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The terrible toll of adverts: Young women are taking out crippling loans for breast implants

Breast enlargements adverts pop up during shows seemingly aimed at women. Up to ten cosmetic surgery firms in UK offer financial agreements via partners. Shannon Headd, from Hackney, east London, took out £6,339.10 loan for surgery, her operation cost £5,000, and she will pay back £160 a month for next three years. Nurse Laurane Galand, from Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, thought she would never be able to afford breast enlargement surgery until she saw zero per cent finance deals advertised.

'Aesthetic Surgery Journal' Study Suggests Most Aesthetically Pleasing Outcomes From Buttock Augmentation Are Linked To Thicker, Wider Thighs

Findings from a recent study published in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal, the official publication of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS/The Aesthetic Society) found that characteristics of the aesthetically ideal thigh in women include wider thighs, creating a more natural contour from the augmented buttock. These findings represent a fundamental shift from the traditionally assumed preference for slender thighs and demonstrate the importance for plastic surgeons to consider thigh appearance and augmentation when performing gluteal procedures.

THE BOTTOM LINE | British Surgeons Warned Not to Perform BBL Procedure until More Data is Collected

As many as four out of five plastic surgeons in recent years have noted a wild increase in patients requiring revision after botched cosmetic surgery abroad – but today, NEW research unveiled at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( breaks down the considerable burden to the Health Service as well as revealing some of the most common procedure culprits. Most importantly, the BAAPS has decided today that the results of one particular treatment are disturbing enough for them to dissuade ALL members from performing this specific surgery, until more data can be collated. The Brazilian Buttock Lift (BBL) is a procedure in which fat is taken from another part of the body, then injected into the buttocks.

New Trends Survey Shows Plastic Surgeons Eager for Future Advances to Meet Growing Consumer Demands

As more than 3,000 plastic surgeons, trainees and other allied professionals convene later this week in Chicago for Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2018, the premier educational and networking event in plastic surgery, a new survey from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) shows that board-certified plastic surgeons are hungry for new techniques and advancements over the next 10 years to keep up with growing consumer demands for different procedures. Year-over-year demands for plastic surgery continue to grow among consumers.

Should you get Botox and dermal fillers at Superdrug? We put the controversial treatment to the test — with surprising results

Suerpdrug has announced it will be adding a new string to its toiletries bow – offering Botox and dermal fillers in store for its customers. So would you pop in to get a smooth face along with your shop? Lynsey Hope, 37, was one of the first to try out the treatment.

FDA agrees to discuss BAN on certain breast implants

After years of campaigns, US health regulators have agreed to hold a public meeting of medical advisers in 2019 to discuss the safety and dangers of silicone breast implants. The move comes hours before the release of a large study suggesting certain rare health problems might be more common with silicone gel implants. The Food and Drug Administration said it would hold the meeting even as its officials and several independent experts disputed the new study by the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

NHS boss calls on Superdrug to screen Botox customers

Medical director says chain’s staff should look out for people with unrealistic expectations. The NHS has urged Superdrug to screen customers before providing Botox and fillers in order to protect vulnerable people. The retailer announced last month that it would offer the anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation treatments on the high street to customers over the age of 25. Prof Stephen Powis, the national medical director of NHS England, has called for assurances that the service is “clinically sound and medically responsible”.

Vaccine against ACNE is a step closer after scientists block bacteria which cause swelling

A vaccine to treat and prevent acne could be a step closer to reality after a study revealed a way to block bacteria which damage the skin. Scientists have, for the first time, successfully targeted a type of bacteria, known as Propionibacterium acnes (p.acnes), which lives in the skin and stopped it producing toxins which cause inflammation. The discovery could be a ray of hope for the hundreds of millions of people worldwide who suffer from the unpleasant skin condition.

Havering residents urged to take precaution when using non-medicals for Botox and plastic surgery

Dr Simi Adedeji, GP and aesthetic doctor recently noticed that there are increasing numbers of non-medical practitioners cropping up in the borough. She is trying to raise awareness of some of the issues around non-medical practitioners providing Botox and dermal fillers for customers who may not fully be aware of the risks.

Dirty equipment and operating in garages: Inside the dodgy Turkish cosmetic surgery clinics where Brits die on the operating table

After Brit mum Leah Cambridge died having a Brazilian bum lift in Turkey, we speak to victims of cosmetic procedures gone wrong and investigate what really goes on behind closed doors

British woman had 'three heart attacks during cosmetic surgery in Turkey'

The devastated partner of a mother-of-three who reportedly died after travelling to Turkey for cosmetic surgery has said she suffered “three heart attacks” during the procedure. Leah Cambridge, 29, is said to have died after undergoing a “Brazilian butt lift” at a clinic that boasts celebrity clientele. The procedure, which reshapes the buttocks by transferring fat from areas including the stomach and back, has become an increasingly popular technique for achieving an hourglass figure.

YouTube is source of misinformation on plastic surgery, Rutgers study finds

In the first study to evaluate YouTube videos on facial plastic surgery procedures, Rutgers University researchers found that most are misleading marketing campaigns posted by non-qualified medical professionals. The millions of people who turn to YouTube as a source for education on facial plastic surgery receive a false understanding that does not include the risks or alternative options, said lead author Boris Paskhover, an assistant professor at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School's department of otolaryngology who specializes in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Most Botox patients get the injections to look better at work

A Northwestern University team carried out the first multicenter poll of cosmetic surgery patients and found the most common reason for patients getting Botox was to look 'better' in a professional context, at work. Few wanted it for themselves, rather than for others.

Botox on the high street: Superdrug announces it will offer injectables in-store

Walk into any Superdrug store and you can usually get your nails done, eyebrows threaded and ears pierced along with buying hair colour, make-up or toiletries. However from today the retailer has stepped up its beauty offerings, making Botox and dermal fillers available to customers over the age of 25. This is the first retail space in the UK that will offer both Botox and dermal fillers on the high street. The Skin Renew Service launches today in the London Strand store before being rolled out nationwide.

Exposed: The great teeth whitening scandal on Britain’s High Streets

A Mail on Sunday reporter was charged £60 for teeth-whitening at Essex Smiles, in Ruislip. The company claims they merely provide safe teeth-whitening products for the customer to self-administer. Legally a trained dental professional has to carry out teeth-whitening treatment.

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