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Most Botox patients get the injections to look better at work

A Northwestern University team carried out the first multicenter poll of cosmetic surgery patients and found the most common reason for patients getting Botox was to look 'better' in a professional context, at work. Few wanted it for themselves, rather than for others.

Revance’s rival to Allergan’s Botox aces phase 3

A pair of phase 3 trials of Revance’s RT002 have hit all their primary and secondary endpoints. The data show the effect of the neuromodulator on wrinkles lasted for six months, suggesting it poses a threat to Allergan’s blockbuster Botox franchise.

The `Botox Lip Flip` Is the Latest Trend in Injectables — But There's a Catch

For those not aware, lip augmentation is most commonly performed with hyaluronic acid-based fillers, like Juvéderm, Volbella, Vollure, and Restylane, but, according to Dara Liotta, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City, Botox can also be used to slightly shape up the lips to create a "poutier look."

What is 'Robot Botox'? Dr Esho on new Juvapen

Regular Botox? Old hat, apparently. Now 'Robot Botox' is the request on every injectable enthusiast's lips. Dr Esho, a cosmetic doctor with clinics in London and Newcastle, coined the phrase to describe the "revolutionary" way to administer 'natural'-looking Botulinum Toxin injections using a tool called the Juvapen.

Struck-off doctor Michael Sheill filmed performing botox consultations

A doctor who was struck off has been filmed breaking medical rules with botox treatments. Michael Sheill, who runs private clinics across the south east, had his registration erased nine years ago. An undercover BBC investigation found him breaking medical rules by performing consultations without a registered practitioner being present.

Confessions of a botox addict

Since the first practitioners started using Botox in the UK, devotee Alice Hart-Davis has had it injected into ten parts of her face and body, including her forehead, her jaw muscles and even her armpits. This week, I’m looking forward to an anniversary. Not my wedding anniversary; this one is different, but still very special. For on Wednesday it will be 15 years since Botox received official approval for cosmetic use, changing the lives — and faces — of millions of women like me. I’ve been covering the story of Botox from the beginning. I was an early adopter and, after a bumpy start, became a devotee of the way minute doses of botulinum toxin A smooth away wrinkles by damping down the muscles in which they are injected.

Do `Botox` gels really work... or are they just hope in a jar? The best way to replicate Botox to banish wrinkles

There seemed one obvious way to put them to the test: volunteer my own forehead for a half-and-half trial, by using so-called `Botox gels` on one side, and having the injections on the other. Alice Hart-Davis with a Botox-treated right side of her forehead and still-wrinkled left side.

Can Botox reduce social anxiety?

The cosmetic wrinkle reducer, Botox, is being examined in the context of treating various medical conditions. In one example, George Washington University is recruiting volunteers for a new study testing Botox to treat social anxiety.

Nurse convicted of supplying Botox without prescription is struck off

A nurse, convicted of supplying the anti-wrinkle agent “Botox” without prescription, has been struck off the Registrar of the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. Mr Justice Raymond Fullam in the High Court confirmed the Board’s decision today following the earlier conviction in the District Court of Nurse Mary Concepta Connie Burke. The application to the court to confirm its decision was made by the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland, the body that regulates the profession.

China: Two more women in hospital after mainland botox jabs

The Centre for Health Protection warned the public against receiving beauty treatments from unlicensed agents as two more women were admitted to local hospitals for suspected botulism after receiving botox injections from the mainland. The latest cases brought to seven the number of recent local cases of suspected botulism linked to botulinum toxin injections, which are used to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing muscles.

Botox jabs to stop teeth grinding could eat away at your jawbone

Botox jabs in the jaw are big business: the paralysing effect is widely used to prevent tooth grinding, and by cosmetic doctors to slim the lower face. The treatment reduces the size of the masseter muscles, the large chewing muscles located on the jaw in front of the ears, and can cause dramatic cosmetic changes in a matter of weeks. Jawline narrowing treatment, marketed as V-line contouring because of the shape it gives the lower face, is hugely popular around the world - even in the UK the procedure is available in hundreds of clinics.

Botox patient accused of failing to pay Harlow clinic

A botox patient has allegedly left a Harlow dental clinic £200 out of pocket after leaving without paying. The woman pictured went to the Mulberry Dental Clinic in Market Street, Old Harlow, at around 2pm on Friday, April 22 where she received £200 worth of botox treatment. Essex Police are now trying to trace the woman who is believed to have left without paying for the treatment and who gave false personal details to the surgery.

Can Stomach Botox Injections Help People Lose Weight?

Doctors are considering a new use for Botox. The drug may help obese people lose weight, according to early research. The treatment may work by blocking a key nerve in the stomach that controls feelings of hunger and satiety, the researchers said. In a small new study, researchers in Norway injected Botox into the stomachs of 20 obese people, who had body mass indexes (BMIs) ranging from 35 to 44. The researchers used a medical instrument called an endoscope to see inside the stomach and inject Botox into the lower portion of the organ. Patients received injections at the start of the study, and then once every six months.

Getting Botox doesnt just leave YOUR face impossible to read

Botox injections temporarily paralyze the muscles in your face, sometimes causing it to appear frozen in one expression. Not only can this be confusing to others, but researchers in Italy now say it affects your own perception as well. Botox makes a person unable to replicate some of the expressions they observe, and researchers say blocking this often imperceptible response can make it difficult to understand the emotional meaning.

FEMAIL investigates the new way to administer Botox and finds out if it works

Kate Spicer is an aficionado of botulinum toxin and cosmetic medicine. Shes treated with the new pen, which delivers precise amounts of Botox. Shes not a fan of the method and thinks that doctors shouldnt use it.

Industry warns over botox cowboys

Cosmetic cowboys will operate with impunity despite new laws to regulate the sector, an industry body says. The legislation will mean extra checks for qualified professionals who offer non-surgical procedures like botox.

Is Preventative Botox a Farce?

If you watch enough Bravo reality shows or wait for a table at enough popular brunch spots, you’re bound to hear twenty-somethings make mention of preventative botox.

Fake Botox In Ireland Has Left Women With Frozen Faces

Fake Botox from China is flooding the Irish market and causing havoc for unsuspecting customers, according to a leading cosmetic doctor. Dr Patrick Treacy of the Ailesbury Clinic says that some clinics offering cheap Botox and Botox house parties are using a cheaper fake version of the drug which leaves some women looking like they’ve had a stroke. The wrinkle-freezing drug is also being administered by unqualified people.

Disgraced nurses staging Botox parties

Two disgraced nurses are making thousands of pounds a week illegally prescribing Botox to patients. A BBC investigation has uncovered the two men staging Botox parties in homes and beauty salons for people desperate to banish wrinkles.

Revance Announces Positive 6-Month Duration Results for BELMONT Phase 2 Active Study of Injectable RT002

Revance Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:RVNC), a biotechnology company developing botulinum toxin products for use in aesthetic and therapeutic indications, today announced that clinical results from the company’s BELMONT Phase 2 active comparator study of DaxibotulinumtoxinA for Injection (RT002)

Allergan Acquires Medical Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine Company Anterios

Allergan plc (NYSE: AGN), a leading global pharmaceutical company, today announced that it has acquired Anterios, Inc., a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company developing a next generation delivery system and botulinum toxin-based prescription products.

With Botox chemodenervation, dermal fillers last longer

Experimental evidence supports a simple technique for prolonging the effects of HA dermal fillers: using them together with botulinum toxin, reports a paper in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

Patients put at risk over Botox jabs

Doctors are breaching medical guidance by handing out Botox prescriptions without having face-to-face consultations with patients.

Revance Reports Positive 6-Month Duration in BELMONT Study

Revance Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:RVNC), announced positive 24-week results today from its multi-center BELMONT Phase 2 active comparator study of injectable RT002.

Revance Therapeutics Initiates Phase 3 Clinical Trial of Botulinum Toxin Type A Topical Gel to Treat Lateral Canthal Lines

Revance Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:RVNC), a specialty biopharmaceutical company developing botulinum toxin products for use in aesthetic and therapeutic indications, today announced it has commenced dosing patients in the Phase 3 pivotal study.

Some women are going too far in a bid to save their blowdries

We love an abundantly bouncy blowdry as much as the next woman. And, yes, we've been known to skip the gym to keep its perfection intact. Drastic? Perhaps. But it doesn't come close to the new trend that WWD has reported on, explaining that women are now using Botox to keep sweaty scalps from spoiling their hair.

Botox Injections As Wrinkle Treatment: Heat Maps Show Efficacy Of Toxin Via 3D Imaging Technique

Three-dimensional photogrammetry captures whether Botox is effective at eliminating the appearance of wrinkles. In a recent study published in the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, heat maps revealed Botox has both significant cosmetic and psychological effects on patients.

Doctor warns that browlift botox procedure is making women look OLDER rather than younger

Many women in Scotland are being made to look OLDER by opting for the popular browlift botox injections - according to a top cosmetic surgeon. Leading Glasgow and London-based botox specialist Dr Darren McKeown claims that the injections are often lifting eyebrows to the wrong height and that this can considerably age a person.

Liverpool `bogus` nurse Marie McGinty running Botox clinic

A bogus nurse is running a cosmetic clinic offering Botox and dermal filler treatments, according to a BBC investigation. Marie McGinty describes herself as an aesthetics nurse practitioner, nurse prescriber and midwife. But according to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, there is no record of Ms McGinty being registered.

Botox May Have Long-Lasting Anti-Aging Effects, Study Suggests

Botox, long mocked for simply hiding wrinkles by partially paralyzing the face, may actually make skin more elastic and more resistant to wrinkles. The drug increases skin elasticity for the three to four months that it stays active, according to a Canadian study published in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery by dermatologist Dr. James Bonaparte of the University of Ottawa and Dr. David Ellis of the University of Toronto.

Woman gets snake venom injection instead of Botox

Injecting a toxin to reduce skin wrinkles isn’t unusual— after all, Botox derives from a toxin. But what one Romanian woman believed to be a similarly harmless treatment turned out to be anything but when she learned she had been injected with snake venom. Racula Crisan, 38, went to a clinic to have Botox injections at the recommendation of plastic surgeon Adrian Oancea, 47.

The women having Botox to fit into boots but doctors warn it could kill you

Zara Marchant, 30, is unhappy with her calves and has paid £300 to have them injected with Botox. Calf Botox, as it’s been dubbed, is now one of the fastest-growing areas of the multi-million-pound Botox market. The treatment could potentially prove fatal. It can hamper the muscle’s ability to pump blood towards the heart.

Danielle Sheehan's life transformed after Botox eradicates her eczema

Danielle Sheehan, 24, from Lowestoft in Suffolk, had Botox for the first time 18 months ago. Five days later she noticed her eczema had suddenly cleared for the first time in years. Since she was a baby, Danielle Sheehan has suffered painful bouts of eczema. As a child the debilitating condition subsided. But four years ago red patches returned on her arms and around her eyes.

The rise of the `Botox boob job`

Bust-boosting surgery has never been more popular, with more than 11,000 boob job operations taking place in the UK alone each year. But not everyone wants to go under the knife. Instead of scalpels and implants, they are opting for a new treatment which has been dubbed `the Botox boob job` and uses injectables to plump up the cleavage. `The Breastox- Botox is fast becoming the must have pre-red carpet procedure for my celebrity clients,` explains Dr Nirdosh.

New Survey Reveals What Women in the U.S. Really Want to Know About BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA)

Many women are familiar with the brand name BOTOX® Cosmetic (onabotulinumtoxinA), but a new study from SheSpeaks™, an online community of women, reveals what they really want to know about it. To address the most common questions women have – and there are nearly 10 million women who are considering treatment – Allergan, Inc., maker of BOTOX® Cosmetic, teamed up with SheSpeaks to identify these questions and provide answers.

Continuous Botox Use Safe and Effective: International Study

A new international study just released at the 2014 ASDS Annual Meeting shows repeated Botox treatments to treat facial wrinkles over many years are safe. Results of the retrospective review – conducted by Alastair Carruthers, FRCPC, a member of the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery – were presented Nov. 8 at the 2014 ASDS Annual Meeting in San Diego.

Galderma launches tests on liquid botulinum toxin product

Swiss healthcare company Galderma has initiated a phase II clinical trial on a liquid formulation of botulinum toxin to be used in aesthetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery. According to a Galderma news release, the multicenter, dose-ranging study is designed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Galderma’s internally developed liquid form of botulinum toxin for the treatment of glabellar lines.

DIY Botox kits sold online as doctors fear for blindness, nerve damage and death

Do it yourself Botox kits that can cause blindness, damage facial nerves and even kill are being sold on the internet. The packs, complete with a step-by-step DVD guide, syringes and “Botox fluid”, cost just £275. That is a fraction of the price of treatment carried out in UK clinics. Experts say they are “truly horrified” about the kits.

Is there ANYTHING that Botox can't treat?

Botox has been officially approved for 12 conditions, and just this month, it was revealed the toxin may combat stomach cancer and trials are under way. Botox is 25 this year – that’s how many years since it was first approved for medical use. And although it’s best known as an anti-wrinkle jab, last year just over half of its sales were for non-cosmetic uses.

FDA Clears Path for Botox Imitators

A new guidance document released today by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) wants to help some biopharmaceutical manufacturers smooth the wrinkles out of the drug development process for products containing botulinum toxin, better known by many as Botox.

Upper lip Botox injections fix smiles that are 'too' gummy

People who are embarrassed by their large, visible gums are now turning to Botox for the 'ideal' Hollywood smile. An increasing number of dentists are injecting Botox into patients' upper lip muscles, to decrease the amount of gum shown and prevent the so-called 'gummy smile'.

Facelifts and Botox makes mothers unrecognisable to their babies

Are parents who opt for cosmetic surgery on their face unintentionally ruining their relationship with their children? Studies suggest that having Botox injections could alter the way infants perceive adults, leaving them unable to recognise emotion. This means that when an nip and tucked mother tries to empathise, the baby is left distraught as the adult seemingly appears unaffected by their behaviour.

84% of Botox patients have no idea what's being injected into their face

New figures reveal that there has been a 15% rise in people seeking help after having botched procedures in non-registered 'faux-tox' salons. More than five in six people who have had Botox admit to having no idea what exactly was injected into their face.

Allergan Commemorates 25th Anniversary of 1st 2 Approved Uses of BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA)

Company launches video to help raise awareness of the brand’s history and impact on patients. Allergan, Inc. today announced the launch of a video recognizing the physician pioneers and patient communities who contributed to the development of BOTOX® (onabotulinumtoxinA), one of the most recognized pharmaceutical brands in the United States.

CANADA: Some concerned about use of telemedicine in Botox clinics

Developed to improve medical care in remote areas, telemedicine has found a lucrative new life in some Botox clinics where clients never see a doctor in person. Instead, the consultation is done by Skype or another form of telemedicine before the patient receives injections from nurses or technicians delegated to do the job. The practice, although legal in Ontario, is raising concerns.

Botox works as long as you make sure your skin doctor is cautious

In the right hands, Botox leaves you looking like a more relaxed, more youthful version of yourself. But no one should be able to tell. When it was first revealed that women were paying to have a deadly toxin injected into their faces in a vain attempt to hold back the march of time, there were howls of derision from the public. That was more than two decades ago, and even when in 2002 cosmetic Botox received official approval from the US Food and Drug Administration, which evaluates new medical procedures, critics continued to pour scorn on the procedure.

Epinephrine may prolong neuromodulator results

Mixing neuromodulators with epinephrine may give patients the longer-lasting results they seek, according to an expert at Cosmetic Surgery Forum. This combination, however, may not prove beneficial for everyone. The efficacy and prices patients pay for the three neuromodulators approved by the Food and Drug Administration are roughly equivalent, says Mark G. Rubin, M.D., a dermatologist in private practice in Beverly Hills, Calif. As such, he says, durability of results could provide a trump card.

You get what you pay for says Dermatologist in Thailand

Dermatologist warns cheap Botox can do more harm than good. Today, getting Botox injections is as common as, say, getting one's hair permed. Most women in their 40s seem to have undergone the process, and it is no longer something one would have to keep as a secret. The rise in popularity of botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, has resulted in a price drop. You only have to type in the keywords "Botox" and "cheap" and voila. While most clinics charge around 15,000 to 20,000 baht for a 100-unit bottle, online stores offer it for as little as 2,000 baht.

Allergan`s BOTOX® Receives National Marketing Authorisation for Crow`s Feet

Allergan, Inc. announced that BOTOX® has received the licence from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for the temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe lateral canthal lines (crow`s feet lines) seen at maximum smile, either alone or when treated at the same time as glabellar (or frown) lines seen at maximum frown, in adult patients where these facial lines have an important psychological impact. This marketing authorisation is specific to Allergan`s botulinum toxin type A product and is based on Allergan`s successful global Phase III clinical trial programme in Crow`s Feet Lines.

Should pregnant women use Botox? No evidence drug crosses placenta, doctors say

The growing number of women postponing motherhood until they`re older is posing a new dilemma for doctors: Is Botox safe in pregnancy? Writing in this month`s issue of the journal, Canadian Family Physician, doctors with the Motherisk program at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children say that, with proper injection, Botox shouldn’t seep from the facial muscles into a woman’s circulation.