How To Put Together Your Autumn Skincare Routine

Posted on the 27 September 2021 at 12:17

Summer’s coming to an end, so what better time than now to put together your autumn skincare routine? No, I’m not jumping the gun here, the sooner you begin to integrate new products into your daily ritual, the better.

But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that just because you’ve made some vital substitutions, your skin’s going to last the course of the season. An autumn skincare routine revolves around so much more than what you do in front of the mirror - how you treat your skin when you’re outside of the bathroom is just as important.

Read on to discover my top tips for the perfect autumn skincare routine.

Why Is An Autumn Skincare Routine Needed?

In addition to overhauling our wardrobes and kitting ourselves out for the colder weather, we must do the same with our skin. The products that made the cut in summer may not be enough to prevent those acute or chronic concerns from taking centre stage, with October's increasingly bitter chill causing us all sorts of potential problems.

In the midst of decreasing temperatures and lower humidity, the skin’s barrier can be compromised. This inevitably leads to dryness, heightened sensitivity and a look that’s quite the opposite of radiant. Add ramped-up central heating into the mix and your skin will be left parched, off-colour and devoid of its usual vibrancy.

Simple Steps To Follow

Before you start to reshuffle your skincare shelf, you should make sure you’re doing all you can to support the effectiveness of those new products. To stop your skin being stripped of moisture, drink 6-8 hydrating glasses of water every day and turn the heating off when your house has warmed up. Showers and baths should be kept at tolerable levels too. Too much time spent in the cubicle under hot water may be tempting, but this can make you really uncomfortable in the days and weeks to come.

The Fundamentals Of Your Autumn Skincare Routine

Product-wise, some of the key changes you need to make involve exfoliating more often and investing in a thicker moisturiser. Regular exfoliation will help you to keep on top of dull, flaky skin, whereas a more heavy-duty moisturising product will ensure season-round hydration.

Extra caution should also be taken with those body parts you don’t normally think about as well. Stop your lips from getting chapped with the regular application of a nourishing lip elixir and lend some support to gloved hands by adding a soothing hand cream to your handbag.

Key Products For Autumn Skincare

That said, an autumn skincare routine need not just be about survival. Many people use this period of the year to focus on restoring their skin to its optimal condition. Why not ask your skincare specialist to recommend how you can put together a great autumn skincare routine that's just for you.

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