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Holby City NHS Doctor moonlighting in facial aesthetics!

Posted on 20/03/2012 at 11:39:57 | by Tracey Beesley

I’m a big Holby City fan so much so that I can rattle off the list of tests when someone comes in with a variety of conditions and I have joked with my husband David Beesley that I could perform a major operation if pushed (on the basis that what I am seeing is fake – in reality the realness of it might cause a big faint!). 

One of the characters Dr Sacha Levy is desperately trying to please his new girlfriend as she’s got her eyes set on a new house. But here’s the rub – he can’t afford it on his regular doctor’s salary. So he’s decided to do a little bit of “moonlighting” by “doing fillers and Botox” – yes they used that word by the way.

It is portrayed as “going over to the dark side”. 

What made me laugh was the fact that after one quick training session, he’s good to go!

His first “victim” is an insecure divorcee, now taken to internet dating, who is desperate to erase the lines and to look more youthful for her new beau with whom she has arranged a date. Dr Levy is seen to try and talk her out of it – by saying “you don’t need it”. What a wind up.  Yet another attempt by the media to only show a negative spin on the industry…but on the plus side, it’s showing that there is a need even in an NHS hospital.

And judging by the amount of models queuing up this week to have dermal fillers at a training session it goes to show the aesthetic’s industry goes from strength to strength.

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Eve Montgomerie -

Added on Tuesday 3 April 2012 at 19:56:12

Great read Tracey. To be fair though nurses and doctors can do one quick training session and be good to go on botox - which I agree is shocking!! Most botox courses are one day, you are then presented with a lovely certificate - from which you get your insurance then you are good to go. Responsible practitioners who are aware of their own limitations realise this is not enough and seek further training and mentorship - but those who are blinded by the money (ha ha!!) get stuck in. It reinforces the need for proper legislation behind this industry, otherwise competent practitioner and clinics will never get the recognition they deserve and Jo Public will continue to be exposed to bad treatments.

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