34-year-old crowd has grown alongside the digital age. It's second nature for many millennials to update their lives on multiple social networks.

Facebook post sees woman urge young girls not to compare themselves to celebrities

A woman has written an open letter urging young girls not to be fooled by filters used by celebrities on social media after sharing two photographs of Kendall Jenner, one of which appears to have been heavily airbrushed. Samantha Helen Laight, 22, from Manchester, took to Facebook on Monday afternoon to pen the message, which has already notched up 38,000 likes and been shared almost 4,000 times. The make-up artist was inspired to write it after seeing pictures of Kendall Jenner, 20, on the red carpet for the premiere of From The Land Of The Moon at Cannes Film Festival.

Botox and beauty treatments - Teenage girls visiting plastic surgeons

A PLASTIC surgeon has been forced to turn away schoolgirls as young as 16 who are desperate for Botox and other treatments. Dr Darren McKeown said many teenagers have been mis-sold the idea that such procedures will help them keep their youthful complexions.

Nippers n tuck: Six clinics offered Botox or filler to 15-year-olds

SHAMELESS clinics are discussing cosmetic procedures with children as young as 15, a Sun investigation can reveal. Doctors, nurses and even a children’s surgeon were potentially willing to perform invasive beauty treatments on youngsters under 18.

Self-esteem among young women undergoing facial plastic surgery in China

A study of young women in China undergoing cosmetic surgery on their eyelids and noses suggests feelings of self-esteem and self-efficacy (confidence in ones abilities) were lower before surgery but increased in the months after surgery, according to an article published by JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery.

Number of teens getting risky cosmetic surgery booms

Ministers have been accused of letting down children following a spike in the number of teenagers opting to have cosmetic surgery. Experts are critical of the industrys lack of regulation following a pledge by the government to toughen rules in the wake of a scandal over breast implants in 2010.

Teenagers Are Making Dangerous DIY Braces Using Elastic Bands in the USA

A number of young people in the U.S. are resorting to a dangerous short cut to straight teeth by using cheap elastic bands, which dental experts have warned could cause gum damage and even teeth to fall out! The increasingly-popular “gap band” trend sees teenagers tying small, cheap hair elastics around their teeth.

Kylie Jenner confirms that lip injections are a thing she's doing at age 17

17 year old 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star finally confirms getting lip enhancements. The 17-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and teen icon (repeat: 17-year-old) has confirmed that her signature pout is courtesy of lip fillers, not just puberty and lipliner, as she has previously implied.

'Kylie Jenner challenge' sees teens suck shot glasses to blow up their lips

A worrying new trend dubbed the '#kyliejennerchallenge' is sweeping social media, encouraging teens to blow their lips up to epic proportions using bottles or shot glasses. The reportedly painful method involves participants placing their mouth over the opening of a cup, jar or other narrow vessel and sucking in until the air vacuum causes their lips to swell up - all in the hopes of emulating Kylie Jenner's bee-stung pout.

Bullied teenagers increasingly want to have cosmetic surgery, says survey

Increasing numbers of bullied teenagers want to have cosmetic surgery, a survey has found. More than one in two respondents to anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label says they want to lose weight, one in five wants breast implants and 5% want Botox. The annual survey carried out by anti-bullying charity, Ditch The Label quizzed teenagers across the UK on a wide range of topics to do with bullying. It found more than half of the teenagers who responded felt they had been bullied about their appearance.

Botox 'may stunt emotional growth' in young people

Experts warn that treating young people with Botox injections could restrict their emotional and social development. Writing in the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing, clinicians say there is a growing trend for under-25s to seek the wrinkle-smoothing injections. But the research suggests "frozen faces" could stop young people from learning how to express emotions fully. A leading body of UK plastic surgeons says injecting teenagers for cosmetic reasons is "morally wrong".

Fifth of girls as young as 12 won't leave home without full make-up

Girls as young as 12 are afraid to leave home without wearing a full face of make-up, new research has revealed. A new study has found that over half of 12 to 14-year-olds wear make-up most days and 17 per cent refuse to leave the house without make-up on. The new research also reveals that over 63 per cent of 12-14 year olds even go to bed with their make-up on at least once a week with 38 per cent of them simply 'forgetting to take it off' and 36 per cent leaving it on because they are ‘too tired’. Dermatologists warn of dangers.

Watchdog rules cosmetic surgery advert is only suitable for adults

Viewers complained the commercial for The Hospital Group was irresponsible and harmful to impressionable youngsters. 36 complaints said it would make children worry about `perfect` appearance. Advertising Standards Authority ruled it should only be aired after 9pm. Advert for The Hospital Group shows three adults after cosmetic surgery.

Plastic surgeons 'worried' young want procedures

Plastic surgeons say they are worried about the number of young people who want cosmetic procedures. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) claims younger patients can be vulnerable and often have self-esteem issues. It is warning procedures can't always help people overcome problems with their body image.

Girlguiding launches body confidence badge in effort to boost self-esteem

Girlguiding UK is launching its first "body confidence" badge in response to what it says is a crisis in how girls perceive themselves. Charity hopes to unmask beauty myths, expose airbrushing and encourage Guides to spread the message.

Argentina weighs plastic surgery ban for minors

Lawmakers in Argentina are considering a bill that would ban plastic surgery for patients under the age of 18. The measure aims to stem the popularity of cosmetic surgery among Argentina`s youth, in a beauty-obsessed nation where the popularity of such procedures has seen a dramatic rise in recent years.

Taiwan places ban on cosmetic surgery for under-18s

Taiwan on Thursday banned "medically unnecessary" plastic surgery on under-18s in an attempt to protect beauty-obsessed youngsters who overlook the health risks of such procedures, officials said. The government ban is effective immediately, with doctors no longer allowed to perform operations such as nose jobs and breast enhancement on minors. Liposuction and so-called "double-eyelid" surgery, which makes the eyes look bigger, are also prohibited, the Ministry of Health and Welfare said.

Apple and Google pull plastic surgery apps for children following Twitter backlash

Google Play and iTunes have removed plastic surgery apps telling children that liposuction will make them “thin and beautiful”. The apps, called “Plastic Surgery” and “Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie”, featured illustrations of a woman receiving treatment by a scalpel and a syringe. Although iTunes and Google did not respond to the flurry of tweets, the apps were removed last night.

Plastic surgery app for nine-year-olds sparks outrage online

Two plastic surgery apps marketed at children as young as nine have created a storm on Twitter. The Everyday Sexism Project posted a screenshot on their Twitter account, instructing their followers to “Tweet @itunes if you think they should reconsider marketing this crap to players aged 9+”. The app is called “Plastic Surgery & Plastic Doctor & Plastic Hospital Office for Barbie version” on iTunes.

Australian Doctors seek ban on cosmetic surgery for under-18s

Doctors are pushing for a ban on all non-essential cosmetic surgery for under 18s. The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia is proposing that stricter, government-controlled guidelines be put in place, so that no health practitioner can perform procedures such as liposuction or lip augmentation on teenagers.

Zara Hartshorn: Teenager who looked 60 has facelift to combat 'Benjamin Button' syndrome

Bullying taunts of "granny" and "monkey" are a thing of the past for the girl who grew old too quickly. A facelift at the age of 16 sounds like vanity gone mad – but for Zara Hartshorn it gave her a life as a normal teenager, the Sunday People reveals today. She was a youngster hoping for love like the others but her tender skin looked ­twisted and ­wrinkled because of a rare ­condition.

Girls had bum and breast implants at 15

Cosmetic surgery may be frowned upon for the under-16s in the UK, but two young women have spoken to This Morning about travelling to Colombia for bum and breast implants at just 15. Jennifer Lopez, now 23, shares more than just a name with a certain curvaceous singer, having gone under the knife in the hope of achieving a similar figure while still a teenager.

Youth Surgery on the Rise; We Ask the Parents

A new report has just been released that focuses on under 18s undergoing cosmetic surgery. Aesthetics website investigated this emerging trend in the cosmetic surgery industry with a nationwide poll. Cosmetic surgeons have noted an increase in the number of under 18s undergoing procedures. For a more detailed understanding, Clinic Compare has surveyed 2000 UK parents about their values concerning body image, confidence and potential insecurities caused by peer pressure.

Body image classes to be launched for schools

Plans for a new qualification to educate young people about the importance of a healthy body image have been announced by the YMCA. Around two-thirds of people in the UK are unhappy with their bodies, according to a Government report. Nearly one in six young people say they'd rather be thin than healthy.

Why are so many girls in their 20s hooked on Botox?

Especially as experts warn it will probably make them look OLDER. When Geniene Reese and her friends went en masse to make inquiries about having Botox injections, the consultant, based at a reputable clinic in Liverpool, assured the group it was better to ‘start young’.

China: Guangdong bans cosmetic surgery on minors

Hospitals and medical institutions in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, will not be allowed to perform cosmetic surgery on minors without their guardian's consent, according to a local draft regulation on protection of minors, which has been put forward online for public input. The new set of regulations for minors in Guangzhou is expected to come in effect in June 2013.

Girl Guides report pressure to consider cosmetic surgery

One in three girls would consider cosmetic surgery to change their appearance, with large numbers reporting pressure to look like celebrities, the latest Girlguiding UK survey has found. The 2012 Girl Guides Attitudes survey, which involved 1,200 young women and girls, reveals that only 68 per cent of girls are happy about the way they look, compared to 78 per cent of boys.

250 girls under 16 given bigger breasts on NHS at cost of £5,000 a time

The Department of Health said NHS-funded breast augmentation would only take place for recognised clinical reasons, after official figures revealed girls as young as 10 have gone under the knife. More than 250 girls aged 16 and under have had breast enlargements paid for by the NHS over the past five years, official figures have revealed. Across all age groups, more than 3,000 women had augmentation surgery last year – up almost a third in five years.

Teenage Plastic Surgery Won’t End Bullying: A nonprofit group sends the wrong message to kids.

More than 90,000 teens a year undergo plastic surgery to stop bullying. What kind of message is that sending to kids? Earlier this week, CNN host Dr. Sanjay Gupta featured Nadia Ilse, a 14-year-old girl who received plastic surgery to stop bullying. Through the Little Baby Face Foundation, Ilse received $40,000 worth of cosmetic enhancements: pinning her ears back, a nose job and a chin restructuring.

More young people unhappy with looks, considering plastic surgery

Kelsy Catalo, 20, heard every kind of insult directed to her and her nose when she was in grade school. `I got teased a lot,` she said. `I thought that my nose looked like a witch`s nose, and everyone called me big-beak. It really did hurt my self-esteem to the point that whenever I met someone I thought they were looking at my nose and judging me.`

Celeb pic frauds ease kids’ image & diet fear

Parents will get a new guide today to help them cope with their kids’ fears about body image and dieting. The pack includes before-and-after airbrushed pics of stars Britney Spears and Keira Knightley. The snaps show kids that stars’ bodies are not as perfect as they sometimes appear.

No plastic surgery or tattoos for Guangzhou minors

According to a new proposal, Guangzhou minors will no longer be able to get either plastic surgery or tattoos. The proposed law is currently under formulation and will take effect in 2013, according to Peng Qu, director of the Community and Rights Department in the Guangzhou Committee of the Chinese Communist Youth League.

Human Barbie to start holding children`s parties at Botox clinic

`Girls don`t want Snow White Cinderella anymore`. A woman who gave her daughter a boob job voucher for her sixth birthday is to start holding children’s parties in a Botox clinic. Sarah Burge, who is known as the `human Barbie`, will organise pageant parties for young girls in the salon where the injections and breast enhancement procedures are performed.

German MPs call for under-18 ban on cosmetic surgery

BERLIN (AFP) - Plastic surgery could be outlawed for under 18-year-olds unless medically necessary under a proposal by lawmakers from Germany`s ruling party, according to a document seen by AFP Thursday.

Plastic surgeons welcome minister's warning - Netherlands

Plastic surgeons support Dutch Health Minister Edith Schippers’ plan to set an age limit for cosmetic surgery and to make television shows which involve plastic surgery issue warnings about the possible consequences.

Poppy Burge gets liposuction voucher from 'Human Barbie' mum Sarah for Christmas

Sarah Burge, from St Neots, Cambridgeshire, is back in the spotlight - for all the wrong reasons. She has given her daughter Poppy a £7,000 liposuction voucher for Christmas.

A Quarter Of 11 To 16-Year-Olds Would Have Cosmetic Surgery To Improve Body Image

Half of girls and a third of boys are willing to take drastic measures to reach their ideal body shape or weight, a study has found. The survey of 810 girls and boys aged 11 to 16 found that one in ten boys would take steroids for a more muscular physique, while one in eight girls would be happy to pop diet pills or laxatives to help them to lose weight.

Does social media affect plastic surgery in teens?

When Mark Zuckerberg was inventing Facebook, he could not have predicted the repercussions it would have: marriages, jobs, alliances and revolutions are just the tip of the iceberg.

Nicolette Taylor, 13, victim of Facebook bullying resorts to nose job

As a child model, she appeared on the cover of magazines and in catalogues. So the last thing Nicolette Taylors parents expected was that she would be bullied for her looks at school - so much so, that they agreed to pay for plastic surgery.