Get an instant Beyonce butt!

Posted on the 01 April 2012 at 10:24

We all know how the Groove Armada song goes... “I see you baby, shakin’ that ass, shakin’ that asss”... so wouldn’t it be great to have the perfect Beyonce-style tush for those summer holidays on the beach and those party nights?

Well now you can thanks to Brazilian based company Abriluma who have come up with a semi-permanent buttock implant.

The device, currently going down a storm in Rio de Janeiro, is implanted into the buttocks in an identical nature to a conventional buttock implant, commonly used in bottom augmentation procedures.

However, the difference is that unlike pre-filled silicone implants, this implant mirrors that of a saline breast implant, but instead of being filled with saline once positioned by the surgeon, the device is actually inflated by the patient through a tiny valve which is secreted in the buttock crease during the procedure.

This means that, once the area is healed following the operation, the patient can simply attach the supplied pump and inflate the implant bladder using a predetermined and programmed amount of air (these parameters are set on the device by the surgeon). The same pump is also used to deflate the implant once no longer required.

So far, some 65 women have had the procedure, according to Brazilian Cosmetic Surgeon Hugo Mentiroso who is pioneering the use of the device in Brazil; and although no long term data is as yet available to determine the durability of it, following repeated inflation, it certainly does offer a novel alternative to permanent implants which could prove popular with women who want one look for everyday and another for the beach or a party.

We will watch this space to see if a UK distributor or Surgeon wants to offer it over here.

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Yes, yes, you sussed it... this is only an April Fools joke!!

Lorna Jackson |