The Wayne Rooney guide to hair transplants... now hairs something you don't read every day!

Posted on the 16 June 2011 at 16:16

'Who knew Wayne Rooney had such comical roots?

It’s been little over a week since premiership footballer Wayne Rooney decidedly took the plunge and had a hair transplant. As the first images of him surfaced after his Harley Street procedure, the internet exploded with hair puns, blog gossip and photoshopped images of him sporting a range of outrageous and famous hairstyles. 

It seems Rooney has become the unofficial mascot of balding men everywhere. He’s been championed for his outspokenness on the subject and praised for bringing publicity to the issue and sparked off a surge in similar hair loss procedures. Transform Surgery Group have revealed they have had a 350% increase in enquiries following Rooney’s revelation on twitter. In January this year Transform reported an increase of 45% from 2009 – 2010 owing to celebrities such as Gordon Ramsey, James Nesbitt and Kevin Costner allegedly undergoing the same procedure. 


The Mirrors imagining of Wayne Rooney 6 months from now....

Ok, so we can’t say we’re surprised by the attention Rooney’s sprouting locks have been getting but we were surprised when we saw the latest headline from the Daily Mail proclaiming – “Ouch! 'Wayne Rooney' grimaces in pain during his hair transplant procedure” which was accompanied by a photo. We’ve heard of virtual breast augmentations, we’ve been horrified by the “Human Barbie” raffling off Surgery in a nightclub, we even looked the other way when ITV breakfast show This Morning screened a stem cell Breast Augmentation, but did he really do it? Did Wayne Rooney release images of himself mid-surgery - blood, scrubs and all?

Well – no he didn’t... but the latest headlines are causing momentary disbelief.

Artist Alison Jackson has created a spoof image of what she ‘imagines’ the surgery ‘may’ have looked like. A Rooney lookalike can be seen with his face contorted in mock pain whilst follicles are inserted into his hairline. After taking a furtive look at the artist’s website we also discovered a spoof video of “Wayne” trying on wigs.   

What can we say about this truly strange image? Well firstly I don’t think the artist has ever actually witnessed the procedure first hand! The overall image and the way the ‘surgeon’ is wielding the injector is just all wrong! – The surgeon has no wrist support and why is the patient supporting himself in this position, the more medically qualified out there are asking?

Yes it’s only a bit of fun but we can’t help wondering how long the momentum of this latest must-have surgery will last... 6 months from now will we see other follicly challenged celebrities sporting suspiciously fuller locks?  We can’t really see Mr Potato Head forgoing his famous smooth look for a more up-to-date hairdo but in this business... you just never really know! 

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i think why people get interested with Wayne hair transplant, it is because he's not ashamed to flaunt it. even post his own photo's on tweeter. A publicity? hmmp.

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