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Mum `nearly died` getting a behind like Kim Kardashian`s

This mother dreamed of having a bum like Kim Kardashian, but was never told she nearly died trying to get it. Plastic surgeons in Turkey charged Jade Stafford £3,000 for the pleasure of taking fat from her back and pumping it into her backside. The 25-year-old woke up in agony after surgery and was given morphine to ease the pain. What the surgeons failed to mention was that they had to resuscitate her mid-operation to save her life.

Study links cosmetic filler injections to infections

The case of the woman who "grew a horn on her head" and of another who suffered severe facial infections are just two of the bungles in cometic filler procedures which have been revealed in a new study. The research by Macquarie University in Sydney has linked the procedures to serious and chronic infections.

New Survey Reveals Impact Of Double Chin On Self-Perception And Behavior

Survey finds that 47% of respondents said they are bothered by the appearance of the area under their chin. Results of a recent survey commissioned by Allergan plc to better understand the personal impact of submental fullness as well as how others perceive individuals with submental fullness were revealed at the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Meeting in Orlando, FL. 1,996 men and women in the U.S. between the ages of 18 and 65 were surveyed to better understand how having a double chin plays a role in self-perception and alternatively, how those with submental fullness are viewed by others.

Lip filler leaves mum with lips like `raw sausages`

A mother-of-three described how she was taken to A&E after fillers left her lips looking like `raw sausages tied together on her face`. Leona Omalley, 24, paid a beautician £180 to come to her home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, and inject her lips in the hope of improving her pout.

Why big buttocks can be bad for your health

The demand for bigger buttocks in Venezuela means some women will even have banned injections to achieve them, putting their health at risk. It is with tears in her eyes that Denny recounts how she woke up one day to find a bump the size of a football in her lower back. She could not walk or bend down, and the pain was intense. Even before she saw a doctor, Denny, a 35-year-old Venezuelan lawyer, knew the bump must be a side-effect of liquid silicone that had been injected in her buttocks.

ASDS Endorses ExpertInjector™ Program

Educating Consumers on Proper Training for Medical Professionals Providing Cosmetic Injectables. When faced with the decision of choosing an injector for cosmetic treatments such as hyaluronic acid fillers or botulinum toxins, many consumers are motivated by factors such as peer influence or even the price of treatment. As consumer advocates, the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery(ASDS) and NewBeauty magazine emphasize choosing an injector based on their credentials. That’s why NewBeauty created – and the ASDS is endorsing – the ExpertInjector™ program.

Jennifer Aniston coyly reveals shes tried to fight off signs of ageing with injectables

She has just been given the crown of sexiest woman of all time ahead of Raquel Welch and Marilyn Monroe. So no doubt fans of Jennifer Aniston will be surprised that she refused to deny having filler injections in a recent interview.

Anti-Wrinkle Gel Might Work Like Botox Without Needles

Preliminary study suggests it reduces 'crow's feet,' but more research is needed

Injectables and lasers: preventive medicine for the young

You are 30-years-old, beautiful and basking in admiration. Just for a lark you visit a plastic surgeon or dermatologist to find out at what age you might need some “work”.