The new natural - how plastic surgery results have changed

Posted on the 28 July 2021 at 14:56

Breast implants and nose jobs remain consistently popular procedures, in fact, bookings for the procedures have continued to surge since restrictions eased in the UK. But the desired outcomes of those surgeries has changed dramatically over the last few years.

Instead of a ‘cookie cutter’ nose or large breast implants, I have noted that nearly all of my patients are now requesting subtle, natural rhinoplasties and smaller breast implants that suit their frame.

I remember when I first started doing private practice that the trend for a small button nose or quite big breast implants were all the rage. For some people, they wanted a dramatic change and natural results weren’t really in vogue. hings have moved on and now I very rarely get that type of request - most patients come to me asking for very subtle results. This is music to my ears as a surgeon as I think the best results are those that enhance your natural features. The best plastic surgery is often sitting in front of you on the bus or train, and you wouldn’t notice it at all.

The trend for a more natural aesthetic appears to be growing and has been echoed by some of the UK’s most prominent figures in the public eye.

Love Islander Molly-May Hague recently took to her platform to share with followers that she had dissolved her fillers and had her composite bonds removed from her teeth. Similarly, fellow Love Islander Arabella Chi, has also announced she’s recently dissolved her lip fillers to embrace a more natural look.

I agree that a more natural look seems to be growing in popularity.

There’s no doubt that both breast augmentations and rhinoplasties are more popular than ever, but when it comes to breast implants, we have been moving towards a more natural shape coupled with a smaller size for quite some time. Patients want a result that is in proportion with their frame. The request for a really drastic change in cup size is pretty much gone.

Similarly when it comes to rhinoplasty, we often refer to them as the ‘nobody nose’ job because it’s very rare for even family and friends to notice the subtle changes we achieve in surgery. I’ve had patients tell me that not even their mum has noticed they’ve had something done, yet their confidence has improved drastically and they feel so much happier within themselves.

Another bonus for a natural result is the long-term results. I prefer and encourage natural results as they’re longer-lasting, and are less likely to cause problems in the long run which is better all round for the patient.

My top tips for finding a surgeon who can deliver natural-looking results are:

  • Do your homework. Firstly make sure they’re listed on the General Medical Council’s specialist register for plastic surgery. If they're not, that's a massive red flag.
  • Secondly, look at their case studies - are the results natural? If they’re on Instagram, have a look at their feed too to see what sort of images and crucially, messages, they’re posting and communicating.
  • Once you’ve found a surgeon you like the look of, book in for a consultation and stress that you’re after a subtle but effective result. Communication at this stage is absolutely paramount. If you have any doubts whatsoever, speak to your surgeon. If you're still not convinced, it's always worthwhile to book in for a second opinion.
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