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Merz Announces Clearance of the Cellfina™ System for the Long-Term Reduction of Cellulite

Merz Pharma Group today announced CE Mark clearance of the Cellfina™ System, signifying its conformity with all EU regulations. Cellfina™ is intended for long-term reduction of cellulite by precise release of targeted structural tissue (fibrous septae). Results of treatment with Cellfina™ are expected to last up to two years. Cellfina™ is currently available in the U.S. and has the longest duration of results as cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

How I tried to SMELL myself slim

Alice Hart-Davis tests new 'miracle' fragrance that promises to dissolve cellulite. Smell yourself slim?' I wondered, looking at the latest cellulite-busting body cream. 'Pull the other one!', I thought to myself as I read the box.

New Study Reveals that Women with Cellulite Rate Their Appearance Differently Than Those without Cellulite

In January 2013 more than 1,000 U.S. women in various stages of their lives were surveyed online by Harris Interactive in a study commissioned by Cynosure Inc. on their own perceptions of general attractiveness and opinions surrounding cellulite. Caught in the clutter of a multi-million dollar industry that has been filled with repetitive, superficial treatments like lotions and pills that promise efficacy and lack results, women spoke out about body image and appearance.

Londoners sweat it out in cellulite busting hot pants

This week, we're talking about shrinking our bottoms. But for once it's not P-Middy's behind governing the conversation, it is shorts and leggings that claim to help you lose weight from your bum and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The new product that claims to banish celulite at home

The new Cavislim by BH UK is a new home cavitation product available in the UK that claims to reduce body fat and cellulite.

New laser treatment promises to rid women of orange-peel thighs... for good

About 85 per cent of British women aged over 20 suffer from cellulite - where fat deposits get trapped and squeezed between the stiffened fibrous bands that connect the skins tissues.