`Say it With a Syringe` This Valentine's Day!

Posted on the 22 April 2010 at 12:05

Allergan, manufacturers of Dermal Filler Juvéderm Ultra®, are inviting people via their US website www.juvederm.com to tell them what they really want on Valentine's Day.

Juvederm - What do you really want this Valentine's Day?

This advert links to a quiz hosted on a Juvéderm® page in Facebook (where they currently have over 4,000 fans).


Although I'm sure that this quiz is intended for women only, I thought I'd take it to see where it led, and apparently I'm a Fabulous Fashionista!

The following explanation for the title was offered:


Sure, you're a die-hard diva, but the only lines you put up with are the ones into the trendiest new restaurant. This Valentine's Day, treat yourself to JUVÉDERM®, the smooth natural-looking way to address those wrinkles and folds on the sides of your nose and mouth.


Fabulous Fashionista

This quiz link is currently not on the consumer version of the site promoting Juvéderm Ultra® in the UK, but it will be interesting to see if this social networking strategy is deemed to be successful in driving consumer demand in the US, whether well see it trialed in the UK next Valentine's Day?

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