Miriam Martinez Callejas

Miriam Martinez Callejas is the Superintendent Pharmacist and co-founder of Roseway Labs. During her master’s degree in Pharmacy, she trained in formulating medication and her first job was in a compounding pharmacy in Spain. There, she developed a passion for helping others using her experience and knowledge of medicine.

At Roseway Labs, both prescribers and patients benefit from the formulations and compounding expertise that Miriam has developed over the past 20 years. She develops new formulations, finds ways to meet complex patient needs and trains practitioners to prescribe compounded medications. In demand as a conference speaker, she has participated in many sessions including at Menopause in Aesthetics, Aesthetics Medicine Live, Integrative and Personalised Medicine Congress, LDN Conference and BAHRS.

As Superintendent Pharmacist, Miriam is responsible for ensuring that Roseway Labs operates in compliance with General Pharmaceutical Council regulations pertaining to the safe and effective provision of pharmacy and compounding services. 

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