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03/01/2016 | It has taken more than a decade, but doctors in the UK caught performing cosmetic procedures on women who have crowdfunded their surgery risk being banned from practising, reports The Sunday Times.

18/11/2015 | While most people aren’t going to such extreme lengths to keep up with the Kardashians, cosmetic surgery group Transform have seen a 73 per cent year-on-year rise in inquiries for achieving Kardashian-like features. Read more:

01/11/2015 | Dr. Arthur Cambeiro is using an advanced ultrasound treatment to help prevent breast augmentation patients at his Las Vegas practice from developing capsular contracture, the most common complication following breast enhancement surgery.

01/11/2015 | Looks once favoured by glamour models such as Katie Price are out of fashion. One top plastic surgeon reckons the change in trend is down to the PIP scandal, which has made women rethink how big they want to go.

24/09/2015 | The UK’s health regulator has suspended sales of silicone implants made by Brazilian company Silimed and recommended that none of the devices be implanted until further advice.

08/09/2015 | Keep your NHS Out of Our Nose Jobs! Plastic Surgeons Make Unprecedented Stand on Training. New studies unveiled today at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

04/09/2015 | A miracle vibrating bra that can permanently increase the size of a woman’s breasts by one cup size without surgery is being trialed in America, Daily Mail Online can reveal. Serbian inventor Milan Mili?, 30, claims the device enlarges breasts, makes them perkier and brings them closer together - in just seven days.

06/08/2015 | Those with enlargements are at triple the risk of death from alcohol or drug abuse, research suggests women with breast enlargements are three times more likely to kill themselves, a new study has found. In addition, those with implants are at triple the risk of death from alcohol or drug abuse, the evidence suggests.

23/07/2015 | A cosmetic surgery specialist which operated 26 clinics and two hospitals across the UK collapsed owing more than £4m to unsecured creditors after confidence in the wider sector was hit by a controversy surrounding faulty breast implants, according to new documents seen by Insider.

02/07/2015 | A French appeal court on Thursday overturned a negligence conviction against certification agency TUV Rheinland for its role in approving faulty breast implants produced with counterfeit silicone by manufacturer PIP until its 2010 closure.

27/05/2015 | Sheffield Based Industrial and Product Design consultancy, Fripp Design and Research, announce a breakthrough in the development of their 3D Print technology; Picsima. Picsima is a unique 3D Print Technology capable of creating three dimensional geometry from Room Temperature Vulcanising (RTV) medical grade Silicone. Although the technology is still in its development stage, the company have announced their first attempt at 3D Printing Silicone breast implants.

29/04/2015 | The UK plastic surgery market declined in 2014 for the first time in a decade - but fear not: selfies are coming to the rescue. The UK’s cosmetic surgery market shrank for the first time in 10 years in 2014, as weaker demand for tummy tightening, nose jobs and breast enlargement surgery nipped and tucked at overall sales. Ending a decade of consecutive year-on-year growth, 7.9pc was sliced off the the value of the industry last year, while the number of procedures fell by 3.6pc to 726,633, according to Key Note’s latest market report.

16/04/2015 | Increasing numbers of bullied teenagers want to have cosmetic surgery, a survey has found. More than one in two respondents to anti-bullying charity Ditch the Label says they want to lose weight, one in five wants breast implants and 5% want Botox. The annual survey carried out by anti-bullying charity, Ditch The Label quizzed teenagers across the UK on a wide range of topics to do with bullying. It found more than half of the teenagers who responded felt they had been bullied about their appearance.

10/04/2015 | The European Court of Justice is to determine legal questions relating to a compensation dispute over faulty breast implants. Germany's Supreme Court says it needs clarification on points of EU law before it can proceed. A 65-year-old woman seeking compensation from German certification company TÜV Rheinland has had proceedings in her case stayed until points of law can be clarified by the European Court of Justice.

06/04/2015 | One in five women who have a breast enlargement don’t breastfeed and research suggests the mothers fear it will compromise their investment in the surgery. Researchers at the University of Sydney and the Kolling Institute tracked 378,389 women who gave birth in NSW between 2006 and 2011. They found while nine in ten women who had not had a breast augmentation were breastfeeding when they were discharged from hospital, only eight in ten women who had a breast enlargement were.

03/04/2015 | In women undergoing breast augmentation, a technique using transplantation of a small amount of the patient's own fat cells can produce better cosmetic outcomes, reports a study in the April issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). In particular, the fat grafting technique can achieve a more natural-appearing cleavage--avoiding the "separated breasts" appearance that can occur after breast augmentation, according to the report by Dr. Francisco G. Bravo of Clinica Gomez Bravo, Madrid.

20/03/2015 | Scientists at The University of Manchester have created an enhanced surface for silicone breast implants which could reduce complications and make them less likely to be rejected by the body. In the US alone almost 400,000 cosmetic breast augmentations and reconstructions are carried out each year, and the number is growing. Some of these cases are for reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer and can have important psychological benefits.

18/03/2015 | Breast implants in France will come with a health warning after experts discovered a link with a rare form of cancer. France's National Cancer Institute said there was a 'clearly established link' between a specific type of implant and the disease. Experts said they have identified 18 cases of anaplastic large cell lymphoma since 2011, linked to silicone breast implants. Given the rarity of cases, the Institute said there is no need to recommend the removal of the implants.

12/03/2015 | The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) released its complete 18th annual multi-specialty statistical data today showing an aesthetic plastic surgery spend consistent with the figures for 2013, with Americans spending more than 12 billion dollars on surgical and nonsurgical procedures for the second year in a row. With more than 10 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2014, those that showed the largest growth in volume on a year-over-year basis included buttock augmentation (up 86%), labiaplasty (up 49%), and nonsurgical fat reduction (up 42%). Additionally, more men are turning to aesthetic cosmetic procedures, with dramatic increases seen in both surgical and nonsurgical options over the past 5 years and a 43% increase overall.

02/03/2015 | The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) today released its annual plastic surgery procedural statistics, reporting that 15.6 million cosmetic procedures, including both minimally-invasive and surgical, were performed in the United States in 2014, an increase of 3 percent since 2013. In addition, 5.8 million reconstructive surgery procedures were performed last year, up 1 percent.

28/02/2015 | Allergan, Inc. announced that the company has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market NATRELLE INSPIRA™ round gel-filled smooth breast implants. The NATRELLE INSPIRA™ line is different from other available breast implant styles as it has a higher fill ratio that provides an additional breast shaping option for women undergoing reconstruction, augmentation or revision surgery.

26/01/2015 | The wave of post-recession excess which resulted in a stratospheric rise in glamour model-inspired boob jobs and summer body-influenced transformations has truly washed over, with new statistics showing Britons have settled into more cautious, rational attitudes towards cosmetic surgery. New figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveal that the number of cosmetic ops last year decreased 9% overall since 2013, with some procedures falling considerably more out of favour than others.

23/01/2015 | She is famed for her love of cosmetic surgery. But Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Price issued a heartfelt piece of advice to people who may want to follow in her footsteps - namely, be careful. The glamour model, who has made a lucrative career out of various body enhancements, urged people to research surgeons thoroughly before going under the knife. 'Always do your research and choose the best people - I didn't'.

23/01/2015 | Patients having cosmetic surgery should be able to make informed decisions about their treatment, including being able to check if their surgeon is listed on an approved register, according to new proposals made today by the Royal College of Surgeons to improve standards of care. The Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee (CSIC), which was set up by the Royal College of Surgeons in 2013, proposes that patients considering paying for cosmetic surgery privately – where they choose to have an operation for aesthetic, rather than medical reasons – should have access to clear, unbiased and credible information about their surgeon, care provider, procedure and likely outcomes.

23/01/2015 | BAPRAS wholeheartedly welcomes the proposal put forward by the Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee (CSIC) to introduce a certification scheme for cosmetic surgery providers operating in public and private practice. We are delighted to see that all surgeons working in cosmetic surgery will have to be, not only listed on the GMC’s specialist register, but also only allowed to operate within that area of training.

04/01/2015 | For women who have undergone mastectomy, breast reconstruction using the patient's own tissues - rather than implants - provides higher satisfaction scores, reports a study in the January issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). But the findings may at least partly reflect differences in the characteristics of women choosing different options for breast reconstruction, according to the study by plastic surgeon Dr. Yassir Eltahir and colleagues of University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands.

08/12/2014 | There are believed to be more than 50,000 women in the UK who were fitted with PIP implants, before the product was found to contain a high level of industrial silicone. The scandal came to light after high numbers of the implants ruptured. Now a firm of British lawyers is surging women to come forward before a March 2015 deadline to seek compensation for the trauma and financial costs of having their implants removed.

25/11/2014 | Differences in breast size have a significant mental health impact in adolescent girls, affecting self-esteem, emotional well-being, and social functioning, reports the December issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

19/11/2014 | New York plastic surgeon Dr Norman Rowe is said to be developing an injection which makes breasts bigger for two to three weeks and he`s calling them `vacation breasts`. The doctor currently offers a saline injection procedure for around $2500 (£1600) that boosts breast size for 24-hours. A top UK plastic surgeon – Dr Ash Mosahebi, has also expressed concern over risks associated with the procedure

17/11/2014 | Actavis plc and Allergan, Inc. announced that they have entered into a definitive agreement under which Actavis will acquire Allergan for a combination of $129.22 in cash and 0.3683 Actavis shares for each share of Allergan common stock. Based on the closing price of Actavis shares on November 14, 2014, the transaction is valued at approximately $66 billion, or $219 per Allergan share.

13/11/2014 | Offers additional implant options with X and L styles. Allergan, Inc. announced that the company has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market two new styles, X and L, of the Natrelle® 410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Filled Breast Implants for use in breast reconstruction, augmentation and revision surgery.

12/11/2014 | Bust-boosting surgery has never been more popular, with more than 11,000 boob job operations taking place in the UK alone each year. But not everyone wants to go under the knife. Instead of scalpels and implants, they are opting for a new treatment which has been dubbed `the Botox boob job` and uses injectables to plump up the cleavage. `The Breastox- Botox is fast becoming the must have pre-red carpet procedure for my celebrity clients,` explains Dr Nirdosh.

21/10/2014 | Reports of breast implants bursting in Britain have risen more than fivefold in three years, it was revealed today. More than 1,500 cases of ruptured implants were reported in 2012/2013, compared to just 293 in 2009/2010 - with one expert putting the problem partly down to the ‘Jordan syndrome’. Plastic surgeon Douglas McGeorge said many women are insisting on outsize breasts to copy glamour model Katie Price, who became known for her surgically-enhanced chest.

13/10/2014 | Silicon-coated breast implants could be responsible for a new subtype of a rare but malignant lymphoma suggests research from Vienna. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma normally found in the lymph nodes but also the skin, lung, liver and soft tissue. The cancer doesn’t usually manifest itself in the breast, but there have been 71 documented cases worldwide of patients with the disease in which researchers suspect breast implants to be the cause.

07/10/2014 | Cases of possible association between breast implants and a form of lymphoma that may develop tumors at a later stage is currently under investigation. The researchers conclude that breast implants can cause a new subtype of the rare yet malignant lymphoma known as ALCL.

22/09/2014 | Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba, who allegedly left one patient with a dented breast and one of her nipples too high, has disputed the decision to have him struck off. The General Medical Council (GMC) struck Mr Adeogba off in January, but he has since disputed the ruling at the High Court. The Royal Courts of Justices have allowed his appeal meaning the doctor is allowed to practise without restriction, pending further legal challenges.

18/09/2014 | Breast implants developed by Kazakhstani scientists will possibly find a market in South Korea. The new technology for breast implants does not seems to have a market in Kazakhstan. Development of mammoplasty in Kazakhstan, according to Dr. Mun, is difficult, because the demand for breasts plastic surgery is relatively low. The scientists are considering selling the technology abroad.

17/09/2014 | Researchers at the University of Cambridge, together with colleagues specialising in plastic surgery or histopathology in Austria, Australia, Liverpool and Swansea, have identified clues to explain how breast implants may, on very rare occasions, contribute to the development of lymphoma.

16/09/2014 | VeriTeQ Corporation, announced that more than 1,000 women worldwide have now received Motiva Implant Matrix® breast implants with VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology™. Manufactured by Establishment Labs S.A., featuring VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology™, they can be safely and accurately identified from outside of the body in a physician’s office.

15/09/2014 | Mentor Worldwide LLC, the U.S. market leader in breast aesthetics, announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved four additional styles of the MENTOR® MemoryShape® Breast Implants, expanding its suite of silicone breast implant products. MemoryShape® Implants are supported by unsurpassed 10-year prospective clinical data. With the addition of these styles, the MemoryShape® Implant product line will better meet the wide spectrum of patient needs.

08/09/2014 | Lawyers say French courts likely to make awards of €15,000 in PIP scandal. Up to now, women seeking redress over the PIP scandal have reached an impasse in the Irish legal system, because many of the clinics which fitted their devices have gone out of business. Thousands of Irish women who were fitted with faulty PIP breast implants could be in line for a €150 million compensation payout from the French courts.

01/09/2014 | A beauty therapist whose confidence hit rock-bottom after her breasts began to sag, went for cosmetic surgery abroad, which almost killed her. Claire Hawker, 30, from Reading had been recommended the surgeon in Prague by a friend, and back home days later she flaunted her new figure, proudly. However, in that moment her new size G breasts started leaking a brown discharge and suddenly burst. Rushed to hospital, surgeons warned if they didn’t remove the mum-of-two’s implants immediately, she would die.

01/09/2014 | Britain has long enjoyed a love affair with all things French, from wine to high fashion. Now cosmetic surgery is being transformed by the introduction of the ‘haute couture’ boob job from France. A new range of implants from Eurosilicone with 600 possible variations gives women a bewildering choice of gels, shapes, textures and volumes from the very large to the conical.

28/08/2014 | A 73-year-old proves age is just a number as she turns the heads of men 50 years her junior in her skin-tight mini-dresses - after splashing out more than £10,000 on cosmetic surgery. Pensioner Jane Pesch, from Swadlincote, Derbys, shuns the comfortable slacks and knitted cardigans usually associated with the older generation, instead opting for skyscraper heels and fishnet stockings.

21/08/2014 | A Quebec porn star`s planned sex marathon to fund her breast implants was denounced by Gatineau’s mayor. Zoé Zebra, 22, is planning the event — dubbed “Boule-O-thon” — in a trailer next to Club 77, a strip club on the city`s Main St., on Sept. 5. Her goal is to perform sex acts with 25 men in one evening. In exchange, she will receive a cheque from her employer, porn company AD4X, which is producing the event and plans to film the whole thing. The money would cover the costs of breast implants from a surgeon of her choice.

17/08/2014 | The woman had sewn bags of cocaine worth £1.7m into her breasts. The 48-year-old Venezuelan woman was pulled aside by Spanish customs officials in Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez Airport. She had arrived in the country on a flight from Columbia’s capital, Bogotá, and was picked out by customs officers because she was acting in a nervous manner.

11/08/2014 | Help is at hand for women experiencing problems with their breast implants at a new clinic at a Worcester hospital. The specialist clinic is set to open at the new breast care suite at the Spire South Bank hospital in Bath Road and is the first of its kind in Worcestershire. Women seeking an improvement on the results of their initial surgery will be offered free 15-minute consultations with oncoplastic breast surgeon Steven Thrush and plastic surgeon Joanna Skillman.

01/08/2014 | A federal appeals court ruled Thursday that the $2 billion Dow Corning fund to pay claims stemming from faulty breast implants may also cover another medical device known as “tissue expanders.” The three judge panel said in a ruling written by Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton that the fund can accept claims from patients who received “tissue expanders,” saying the federal judge in Detroit overseeing the case had made a “reasonable assessment” of the evidence.

29/07/2014 | More than 23 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed worldwide in 2013, according to statistics released today by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), the leading international society for aesthetic plastic surgery with more than 2,700 board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeon members in 95 countries. For the first time, Brazil edges out the United States in terms of the number of surgical procedures performed, and Botulinum Toxin takes the number one position for number of overall cosmetic procedures performed.

07/07/2014 | Victims of the PIP breast implants scandal may have been cheated out of millions of pounds in compensation, it was claimed last night. Around 47,000 British women had the now-banned implants, which were illegally filled with industrial-grade silicone. After the scandal emerged in late 2011 many women sought to have their implants removed. Under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, if you buy something over £100 and pay for any of it on a credit card, the card company is jointly liable if anything goes wrong with the product. But scores of women say they’ve faced battles with clinics and credit card providers.

07/07/2014 | Despite a looming financial crisis, the NHS in 2012/13 found the money to carry out 1,137 facelifts – costing taxpayers up to £8.5million.Tens of millions of pounds are being spent every year by the NHS on cosmetic surgery, figures reveal. Taxpayers are forking out vast and growing sums for facelifts, nose jobs, liposuction and breast augmentation – at a time when patients are being denied life-saving cancer drugs. The number of facelifts and operations to increase breast size have more than doubled over the past decade, while there has been a 40 per cent rise in liposuction.

06/07/2014 | A cosmetic surgeon has been cleared of performing an inappropriate boob job by using implants which were too big. Dr Mohammad Aslam carried out the procedure at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre in Newcastle in 2010. Andrea Scott, who first had her breasts enlarged five years earlier, wanted new implants after they were left uneven following a tummy tuck and gastric bypass procedure.

18/06/2014 | Cosmetic surgery purely to improve someone`s looks should not be available on the NHS, according to the Health Secretary. Jeremy Hunt has said the decision to fund cosmetic surgery should be made only if there is a clinical need. Currently, plastic surgery is supposed to be free only if there is a mental or physical health risk to the patient, including reconstruction work for women after surgery for breast cancer.

18/06/2014 | Canadian drug maker Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc., plans to take its $53-billion offer for Allergan Inc. directly to the shareholders this week, after the Botox maker repeatedly rejected Valeant`s acquisition proposals. In the latest development of the takeover battle, Valeant`s Chief Executive Michael Pearson, in a conference call on Tuesday, said the company will take the tender offer directly to the shareholders.

11/06/2014 | Europe’s largest silicone implant manufacturer has published safety data from a five-year review* in the prestigious journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (PRS), the first ever study on European women. The multi-centre study monitored 1,010 ‘Cristalline Paragel’ devices made by Eurosilicone ( implanted in 535 women undergoing either augmentation or reconstructive surgery. Each patient was followed up at three months post-surgery, and then annually thereafter.

10/06/2014 | Allergan Inc. (AGN), the maker of the Botox wrinkle treatment, rejected an increased bid of about $54 billion from Valeant Pharmaceuticals International Inc. (VRX) and investor Bill Ackman, calling it undervalued. Allergan turned down the offer of $72 a share in cash and 0.83 a share of Valeant stock, the Irvine, California-based company said today in a statement. On May 28, Laval, Quebec-based Valeant raised its bid for the first time to $49.4 billion from $45.7 billion.

07/06/2014 | Despite centuries of fractious history with our neighbours across the Channel, Britain has undoubtedly enjoyed a long love affair with some of France’s best-known exports such as fine wine and fashion. Now, hot on the heels of Jean Paul Gaultier’s famous corset comes something equally stylish to fill it with: the ‘Couture’ boob job. Joining the UK’s only manufacturer of breast implants Nagor (; which already offers patients 270 potential projection and profile combinations; is sister brand Eurosilicone (, being introduced this month to Britain by parent company to both, GC Aesthetics (

03/06/2014 | Valeant Pharmaceuticals Inc on Monday prepared to take its $53.8 billion (32.12 billion pounds) takeover bid for Allergan Inc directly to the Botox maker's shareholders in a battle that could last late into the year. The fight escalated when Valeant ally Pershing Square, a hedge fund that owns 9.7 percent of Allergan, called for a meeting to replace the company's board.

03/06/2014 | Advises Stockholders to Take No Action at This Time. Allergan, Inc. issued the following statement regarding the filing by Pershing Square Capital Management, L.P. of preliminary proxy materials with the Securities and Exchange Commission in order to solicit proxies to call a Special Meeting of Allergan’s Stockholders.

12/05/2014 | Allergan Inc. (AGN) rejected Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (VRX) Inc.’s unsolicited takeover proposal, saying the offer “substantially undervalues” the maker of the Botox wrinkle treatment. The bid, which valued Allergan at $45.7 billion in cash and stock when it was announced, creates “significant risks and uncertainties,” the Irvine, California-based company said in a statement today. Allergan expects earnings per share to rise 20 percent to 25 percent in 2015, with double-digit revenue growth, the company said the statement.

08/05/2014 | Ruptures, implants that fail to last the ten years promised, and a heightened risk of lymphatic cancer - a new official French report paints a worrying picture for the 340,000 women in the country who have had their breasts enlarged. The national drug and health safety agency, ANSM, said that despite measures taken to avoid a repeat of the recent global healthcare sparked by faulty French implants, the industry could do a lot more to improve safety and inform women of the potential dangers.

07/05/2014 | Graeme Perks, President, the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons said: “The most recent clinical studies state that it is not possible to confirm with any certainty whether breast implants have any relation to an increased likelihood of developing Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL), and particularly whether any one type of implant can create a higher or lower risk than another of developing the disease.

06/05/2014 | Former The Only Way Is Essex star Amy Childs has revealed that she would like to see the age of consent for plastic surgery raised to 21. The model-turned-businesswoman had her first boob job when she was only 18, a decision which she says she now considers a “mistake”.

30/04/2014 | The HSE will pay to have controversial PIP breast implants removed if it’s on medical advice. Around 1,500 Irish women received this implant, which were made with sub-standard silicone. In 2011, French researchers found they may pose a serious threat to health due to higher incidence of rupture.

25/04/2014 | The Aesthetic Surgery Education and Research Foundation (ASERF), today presented reports and studies on trends, emerging technologies, procedural innovations and the future of the aesthetic surgical specialty during “Premier Global Hot Topics,” a six-hour teaching course held at the annual Aesthetic Meeting from April 24-29 in San Francisco, CA. The Premier Global Hot Topics sessions featured topics including:

22/04/2014 | Valeant Pharmaceuticals is teaming up with activist investor Bill Ackman in a bid for Botox maker Allergan that could be worth about $40 billion. Valeant said Monday that it intends to propose a merger with Allergan using a combination of Valeant stock and cash. The transaction size has not been disclosed, but Valeant expects the cash portion of the deal to be at least $15 billion.

13/04/2014 | Tian Hui, 39, from Guangzhou in China`s Guangdong province, woke up with her implants on her back and stomach, 12 years after her operation. Doctors found they were made from banned polyacrylamide hydrophilic gel. Tian had plastic surgery to enhance her bust in 2002. She had hoped the procedure would boost her confidence after she discovered her husband Chiu, 41, had cheated on her with a younger woman.

04/04/2014 | An NHS maternity hospital has started offering breast implants to women in order to raise funds. Kathryn Thomson, chief executive of the Liverpool Women's Hospital, said managers needed to 'think creatively' in times of austerity and were expanding the private arm of the hospital's business. All profits the trust makes from breast enlargements and other paid-for surgeries will be put back into developing NHS services at the hospital rather than benefiting shareholders or investors.

03/04/2014 | New statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that breast lift procedures are growing at twice the rate of breast implant surgeries. Since 2000, breast lifts have grown by 70%, outpacing implants two-to-one. Breast implants are still by far the most performed cosmetic surgery in women, but lifts are steadily gaining. In 2013, more than 90,000 breast lift procedures were performed by ASPS member surgeons.

01/04/2014 | Authorities do not know how many Australian women had faulty French breast implants replaced with a second, now recalled brand. Last month the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced the Australian distributor of PIP breast implants, Medical Vision Australia, had pulled its Cereform implants from shelves following a recall in France.

30/03/2014 | Women with the most common type of breast implants have an increased risk of developing bacterial infections that could lead to rupturing and additional surgery, a new study has found. Australian researchers have discovered that newer implants with a ''textured'' surface - frequently used by surgeons - are about 70 times more likely to harbour bacteria than the alternative ''smooth'' implants. Experts warn that once infected, the growth of bacteria on textured silicone-gel implants is significantly more likely to cause hardening around the tissue, persistent discomfort and deformity.

28/03/2014 | An Israeli plastic surgeon invented Orbix, an ‘internal bra’ to help heavy breasts fight the pull of gravity. Women’s breasts naturally sag over time. Held up by little more than skin, they are victims of gravity – especially when they are naturally large or have been augmented with implants in cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Israeli surgeon-inventors are coming to the rescue. One solution ISRAEL21c reported on earlier is the B-Lite implant weighing 30 percent less than other implants. Another is an “internal bra” from Orbix Medical, which is affixed to the strong rib bones underneath the breasts of women whose natural or already augmented breasts are gravitating southward.

21/03/2014 | While breast implants and butt implants can cost anywhere from $3,500 to $5,000, several women succumb to more unconventional and dangerous black market procedures to attain their desired physique. 39 year old Argentine athlete and mother Sonia Perez Llanzon paid a hefty price for beauty when she injected Vaseline into her breasts during a do-it-yourself (DIY) boob job that cost her life.

20/03/2014 | The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) today released its complete 17th annual multi-specialty statistical data indicating a 12% overall increase in cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2013. More than 11 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed by board-certified plastic surgeons, dermatologists and otolaryngologists in the United States, totalling more than 12 billion dollars for the first time since the Great Recession began in 2008.

27/02/2014 | The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) today released its annual procedural statistics reporting that 15.1 million cosmetic surgery procedures, including both minimally-invasive and surgical, were performed in the United States in 2013, up 3 percent since 2012. In addition, 5.7 million reconstructive surgery procedures were performed last year, up 2 percent. What's behind the boost? New products and advances in technology may be paving the way for plastic surgery's growth.

26/02/2014 | The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) is in the process of tabulating its 2013 annual statistics, and has uncovered figures highlighting an upward trend in both labiaplasty and buttock augmentation surgeries  demonstrating that below-the-belt procedures are steadily rising in popularity.

25/02/2014 | Plastic surgeons are calling for the Australian government to urgently fund a national breast device registry after French authorities recalled another breast implant which is likely to have been used in thousands of Australian women. Earlier this month, the French government recalled all unused Cereform breast implants made by Cereplas because the company was failing sterilisation standards in the manufacturing process.

24/02/2014 | Australian surgeons are being told to stop using Cereform breast implants in women while health authorities investigate the safety of the devices. Cereform implants have been recalled in France because the sterilisation process was not consistent with current international standards. About 4,800 Cereform implants have been sold in Australia since 2009. So far, there are no reports of side effects.

23/02/2014 | A revolutionary new breast implant - the lightest ever created - is designed to avoid the kind of sagging that can occur after time with conventional cosmetic breasts. The new implants, called B-Lite, weigh 30 per cent less than any others on the market. Up to now, implants have been made of weighty silicon gel or a saline water solution. The new type consists of a silicone shell filled with minute balls of silicate, a solid form of silicone gel, but much lighter.

14/02/2014 | New rules designed to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery have been described by experts as 'appalling' and a 'wasted opportunity'. Cosmetic surgery leaders said they were aghast at the the lack of proper regulation put forward by the Government's response to an independent review into the future of the sector. Ministers have failed to agree to a key recommendation from NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh, whose review followed the PIP breast implant scandal.

03/02/2014 | Market in 2013 for plastic surgery was mainly female, says data released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. More and more Britons are turning to cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance, with the number of procedures topping 50,000 a year for the first time in 2013. A total of 50,122 operations were carried out last year, 17% more than in 2012.

03/02/2014 | One in three breast cancers are in women over the age of 70, warns Public Health England (PHE). The organisation is launching a campaign telling elderly women "don't assume you're past it" and to get any changes in their breasts checked out. Around 13,500 women aged 70 and over are diagnosed with breast cancer in England each year. However, survival rates in this age group are lower than in younger women, PHE said.

29/01/2014 | AMSilk has completed preclinical testing of its proprietary silicone implant coating made from spider silk. AMSilk's coating consists of a thin layer of spider silk proteins manufactured by AMSilk. It modifies the implant, presenting a more acceptable surface to the human tissue. The coating can be applied to any silicone implant in the final production step, just prior to packaging and sterilization; it does not alter the mechanical performance of the implant.

21/01/2014 | A French court upholds a landmark ruling ordering a German company to pay compensation to some 1,700 women fitted with defective breast implants. Judges said German company TUV Rheinland, which certified the implants, must pay 3,000 euros (£2,470) in interim damages to each claimant. Last year, the firm was found jointly liable with France's PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) over the global health scare.

15/01/2014 | Dr Ashish Dutta was suspended after Andrea Scott was left with scarring and burst stitching following surgery at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Dr Dutta did not carry out the surgery but advised Ms Scott and organised the operation even though he was subject to a six-month suspension. After a review hearing, he has just been given permission to return to work.

14/01/2014 | An adult film star fears her banned breast implants will kill her after her breasts ballooned to an O cup. Elizabeth Starr had now-illegal 'string' implants 15 years ago to boost her career - but says her life has been ruined by her super-sized chest. Doctors have recommended she face a double mastectomy rather than live with her potentially fatal implants.

02/01/2014 | A surgeon who botched boob jobs at a Merseyside clinic was kicked out of the profession and branded a danger to patients. A tribunal found bungling Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba had left women going under the knife with devastating results. The cosmetic surgeon left one patient with a dent in one breast and one of her nipples too high. When she begged him to help, he told her to wear a supportive bra.

02/01/2014 | Almost one-in-eight Irish women who received faulty breast implants containing industrial grade silicone have suffered ruptures. And despite a government promise to help, none of the 1,550 women who received Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants -- filled with industrial grade silicone gel -- have had them removed under the public health system.

29/12/2013 | A national register logging every breast implant operation carried out in England is to be established in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the scandal in which tens thousands of women received faulty implants, ministers have said. The Government has accepted the majority of the recommendations of a review carried out by Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director, following the disclosure that the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) had been manufacturing implants using industrial grade silicone.

29/12/2013 | Welsh Government will consider following England`s lead on recording breast implant operations on a new register. A new register logging the details of women who undergo breast implant surgery is to be set up by the UK Government in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the scandal in which tens thousands of women received faulty implants.

29/12/2013 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons welcomes a clampdown on unethical advertising, as well as news from the Department of Health that an official breast implant register is to be piloted. After the dissolution of the original database over 7 years ago, the BAAPS has campaigned to have a compulsory system reinstated - particularly since the PIP implant crisis, which saw over 40,000 women in the UK fitted with defective medical devices.

16/12/2013 | But women who want replacement implants will have to pay for them themselves. The HSE has agreed to pay for the removal of leaking breast implants from next year, the Irish Mirror has learned. The Health Department had planned to fork out for an alternative treatment service under the National Treatment Purchase Fund. But it has now shifted the bill to the HSE to fund the operations, which will be carried out in next year’s service plan.

11/12/2013 | A French court has sentenced Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP), to four years in prison on aggravated fraud charges. PIP sold breast implants prone to rupture and filled with industrial-grade silicone to some 300,000 women. Mas, 74, was also ordered to pay €75,000 in fines.

11/12/2013 | Courts in France have today handed down sentencing concluding the trial of Jean Claude Mas, the French businessman found guilty of filling hundreds of thousands of breast implants with industrial-grade silicone. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today warns that, although criminal behaviour cannot be prevented by regulation, the system ‘endangered’ the safety of women worldwide by failing to discover Mas’ illegal activities over ten years.

09/12/2013 | New risk-scoring tool allows surgeons to better counsel and potentially change an operative plan for women at higher risk for implant failure after mastectomy, Journal of the American College of Surgeons study reports. New research findings published in the December issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons confirm that factors such as smoking and obesity increase the odds of early implant loss in women who undergo mastectomy and immediate breast reconstruction with implants.

27/11/2013 | A breast surgery expert has told a tribunal that breast implants fitted at a Harley Street surgery were "too big and heavy". James Bristol said the breasts were so big they were bound to cause difficulties because "gravity only works one way". It is claimed Mohammad Azhar Aslam carried out an "inappropriate" operation at the South Tyneside District Hospital in South Shields to insert the 800cc silicone bags which are said to be the equivalent of a 34G bra size.

27/11/2013 | The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) reiterates that critical implementation work on the government-led review of cosmetic interventions must happen urgently and be publicly communicated, on the first day of its annual scientific meeting. The Association emphasises that action must include the establishment of a national, compulsory register for medical devices, including breast implants, within the next 12 months.

15/11/2013 | A French court has ordered a German company to pay compensation to hundreds of women who were fitted with defective breast implants. TUV Rheinland, which awarded EU safety certificates to the French implant manufacturer, "neglected its duties of vigilance", the court said. PIP (Poly Implant Prothese) was shut down in March 2010 amidst a worldwide health scare.

31/10/2013 | More than three years after ordering the market withdrawal of breast implants made by French firm Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP), the Spanish Medicine Agency (AEMPS) is now recommending that 18,500 women in the country who underwent operations should have them removed as a preventive measure, but not as a matter of urgency.

29/10/2013 | European regulator says women do not need to have implants, filled with non-medical-grade silicone, removed. There is no evidence that women who have PIP breast implants are at higher risk of cancer, European regulators have concluded. Women also do not need to have the faulty implants removed as a precaution although they may wish to have them taken out if they feel anxious, according to a review of PIP safety published by the European Commission's Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR).

22/10/2013 | Establishment Labs announced the release of a new silicone breast implant that contains an RFID microchip, allowing doctors to bring up information about the product`s make and model years after women have them implanted. Your breast implants are trying to tell you something - or at least they will be, if a new medical technology becomes widespread.

14/10/2013 | Campaigners have urged the health secretary to set up a Scottish register to prevent further scandals such as those caused by mesh, hip or PIP breast implants. Health Secretary Alex Neil has been told Scotland has the power to introduce its own safeguards to protect patients from botched implants. The UK medical watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, have said there is nothing to stop Scotland developing its own register to prevent further scandals such as those caused by mesh, hip or PIP breast implants. But yesterday Neil insisted a UK database was the Scottish Government’s preferred option.

07/10/2013 | Health ministers are today accused of helping a cosmetic surgery firm dodge compensation pay-outs to victims of the PIP breast implants scandal. When the Harley Medical Group – which fitted PIPs to 13,900 women – `restructured`, health minister Earl Howe called the move `extremely disappointing` and pledged to investigate. But we can reveal the Department of Health knew of the Harley Group`s plans all along.

06/10/2013 | Women are to be banned from claiming free breast enlargements on the NHS as part of a new spending crackdown. Medical advisers working for Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt are drawing up rules which will prevent women from citing ‘psychological’ need in order to receive cosmetic enhancement at the taxpayers’ expense. Officials believe that an increasing number of women are ‘bending the system’ to secure enhancements which can cost up to £10,000 privately.

03/10/2013 | Report shows agency knew of dangers of substandard silicone prostheses in 2006 but did not prevent their use until 2010. The French state medical watchdog did not act fast enough on reports of faulty breast implants marketed by the company Poly Implant Prothèse, allowing thousands of women to continue having the substandard silicone prostheses fitted at a potential risk to their health, according to an internal document seen by the investigative website Mediapart.

25/09/2013 | The EU's executive on Tuesday moved to improve the safety of medical devices in the wake of the worldwide scare over faulty PIP breast implants from France. The European Commission issued new rules for the 80-odd "notified bodies" in the European Union that are responsible for the inspection of 10,000 medical devices -- from plasters to pacemakers. "We now have a clearer basis for unannounced audits, sample testing, or joint assessments by notified bodies," said the Commissioner for Consumer Policy, Neven Mimica.

20/09/2013 | A proposal to increase regulatory scrutiny of medical devices will be put to the vote in the European Parliament's environment and health committee next week (25 September). The legislation, which is in part a response to last year's scandal over leaking breast implants, has provoked much controversy and hundreds of amendments in the Parliament. The committee had scheduled the proposal for voting yesterday (18 September), but the votes have been delayed while MEPs and officials attempt to reduce the number of amendments.

06/09/2013 | Sientra, Inc., a privately-held maker of medical devices including breast implants, successfully defended itself against allegations of strong-arm tactics, anti-competitive behavior and “corporate raiding” by global conglomerate Johnson & Johnson and its operating company, Mentor Worldwide, LLC (Case No. 1402207). After a nearly eight-week trial in the Superior Court of California, a Santa Barbara jury needed fewer than four hours to return a defense verdict in favor of Sientra.

26/08/2013 | Number of women opting to boost their bust by at least four cup sizes doubles in just three years. Ten per cent of British women are now instructing their surgeons to give them breast implants at least four cup sizes larger than their natural size.

28/07/2013 | The Good Boob Bible is the culmination of nearly 4 years of work aimed at providing women with all they need to know about cosmetic surgery’s most commonly performed procedure. As the introduction tries to encourage, the more one knows about the process, the better choices one can make. We are trying to give women the power to move away from the ‘production-line’ BA that the commercial companies have been providing over the last 10-15 years.

15/07/2013 | The recent health scandal which saw 20,000 Spanish patients receive defective breast implants has resulted in a rise in demand for trusted, quality medical devices and today, leading manufacturer GC Aesthetics announces the introduction of their British-made implants to Spain. Among the products to be launched by their Nagor brand is Impleo, currently the company's bestselling range in the UK.

09/07/2013 | Sales are booming for British medical devices manufacturer Nagor, one of the world’s largest independent suppliers of breast implants as women in the UK shun faulty foreign-made products. In what was dubbed the PIP scandal two years ago, thousands of faulty French-manufactured implants were supplied to women across Europe, including to many in Britain.

29/06/2013 | Britain could become a global centre for the production of breast implants as the country's only manufacturer of the silicone product says it is going to double the size of its UK operation within three years. GC Aesthetics will increase its staffing by as much as 40% at its two UK-based breast implant production facilities, at Cumbernauld and Ashby-de-la-Zouche, which currently make more than 75,000 a year under the British Nagor brand - a number expected to grow rapidly as it launches into new markets.

25/06/2013 | Doctors in France have removed PIP breast implants from more than 16,000 women and found a quarter of the products, which sparked a worldwide panic in 2011, had signs of splitting or leakage, a safety agency said on Tuesday.

25/06/2013 | A Chinese woman's breast implant ruptured after lying on her stomach for four hours playing a game on her phone. According to Chinese news reports, the woman from Beijing had been playing the game in bed when she felt a pain in her chest. She was taken to hospital and SZNews reports that a doctor said the low quality of the implant, combined with the pressure of lying on it for an extended period of time, had caused the rupture.

15/06/2013 | Newly Available Teardrop-Shaped Breast Implants Provide Natural Silhouette and Youthful Feel. Mentor Worldwide LLC, the U.S. market leader in breast aesthetics, today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved MENTOR® MemoryShape™ Breast Implants, providing new options for women looking for a more natural shape and youthful feel from breast enhancement or reconstruction surgery.

13/06/2013 | Organic brand Orico say their Full Cup Elixir can do it in just six weeks! Orico's Full Cup Bust and Neck Enhancing Elixir can increase bust size by two to four centimetres thanks to mukul extract taken from the bark of the guggul tree.

05/06/2013 | In the wake of Sweden’s announcement that, based on new evidence, all PIP implants in their country should be removed as a preventative measure, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today reiterates its own call for similar analysis to take place in the UK as a matter of urgency. The BAAPS, the only organisation based at the Royal College of Surgeons exclusively dedicated to aesthetic (‘cosmetic’) surgery, and which represents the vast majority of NHS plastic surgeons in private practice, welcomes the findings as ‘finally’ addressing some of the previously unexplained symptoms witnessed in patients.

04/06/2013 | Swedish authorities have recommended that the 4,000 women in Sweden with French PIP breast implants should have them removed as a preventative measure, after they were banned in 2010 due to health concerns and the risk of bursting. The Swedish Medical Products Agency (Läkemedelsverket) and the National Board of Health and Welfare (Socialstyrelsen) issued a statement on Tuesday asking clinics to contact women with the implants from French company PIP, or Poly Implant Prothèse, and to advise them that the implants should be removed.

21/05/2013 | for Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Aesthetics and Medical Lasers Reports iData Research Inc. Increasing demand for affordable, minimally invasive products and name-brand recognition is driving cosmetic device sales in Europe, particularly the botulinum toxin A market. The total European market is valued at €869.4 million.

18/05/2013 | Jean Claude-Mas, the founder of the French firm PIP whose faulty breast implants sparked a global health scare, yesterday suggested that victims had invented their pain. Mr Mas, a 73-year-old former travelling salesman, is one of five PIP executives on trial, charged with aggravated fraud for using industrial-grade silicone in implants.

17/05/2013 | Prosecutors have called for Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of PIP, whose faulty breast implants sparked a global health scare, to be given a four-year prison sentence on fraud charges. The implants, which are twice as likely to rupture as other makes, were given to an estimated 300,000 women worldwide, including 47,000 in Britain. More than 4,000 women have reported ruptures in the implants so far, while in France alone 15,000 women have had the PIP implants removed.

16/05/2013 | The High Court has ordered the winding up a cosmetic surgery clinic which is being sued by a number of women claiming it fitted them with allegedly defective silicone breast implants. The Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Limited, Herbert Place, Dublin petitioned the High Court for a winding up order and appointment of a liquidator on grounds it is insolvent and unable to pay its debts.

10/05/2013 | A recent report published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine reveals that PIP breast implants do in fact pose health threats, and can cause damage to a developing fetus. The new report disagrees with the NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh's recent statement claiming that PIP breast implants do not have any associated serious health risks.

10/05/2013 | In response to an opinion article published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine calling for a more thorough investigation of the health impact of PIP implants, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reiterates its own previous statement: that there continue to remain ‘unanswered questions’ about the controversial devices.

09/05/2013 | The HSE (equivalent of the NHS in the UK) has defended paying over €3.2m on cosmetic surgery and weight loss procedures in 2011. It emerged yesterday that the HSE had paid for a series of procedures, including more than 300 breast augmentations and reductions, liposuction and nose jobs. The most popular treatment paid for by the HSE in 2011 was breast reduction — 204 were carried out at a cost of €1.3m.

04/05/2013 | Ninety-eight percent of women undergoing breast augmentation surgery say the results met or exceeded their expectations, according to a prospective outcome study published in the May issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

01/05/2013 | Women who have breast implants are 40 per cent more likely to die from breast cancer than others who develop the disease, a new study suggests. Researchers said that the disease was likely to diagnosed later - when it is less likely to be treatable - because the devices can obscure signs of tumours which should be detected during mammograms.

26/04/2013 | A British woman who gave evidence at the trial of five executives of a firm which supplied thousands of faulty breast implants has said she feels as though she has been "poisoned". Outside the court in Marseilles, south France, Jan Spivey said she was "heartbroken" to see PIP founder Jean-Claude Mas in court.

21/04/2013 | The founder of a firm whose faulty breast implants sparked a global health scare told a French court on Friday that he had not put any lives at risk. Jean-Claude Mas made his much-anticipated first statement on the third day of one of France's biggest trials, which sees Mas and four others face charges of aggravated fraud for using non-authorised silicone gel in implants.

18/04/2013 | The man at the centre of a global faulty breast implant scandal faced the fury of hundreds of thousands of women as a trial opened in Marseille, with scores of plaintiffs appearing in court set to recount their suffering. Jean-Claude Mas, 73, the founder of the French firm Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP), whose leaky implants were sold to 47,000 British woman and more than 300,000 women around the world, faced some the women accusing him for the first time in Marseille.

17/04/2013 | Company founder Jean-Claude Mas and four managers accused of supplying faulty implants that triggered a global health scare. The first trial over the global scandal of faulty breast implants made with cheap industrial silicone not fit for humans opens on Wednesday, with hundreds of women expected to attend to tell of their suffering. Jean-Claude Mas, the founder of the French firm Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP), and four of his senior staff will stand trial for aggravated fraud and face up to five years' jail and a €37,500 (£32,000) fine if convicted.

17/04/2013 | Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have announced results from EXCLAIM, its Phase 4 prospective, observational study to assess the use of EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) for postsurgical analgesia in patients undergoing four common plastic surgery procedures.

15/04/2013 | France will launch one its biggest-ever trials as five managers from company PIP face charges of selling faulty breast implants that sparked a global health scare. More than 5,000 women have registered as plaintiffs in the case, which sees the defendants including 73-year-old PIP founder Jean-Claude Mas charged with aggravated fraud for using industrial-grade silicone in implants.

09/04/2013 | A woman is demanding compensation from a private plastic surgery clinic after a breast enlargement operation left her chest horribly disfigured. Katarina Chladova was looking to make her breasts just slightly larger when she visited the clinic two years ago, and paid £3,300 for the implant procedure. But when the bandages were removed her breasts were left in such a terrible state that she returned to the clinic repeatedly for corrective follow-up operations, but each time the result was worse.

07/04/2013 | Calls for the Government to remove all PIP breast implants after damning new research shows their shells are faulty putting women at risk. The casings are more likely to degrade than those used in others – leaving women given PIPs at risk of silicone leaking into their bodies, the research showed. The doctors who conducted the research, including nanotechnology professor Alexander Seifalian and top plastic surgeon Professor Peter Butler, now say all PIPs should be removed.

26/03/2013 | Wannabe model Josie Cunningham had a £4,800 breast implant operation on NHS after telling her GP that being flat-chested caused emotional distress. The Leeds telesales girl said: “My new boobs have changed my life, now I want to be the new Katie Price.”

25/03/2013 | Women fitted with dodgy PIP breast implants have scored a major victory in their battle to get them removed. Campaigners questioned the findings of an official review which rejected calls for their routine removal.

25/03/2013 | Lawyers for more than 1,000 Australian women have dropped a class action against the distributor of PIP breast implants. Adelaide law firm Tindall Gask Bentley says the product's distributor had limited product liability insurance, making class action unviable.

23/03/2013 | Proceedings against a German safety standards firm that gave defective breast implants the all clear kicked off Friday in France, with millions of euros claimed in damages. TUV Rheinland had certified that implants made by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) conformed to European safety rules, but the French firm shut in 2010 after it was found to have used substandard, industrial-grade silicone gel that caused abnormally high implant rupture rates.

20/03/2013 | The GPC has urged GPs to ignore guidance from surgical associations asking them to examine patients affected by the PIP breast implant scandal, and instead refer patients for review in secondary care. The Chief Medical Officer advised GPs in a letter last year that they would be the first port of call for concerned patients and issued guidance on what symptoms to look for. But the GPC has now advised GPs to refer all PIP breast implant patients to a consultant breast surgeon for review.

19/03/2013 | Lauren Yardley, 25, from Coventry, had breast implants to go from a size A cup to a DD. But complications left her with a weak scar, and the implant on her right breast worked its way out of her body.

14/03/2013 | Investigators who hunted the late Robert Maxwell’s hidden fortune and who led the search for the missing assets of collapsed claims management company, The Accident Group, have been brought in to probe cosmetic surgery business, Harley Medical Centre Ltd. Paul Stanley, a partner at Begbies Traynor, will look into a number of transactions – including the payment of a dividend of more than £1m in 2010 – at the company, which went into administration in November following claims by thousands of women fitted with faulty breast implants supplied by French firm, Poly Implant Protheses (PIP).

13/03/2013 | The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) today released their 16thannual multi-specialty procedural statistics. In 2012, over 10 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed by the board certified doctors in the United States who are most likely to perform cosmetic procedures.

10/03/2013 | Dentists are performing invasive cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation due to a 'huge gap' in a legal system that has left patients seriously harmed, the peak body of plastic surgeons has warned. Patients have been left confused by a system that allows anyone with a basic medical degree and registered as a doctor able to call themselves a 'cosmetic surgeon'

08/03/2013 | Victims of silicon gel breast implants are having difficulty serving breach of contract and damages claims on a foreign-based parent company of the Irish clinic that carried out the surgery, a court heard today. Judge Jacqueline Linnane was told in the Circuit Civil Court that a proposed defendant, Harley Medical Group (Ireland) Limited, may be only an Irish registered branch of the company which allegedly had its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands.

02/03/2013 | For women undergoing breast reconstruction using implants, most patient-reported outcomes are similar with two different shapes of silicone gel-filled implants, reports a study in the March issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

21/02/2013 | Cosmetic surgery may be frowned upon for the under-16s in the UK, but two young women have spoken to This Morning about travelling to Colombia for bum and breast implants at just 15. Jennifer Lopez, now 23, shares more than just a name with a certain curvaceous singer, having gone under the knife in the hope of achieving a similar figure while still a teenager.

21/02/2013 | Allergan, Inc. today announced that the company has received approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the the Natrelle®410 Highly Cohesive Anatomically Shaped Silicone-Filled Breast Implants for use in breast reconstruction, augmentation and revision surgery.

20/02/2013 | According to plastic surgery statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) on Tuesday, 14.6 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures in 2012, up 5 percent since 2011. As economic indicators such as auto, retail, and home sales saw gains in 2012 - so too did plastic surgery.

10/02/2013 | A recent study suggests that women who have breast augmentation procedures report higher satisfaction not only with the overall appearance of their breasts, but in their physical, sexual and psychosocial well-being as well. The researchers also found that overall satisfaction with breast augmentation was most strongly correlated with breast appearance satisfaction.

01/02/2013 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, today welcomes the Department of Health`s toxicology report into faulty PIP implants but warns that many questions remain unanswered. The BAAPS, the only organisation based at the Royal College of Surgeons exclusively dedicated to aesthetic (`cosmetic`) surgery, says that what studies show, and what surgeons and patients are experiencing, still differs.

28/01/2013 | Despite a gruelling ‘double-dip’ recession, a breast implant scandal and an ongoing government enquiry into the sector, Britons were able to maintain a poker face as demand for anti-ageing procedures soared. Audit figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today reveal that although the number of overall procedures remained static and barely changed at all over the last year, facial rejuvenation treatments in particular proved the nation's favourites with eyelid surgery, fat transfer, brow and face lifts all experiencing a double-digit rise.

19/01/2013 | Portugal’s pharmaceutical watchdog Infarmed has registered more than sixty-two cases of burst PIP breast implants in fifty-two different women in this country, and is keeping an eye on the cases, according to the Ministry of Health.

14/01/2013 | Thousands of Scottish women have been left living in fear because they cannot afford to have their potentially dodgy breast implants removed or replaced. Just one in 20 Scots victims of the PIP breast implant scandal have had surgery to remove them. Campaigners say thousands have been left in fear because they cannot afford to have them replaced.

14/01/2013 | Dr. Michael J. Weinberg, a leader in cosmetic plastic surgery in Toronto, explains the importance of becoming a well-educated consumer and researching your options before making a decision about breast augmentation.

07/01/2013 | Women who paid for faulty PIP breast implants on Lloyds TSB credit cards are to receive "full, proper compensation". Lawyers representing 600 women say they have reached an agreement with Lloyds TSB but are still negotiating with 23 other card issuers.

29/12/2012 | More than 150 women in Wales have had banned breast implants removed and replaced on the NHS after a worldwide health scare earlier this year. The Welsh government said it would pay to replace implants for those treated privately if there was a clinical need.

28/12/2012 | Almost 8,000 women have received NHS help in the wake of the PiP breast implant scandal, new figures show. Up to November 30th, there had been 7,917 referrals from women who had their implants put in privately. A total of 5,255 scans have now been completed and 633 women have decided to have their implants removed on the NHS, with 418 of these operations already completed.

22/12/2012 | Size really matters. This is as true for women as it is for men, as the busty look shows no sign of fading. But would you let a male stranger touch your breasts if he promised to make them bigger? Sounds promising, but many women still squirm at the idea of facing a male masseur - naked - and, even worse, having her breasts kneaded by his hands.

18/12/2012 | Ministers have been urged to move swiftly to implement regulations on parts of the cosmetic surgery industry after concerns over anti-ageing injections and the PIP breast implants scandal.

13/12/2012 | A woman is arrested at Barcelona airport off a flight from Colombia with more than a kilo of cocaine concealed in her breast implants.

10/12/2012 | An Irish breast-implant company, GC Aesthetics, has tapped up its wealthy backers for nearly €10m in funding to help expand the fast-growing business. GC Aesthetics is becoming a major player in the breast-implant industry following its acquisitions of the Nagor and Eurosilicone brands.

03/12/2012 | AMSilk is developing a novel spider silk-based coating, called BioShield-S1, for silicone breast implants designed to reduce commonly known side effects that are initiated when the immune system reacts to the implants. Preclinical tests conducted jointly with the University of Bayreuth, Germany and the Department of Trauma, Hand, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery of the University of Wuerzburg, Germany, showed the efficacy of the implant coating.

30/11/2012 | Top surgeons say they think some reality TV programmes glamorise cosmetic surgery. Rajiv Grover, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (Baaps), said: "People are forgetting it's a medical operation. "The way that The Only Way is Essex perhaps portrays it is as if it's a beauty treatment that's common."

28/11/2012 | Head of UK's biggest cosmetic surgery chain, Harley Medical Group, initially denied any links with company in British Virgin Islands. The millionaire head of a controversial cosmetic surgery chain, the biggest in the UK, owned a secret offshore company linked to the clinic, it can be revealed.

21/11/2012 | Owners of Harley Medical Group financially restructures meaning patients can no longer claim compensation for faulty PIP breast implants. A new company owns Harley Medical group although they are still operating on the same premises with the same staff. Critics say they think that was to avoid legal action being taken against the firm by PIP patients but has been denied by Harley Medical Group. A spokesman said the cost of replacing implants severely constrained business and that it was not a deliberate act.

18/11/2012 | Thousands of British women fitted with faulty breast implants face further agony after a clinic at the centre of the scandal deliberately went into administration to avoid a possible multi-million-pound legal payout. The Harley Medical Centre faced legal claims from 1,700 women who suffered pain and distress after being fitted with defective PIP implants. But last week, the cosmetic surgery chain appointed administrators after its management complained that legal action could put the firm out of business.

16/11/2012 | More than 100,000 people have cosmetic surgery every year in the UK. At this Transform clinic, 63 operations on average take place every week, from simple rhinoplasties (nose jobs) to major ­abdominoplasties (tummy tucks). I begin my day at 8am at one of Transform’s busiest clinics in south Manchester.

14/11/2012 | A German court on Tuesday began hearing the country`s first lawsuit over a health scandal surrounding French-made breast implants found to leak silicone into women`s bodies. The regional court in the southwestern city of Karlsruhe opened the case brought by a 40-year-old mother of three who opted for the implants from French manufacturer Poly Implant Prothese or PIP in 2007.

13/11/2012 | Anti-wrinkle bra La Decollette also offers support and comfort to women with sleeping problems after breast surgery. A study by well-known Paris plastic surgeon Dr. Benoit Couturaud shows that 86 percent of women with breast prothesis feel a sense of comfort while sleeping with La Decollette and 100 percent find it comfortable.

10/11/2012 | As modern technology continues to advance the safety and effectiveness of breast implants, Dr. Steven Turkeltaub, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Phoenix, says breast augmentation patients are now able to enjoy the benefits of longer-lasting results and less noticeable scarring. However, Dr. Turkeltaub reminds his patients that breast implants are not permanent medical devices, and there are a number of reasons why they may need to be replaced in the future.

09/11/2012 | A cosmetic surgeon who offers 'Mommy makeovers' has been accused of leaving a dozen patients deformed and even paralyzed. Dr Efrain Diego Gonzalez, from Sacramento, is facing legal action from women who say he botched operations aimed at improving their bodies. One woman says she was left with a deformed belly button while another lost a nipple during a breast augmentation operation.

02/11/2012 | A North Texas woman who says a Pantego police officer caused her breast implant to rupture during an arrest is suing the town. Rebecca Van Hooser said the officer threw her against her car when he arrested her during a traffic stop on Bowden Road.

29/10/2012 | The founder of the scandal-hit French breast implant company PIP has been released from custody pending trial. Jean-Claude Mas, 73, spent eight months in detention after his company's breast implants were revealed to be prone to rupturing. He is due to go on trial in April and will have his movements restricted in the meantime.

20/10/2012 | Heidi Montag has admitted that she got a bit carried away with cosmetic surgery, and now thinks she agreed to too many of her surgeon's suggestions. The star of US reality TV show The Hills famously underwent 11 procedures in one day back in 2010 - including nose job, brow lift, ear-pinning, breast implants and a chin reduction.

05/10/2012 | A Lincoln mum won £25,000 in compensation after cosmetic surgery on her breasts went wrong. The woman (27), who wishes not to be named, had two operations by a Harley Street plastic surgeon in 2007 and 2008. However, the initial operation did not go to plan and after the second corrective operation, she was left with different sized breasts, bulges and a lot of pain.

02/10/2012 | What are the important lessons and questions from half a century of clinical use? Few medical devices are still in use nearly 50 years after introduction. Silicone gel breast implants – despite the controversies over the years – are one of the exceptions. Half a century after silicone gel breast implants were first introduced clinically, what are some of the lessons that plastic surgeons have learned about these devices, and what have they yet to uncover?

27/09/2012 | The European Union has proposed tougher rules on assessing the safety and monitoring the use of medical devices and implants, after weak EU regulations were partly blamed for a global scandal over French-made breast implants.

27/09/2012 | A Phoenix woman who pretended to have cancer in order to raise money for breast implants has been sentenced to a year in jail and three years of probation. Court spokesman Kelly Vail says 27-year-old Jami Lynn Toler was sentenced Wednesday. She pleaded guilty in August to a theft charge in a plea agreement.

26/09/2012 | Hundreds of women in Greater Manchester who were fitted with faulty breast implants have turned down the offer of having them removed on the NHS. New figures show 330 women who paid for the PIP implants have so far rejected the chance of having them removed free of charge. Patients who have the implants removed on the NHS cannot have replacement implants put in during the same procedure.

25/09/2012 | Boob jobs make it harder to spot breast cancer, according to shock new research. The implants may be stopping tumours from showing up on routine X-rays. As a result, cancers are found only when they are bigger and more likely to have spread.

20/09/2012 | Pocket irrigation with bupivacaine and ketorolac is the best non-narcotic pain relief method for patients after breast augmentation, a new study concludes. While a variety of alternatives to traditional opioid analgesics are available for managing postoperative pain following breast enhancement procedures, the pocket irrigation method with bupivacaine was found to be convenient, affordable and easily accessible for surgeons in many settings.

20/09/2012 | The European Commission is about to present proposals to tighten up legislation on medical devices, such as hip and knee replacements. But following the recent PIP breast implants scandal the European Parliament is pressing for rules on implants to also be stepped up at European level.

15/09/2012 | Letting women ‘test drive’ larger breasts before a boob job has led to them picking even bigger implants. The ‘try before you buy’ idea involves wearing a heavily padded bra for two weeks while doing ordinary tasks such as shopping or the school run. It was devised to give women a final chance to consider their options before going under the surgeon’s knife.

15/09/2012 | The Department of Health said NHS-funded breast augmentation would only take place for recognised clinical reasons, after official figures revealed girls as young as 10 have gone under the knife. More than 250 girls aged 16 and under have had breast enlargements paid for by the NHS over the past five years, official figures have revealed. Across all age groups, more than 3,000 women had augmentation surgery last year – up almost a third in five years.

13/09/2012 | Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery in the country. The Vectra system also includes before and after animation

11/09/2012 | Investigational implant also shows lower rate of capsular contracture at two years compared to current single-lumen saline implants. Women like to have options, the more options the better. Some women don't like the look and feel of currently available saline-filled breast implants, which are prone to scalloping or wrinkling, but also aren't comfortable with silicone gel options.

09/09/2012 | New rules to end the secrecy over the safety of devices such as hip replacements and breast implants are being drawn up after a series of scandals. The changes will mean that for the first time the public will be able to access details of the clinical research behind the products, and their safety record since coming on to the market. The rules are being drawn up by the European Commission in the wake of the PIP breast implant fiasco and the scandal of metal-on-metal hips, which were found to poison the body and suffer failure rates of up to 50 per cent.

07/09/2012 | The number of boob jobs, tummy tucks and botox injections funded by the NHS in Hertforshire has ballooned in the past three years. In the last financial year NHS Hertfordshire Primary Care Trust (PCT) has paid for more than three times as many normally-unfunded procedures, including cosmetic surgery.

06/09/2012 | Two of the UK's leading cosmetic surgery clinics have called for tighter regulation, blaming the recent PIP breast implant scandal on the failure of European regulators. Harley Medical Group and Transform said European regulators' failures over breast implants manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese had caused financial and operating issues.

05/09/2012 | Identical twin study uncovers external factors that influence breast appearance and aging. Women wondering how to maintain great-looking breasts may now have more answers thanks to a new study of identical twin sisters. After controlling for genetic factors, investigators from University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland found that breastfeeding, daily moisturizing, and hormone replacement therapy significantly decelerate the perceived aging of breasts, whereas smoking, drinking alcohol, multiple pregnancies, higher body mass index (BMI), and larger bra and cup sizes contribute to accelerated breast aging. The full results of the study, “Determinants of Breast Appearance and Aging in Twins,” appear in the September issue of the Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

03/09/2012 | PIP breast implants contain chemicals which scientists cannot identify, we can reveal. New tests on the now-banned implants, which were filled with industrial grade silicone, have been under way for several weeks. The Government claims the implants are not harmful after it conducted a series of tests. But information seen by the Daily Star Sunday shows experts could not identify some of the chemicals used in them.

01/09/2012 | The PIP breast implant scare earlier this year caused many woman to question the practise of putting bags in to their bodies. Medical professionals, researchers and plastic surgeons have been working on alternative ideas for breast reconstruction or cosmetic augmentation purposes for years, and using our own excess fat - or regenerative plastic surgery to give it the scientific name - could be the answer.

09/08/2012 | From scalpel to syringe, as the demand for more radical cosmetic procedures soars in Wales, so does the supply. But how safe are some of these nips, tucks and jabs? And how much do some of the people delivering potentially dangerous medical procedures really know about what they’re doing?

07/08/2012 | At a recent lifestyle show for the over-50s which drew more than 10,000 people business was especially brisk in one section. Exhibitors from as far afield as Malaysia and Turkey were taking part to try to entice Britons to their country for medical treatment. There are big savings to be made on procedures abroad, from tummy tucks and dental crowns to hip replacements and gastric bands. The boom in health tourism initially triggered by long NHS waiting lists shows no sign of abating.

27/07/2012 | A cosmetic surgery clinic at the centre of the breast implant scandal was severely criticised yesterday for refusing to appear before the Joint Committee on Health and Children. Of the 1,500 women in Ireland with Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) implants, 1,159 had them fitted by the Harley Medical Group. The group had been asked to attend a meeting of the Oireachtas committee so members could discuss the clinic’s refusal to replace the defective implants in all their Irish patients free of charge.

20/07/2012 | Some women with PIP implants want them to rupture so they can get them replaced for free, Newsbeat is told. Others say they've had to go thousands of pounds in debt to have them out.

19/07/2012 | The cosmetic surgery firm that fitted 1,100 Irish women with below-grade silicone breast implants went into the red last year. New figures show that the Dublin-based Harley Medical Group Ireland Ltd recorded a pre-tax loss last year of €92,450, following a pre-tax profit of €232,642 in 2010.

18/07/2012 | Costmetic surgeons have been offering a string of discount offers to try and attract people to pay for procedures with many now offering the possiblity of paying online. It's a promotional catchphrase that's famously helped to shift everything from bags of crisps to double-glazing. Now the famous marketing mantra 'buy one, get one free' or 'BOGOF' is being used to persuade self-conscious types to splash out on a breast operation or a nose job.

14/07/2012 | The diminutive Filipina woman speaks little English but managed to say her wish was “to look Hollywood.” Her cosmetic surgeon figured she wanted to look like “a porn star” and went to work on her. An Ontario Superior Court judge has ruled there was a profound disconnect between the doctor and his patient, awarding her and her husband $155,600 in damages.

09/07/2012 | The UK’s only manufacturer of breast implants has enjoyed “double digit” growth in sales since the PIP debacle in which thousands of women found their prosthetics were made of sub-medical grade silicone. Now fears of rupture and possible health effects for women fitted with the sub-standard implants has prompted a director of manufacturer Nagor to demand that the industry backs an insurance protection scheme that will bear the costs of replacing faulty ones.

09/07/2012 | MPs debated the Health Committee report on PIP Breast Implants and regulation of cosmetic interventions, and the Government Response in Westminster Hall on Thursday 5 July. Watch the debate and read a transcript

05/07/2012 | At 14, Britney Marshall is apparently going through something of a ‘funny phase’. She works hard at school and dreams of going to university one day. And if that isn’t strange enough, she has absolutely no desire to have breast implants. This disturbing state of affairs has left her mother Chantal, who had great hopes for her youngest child, wondering where she has gone wrong.

05/07/2012 | The State is to assume responsibility for the cost of removing PIP breast implants from Irish women, if this is deemed clinically necessary. The Department of Health claims that the Harley Medical Group has failed to provide an appropriate care package to the women affected and has not fulfilled its obligations in an acceptable manner.

03/07/2012 | Women who received substandard breast implants have had their say about their experiences in a web forum run by the Commons Health Committee. Today the Health Committee publishes a summary of the comments received on the web forum for women with PIP implants which it ran in May 2012.

03/07/2012 | Women undergoing breast augmentation surgery report substantial improvement in several key areas of quality of life, reports a study in the July issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery®, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

02/07/2012 | Labour politicians in Paisley have helped launch a seven-point action plan to aid victims of the PIP breast implants scandal – and to prevent similar scenarios occurring again. The plan includes setting up a public inquiry to examine the extent of the use and rupture of PIP implants in Scotland and introducing a Scottish implants register.

30/06/2012 | 'Breast Augmentation Surgery Could Improve Your Confidence,' Says Cosmetic Surgery Guru. Boob jobs the most popular type of cosmetic surgery in the UK; women feel confident with more upfront. Push-up lingerie can also improve interaction with others.

29/06/2012 | Kylie Hudson thought she had researched all the risks when she finally had the boob job she had dreamed about for years. The mum of three had been so flat-chested she did not even have a cup size, and after the op she was overjoyed to be 34D. But weeks later, just before a holiday booked so she could wear a bikini for the first time in her life, the implants burst.

26/06/2012 | A mum of six obsessed with making her giant L-cup boobs bigger says she is doing it for her kids. Lacey Wildd, 44, has undergone 12 breast enlargements - and now she’s preparing to become size MMM.

25/06/2012 | Olivia Landin was so insecure with her body that she took the drastic step of booking a breast enhancement only to change her mind after being crowned beauty queen. She used to shy away from revealing outfits in favour of baggy clothes to hide her body. It got to the stage where she would never leave the house without wearing padded bras and when trying to fit in with her bigger-breasted friends she felt inadequate.

24/06/2012 | A consultant is facing being struck off after a businesswoman was left with horrific scars following a boob job. Andrea Scott's wanted to boost her bust to a F-cup but the stitches burst open and the implants began sagging out of the wound.

19/06/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today welcomes the final report of the Expert Group on PIP implants which confirms that the devices are "clearly substandard" and significantly more likely to rupture or leak silicone. The report amplifies on previous advice that all providers who used these implants should offer explantation to women affected should they wish for this – even without the presence a rupture.

19/06/2012 | The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) welcomes the final report of the expert group on Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants and the further advice for women who have received PIP breast implants. The collection and analysis of data from PIP implants in the final report will enable women to make more informed decisions about their own implants as well as highlighting the need to put in place mandatory data collection for all implants.

18/06/2012 | The NHS Medical Director’s expert group, which has been looking at PiP breast implants has today published its final report. The group, lead by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, has been collecting and reviewing all available data including estimated rupture rates, data on clinical findings when implants are removed, and further examination of the chemical make-up of PiP silicone gel. The group, lead by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, has been collecting and reviewing all available data including estimated...

18/06/2012 | Want to know what a face-lift might look like 10 years down the line? How those little nips and tucks, designed to defy ageing, will themselves stand the test of time? Just ask the women who’ve been there and done that.

15/06/2012 | Researchers have published a study showing successful outcomes for the dermal bra technique for mammaplasty and ptosis correction.

11/06/2012 | Millionaire plastic surgeon Dr Mario Russo, who appeared on reality television show The Only Way Is Essex and Channel 4`s Embarrassing Bodies has been suspended by the General Medical Council while his work is investigated.

10/06/2012 | France`s wealthy could take it on the nose if the French tax man gets his way and cosmetic surgery becomes subject to the value added tax. France`s new Socialist government has promised to tax the rich, and the tax authorities are looking at going after expensive cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks, liposuction and breast enhancements that so far have escaped the country`s 19.6% VAT tax.

08/06/2012 | A 45-year-old British woman whose breast implants exploded after surgery in Tunisia has successfully claimed compensation. Alison Chapman, from Hedge End, Southampton, said that she had suffered a "horrendous and humiliating" ordeal after the surgery went wrong.

08/06/2012 | CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) -- Venezuela's Supreme Court has sided with women who have defective French-made breast implants, saying in a preliminary injunction that the cost of removing and replacing the implants should be paid by surgeons, hospitals and a company that imported them.

05/06/2012 | A new study by has revealed that women with breast enlargements like Heidi Montag derive more pleasure in the bedroom after their enhancements. Of the women who participated in the online survey by, 61per cent said they were having more sex.

18/05/2012 |, the largest website for plastic surgery reviews and information, today released its "RealSelf Medi-Beauty Trend Report," a seasonal report that sheds light on what's hot and what's not in the $20 billion medi-beauty world, including elective plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures.

17/05/2012 | Two Dutch lawyers representing women who have suffered health problems due to leaking PIP breast implants have announced that they are investigating whether it is possible to file a joint claim on behalf of their clients against the Dutch Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ).

14/05/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today welcomes the Government’s review into the PIP scandal and agrees with its recommendations that more stringent criteria should be required into monitoring medical devices. The BAAPS reiterates its previous calls for a compulsory implant register and mandatory safety audits for all practitioners.

14/05/2012 | A review into PiP breast implants has found that, although the regulator acted appropriately and followed scientific and clinical advice, there is room for improvement  and serious lessons must be learned. Health Minister Lord Howe’s report into...

11/05/2012 | A recent study suggests autologus fat grafting procedures — enhanced stromal vascular fraction (SVF) and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) fat grafting — maintain breast volume and three-dimensional contour better than standard procedure.

02/05/2012 | The Health Committee today launches an online forum for women affected by PIP breast implants to give their views on the treatment they have received from private clinics or the NHS following the emergence of information about risks associated with PIP implants.

27/04/2012 | A breast implant register, more stringent checks and product traceability, and a pre-market authorisation system are among the measures proposed by the Environment and Public Health Committee on Wednesday to prevent a recurrence of the PIP defective breast implants case. The resolution was passed unanimously.

25/04/2012 | EU health ministers have stepped carefully around the medical devices sector, but the recent scandal concerning breast implants has the European Parliament baying for action.

20/04/2012 | Adam Searle makes an unlikely Cassandra. A plastic and recon-structive surgeon who consults in Harley Street and works at the Royal Marsden, he is a past president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, has an immaculate track record and chooses his words with care. ‘I don’t want to be too much of a misery guts, but over the past 15 years I feel I have constantly been saying, “Be careful, be careful!” and this [the Poly Implant Prosthèse or PIP scandal] is just what one dreaded unfolding.’

19/04/2012 | Macrolane is a safe and well-tolerated injectable product used to augment body contour and correct soft tissue defects. A safety reporting system has been in place since launch and no safety concerns have been identified. However, all breast augmentation procedures, including those involving Macrolane, can interfere with the reading of mammograms.

17/04/2012 | A pair of British plastic surgeons said Tuesday the rupture rate of PIP breast implants behind a global health scare may be as high as one in three, significantly more than previously thought. A study of 453 of their patients who had received PIP implants between seven and 12 years ago showed a rupture rate of between 15.9 percent and 33.8 percent.

16/04/2012 | Almost one out of every 10 Irish women who had breast surgery with controversial PIP implants later suffered ruptures, new figures obtained by the Irish Independent reveal. The shocking extent of the impact of the defective implants is only now fully emerging, two years after they were withdrawn from use. The number of those affected now stands at three times more than medical authorities first estimated.

16/04/2012 | Health Minister James Reilly refused to back a French bid to tighten regulations on the manufacture of breast implants and other medical devices, newly released documents reveal. His French counterpart Xavier Bertrand sought his signature for a letter to EU Health Commissioner John Dalli calling for strict new regulations in light of the PIP breast implant scandal.

10/04/2012 | Allergan, the US maker of medical and cosmetic products including Botox, is to launch a European consumer advertising campaign to win fresh sales of breast implants by benefiting from the troubles of its discredited French rival Poly Implant Prothese.

06/04/2012 | More than half of nearly 800 women recently surveyed say they are willing to wait for the Food and Drug Administration to approve cohesive gel `gummy bear` breast implants, according to a poll taken by

28/03/2012 | The Health Committee welcomes the Government`s decision to commission two reviews following public concern about breast implant surgery, following the decision of the French authorities to recommend removal of implants sourced from PIP.

28/03/2012 | Commenting on the Health Select Committee report on ‘PIP Breast implants and regulation of cosmetic interventions’ Professor Norman Williams, President of the Royal College of Surgeons, said...

28/03/2012 | The medicines regulator failed to exercise proper vigilance over cosmetic surgery in the PIP breast implant scandal which has left thousands of women fearing for their safety, a parliamentary committee will say today.

24/03/2012 | says 61% of respondents to an online survey about sex with breast implants revealed that the rate at which they had sex increased after breast augmentation surgery. No wonder the procedure is so popular; also reports that 7.5 out of 10 women surveyed said undergoing breast enhancement with “worth it”.

22/03/2012 | Cytori Therapeutics has announced the publication of RESTORE-2 trial results in the peer-reviewed European Journal of Surgical Oncology. RESTORE-2 is a 71 patient multi-center, prospective clinical trial using autologous adipose-derived regenerative cell (ADRC)-enriched fat grafting for reconstruction of the breast after cancer surgery.

20/03/2012 | The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) today released their 15thannual multi-specialty procedural statistics. The Aesthetic Society, which has collected plastic surgery procedural statistics since 1997, says the overall number of cosmetic procedures has increased 197 percent since the tracking of the statistics first began. Almost 9.2 million cosmetic surgical and nonsurgical procedures were performed in the United States in 2011. The most frequently performed surgical procedure was lipoplasty (liposuction) and the most popular nonsurgical procedure was injections of Botulinum Toxin Type A (including Botox and Dysport).

16/03/2012 | New evidence has emerged which shows that around 7,000 more women in the UK may be victims of the PiP scandal caused by a French breast implant manufacturer, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley announced today. These women will be eligible for the same NHS care as announced in January. French authorities had previously advised that only PiP breast implants that were used after 2001 may have been made with unauthorised silicone gel. Following an investigation by the UK regulator, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), the French authorities have this week reported that PiP implants made before 2001 may also contain unauthorised silicone gel.

14/03/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today welcomes the news that a patient has had the full cost of her original breast augmentation with the now-banned, defective PIP implants reimbursed by her credit card company. Despite most companies requiring a ‘faulty goods’ claim to be made within a month or two of purchase, it has been accepted that the devices wouldn’t have been recognised as such in that timeframe.

14/03/2012 | Bank refunds £3,700 to woman who paid for surgery on one of its cards, offering 'ray of hope' in PIP implants scandal. A woman who was given PIP breast implants that ruptured has recouped the full cost of the surgery from her credit card company. She said Lloyds TSB refunded her £3,700 on the grounds that she was sold faulty goods.

14/03/2012 | Results of Six-Week Test on Boob Job Creams Shows Mixed Results For Women. An experiment has been conducted to find out if products known as 'boob job creams' can actually increase a woman's breast size, without the need for cosmetic surgery.

13/03/2012 | The GPC has written to the chief medical officer calling on her to retract instructions that GPs should carry out annual checks on women who have had PIP breast implants. Dame Sally Davies wrote to all GPs earlier this year telling them that any NHS patient who had received the PIP implants and had chosen not to have them removed should be followed up on an annual basis.

13/03/2012 | The Chief Medical Officer of the Department of Health has met with the three clinics involved in providing the controversial PIP (Poly Implant Prostheses) breast implants in Ireland. Minister for Health Dr James Reilly confirmed that Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan had met with the three private clinics at the centre of the breast implant scare, the Harley Medical Group, Shandon Street Hospital in Cork and Clane Hospital in Co Kildare, last Friday.

11/03/2012 | Sientra Inc's silicone gel-filled breast implant for breast reconstruction or augmentation has been approved by the FDA, as long as the company carries out post-approval studies to assess the device's long-term effectiveness, safety, and rare disease outcomes. The implant is approved for females aged at least 22 years.

11/03/2012 | The Australian Government has announced that women in Australia with potentially dangerous PIP breast implants are now entitled to subsidised screening. The French manufacturer PIP has been prosecuted for using industrial instead of medical grade silicone in its breast implants.

07/03/2012 | Jean-Claude Mas, head of French firm PIP at centre of health scandal, was imprisoned on Monday night, judicial source says. Jean-Claude Mas, the Frenchman who sparked a global health scare by selling substandard breast implants, has been jailed for failing to paying his bail, according to a judicial source.

06/03/2012 | An Advertisement for a cosmetic surgery clinic has been found to be in breach of the advertising standards code. The ad for the Cosmedico clinic broadcast on TV3 was one of seven against which the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland upheld complaints.

05/03/2012 | Detailed investigations into the safety of silicone-based breast implants have been ordered by the European Commission after an initial inquiry highlighted health concerns. These were raised by the EU's scientific committee on emerging and newly identified health risks, which was assessing allegations from French health authorities that France-based manufacturer Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) used "low-quality material (industrial silicone)" in implants.

25/02/2012 | A Texas hairstylist was arrested Thursday on suspicion of giving women dangerous and illegal breast implants in a back room of her salon. Police said Carmel Foster was doing the augmentations at her salon in Tyler, which is 92 miles east of Dallas. One woman was hospitalized with severe chest pains and remains in critical condition after family members said Foster gave her an injection.

23/02/2012 | A group action on behalf of the estimated 40,000 UK women who received cosmetic breast implants made by a now-defunct French company has signed up more than 50 law firms, in what could be the final group action of its kind. One of the lawyers concerned said that the action against clinics who fitted implants made by Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP), could be the last to be funded through conditional fee agreements (CFA).

21/02/2012 | Scotland's health secretary said women with breast implants which have been linked to a health scare can turn to the NHS for help. Nicola Sturgeon gave the assurance to a delegation who have the French-made Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants.

20/02/2012 | After the Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implant scare nearly 3,000 women have been seen by NHS specialists, of which over 1,000 have had scans and 67 have opted to have the implants removed, according to Department of Health statistics.

20/02/2012 | Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks issued a report into PIP breast implant safety on 1st February 2012. The link takes you to a PDF format of the report.

19/02/2012 | PIP victim hits out over secret test results. Angry PIP breast implant victims fear a Government cover-up over the scandal after learning key documents are being withheld.

17/02/2012 | LONDON, Feb 16 (Reuters) - There is no need forradical reform of Europe's medical device regulation system in the wake of a scandal over French PIP breast implants, Britain's medical regulator said on Thursday, but some improvements should be made to the current system.

16/02/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today expressed their concern that clinics replacing faulty PIP implants claim ‘not to have the skills’ to treat problems stemming from rupture. Patients are instead being sent to the NHS to undergo further surgery separately. The BAAPS asserts that any trained and qualified plastic surgeon would be able to efficiently address the repercussions of rupture, and warns the initiatives could simply be a cost-containment exercise.

16/02/2012 | Will high-resolution ultrasound become the new screening and diagnostic method for imaging silicone gel breast implants? A recent study suggests that portable, surgeon-performed, high-resolution ultrasound may have advantages over magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) when screening for implant failure.

11/02/2012 | The plastic surgery market continues to show significant growth – two years in a row. According to statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), 13.8 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures (both surgical and minimally-invasive) were performed in the United States in 2011, up 5 percent since 2010. In addition, 5.5 million reconstructive plastic surgery procedures were performed last year, up 5 percent.

11/02/2012 | NHS guidelines concerning the removal and replacement of substandard PIP breast implants will place private physicians in ‘an unfavorable legal and ethical position’. That's according to Professor Laurence Kirwan, Harley Street plastic surgeon and Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons.

10/02/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) today denounce clinics putting pressure on PIP implant victims to buy further surgery when seeking to have the controversial devices removed or replaced. Patients are also increasingly reporting being faced with gagging orders and time-limited offers from their clinics.

10/02/2012 | The number of Scots women with PIP breast implants may be lower than first thought, after conflicting figures from the government and parliament. Heath Secretary Nicola Sturgeon put the number at about 4,000, but Holyrood's health committee now says the figure is much lower, at 1,300.

07/02/2012 | Almost 1,000 private patients with PIP breast implants have contacted the NHS. The figure was given by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director, in evidence to the Commons Health Select Committee.

04/02/2012 | Following today`s publication of the Scientific Committee on Emerging and Newly Identified Health Risks (SCENIHR) on the safety of silicone products manufactured by the Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) Company, the European Commission requested to conduct further in-depth study on the potential health impact of faulty breast implants.

04/02/2012 | Women caught in the breast implant scandal have called on the Scottish Government to set up a public inquiry into how thousands of them in Scotland received faulty silicone implants. The inquiry is being demanded by the PIP Implants Scotland Campaign Group, the first UK group to be established to fight on behalf of up to an estimated 4,000 women who received the faulty implants.

01/02/2012 | Italy`s plastic surgeons association on Wednesday sued the French company that made substandard breast implants and the German certification company that checked its products for fraud and said its members would consider themselves injured parties. The association said its lawyers had filed the suit in a Rome court against the now defunct company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) and Germany`s TUV Rheinland .

30/01/2012 | The economy may be shrinking but so are waistlines around the UK, in particular male ones. In spite of a climate of financial austerity and a burgeoning breast implant scandal over the last year, Britons have clearly not lost faith in the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Audit figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today reveal that the number of procedures continued to increase steadily by nearly 6% increase on average (similar rise to 2009 and 2010) and rather unusually, not even one individual procedure decreased in popularity.

30/01/2012 | The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) has been officially informed by the German authorities at the BfArM Institute that the former company, GfE Medizintechnik GmbH in Germany, sold implants that were manufactured using PIP components. From September 2003 to August 2004 they were sold under the name TiBREEZE. These silicone implants were coated by GfE Medizintechnik GmbH with a titanium layer and subsequently filled by PIP in France with their silicone gel.

28/01/2012 | One of Britain's biggest users of faulty breast implants is making women sign away their rights to legal action if they want to take up its offer of cut-price replacements. The Hospital Group recently made the decision to offer free removal of Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) implants, to women who had received them from the firm between 2001 and 2009.

27/01/2012 | Jean-Claude Mas, the entrepreneur who is at the centre of a global storm over sub-standard breast implants from French company PIP, has been charged with 'involuntary injury', according to his lawyer.

27/01/2012 | Dutch health insurers have decided to fully reimburse women for the removal of the French Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) breast implants, after revelations earlier this month that the implants are prone to bursting.

26/01/2012 | MARSEILLE, France (Reuters) - Jean-Claude Mas, whose breast implant firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) has sparked an international health scandal by using substandard silicone, was arrested on Thursday

26/01/2012 | Many shoppers go online when looking for a bargain on a new outfit or the latest gizmo -- and it appears it's no different for those looking at undergoing cosmetic surgery. Data released by the UK’s largest discount website has revealed that in the past twelve months, consumers have searched for discounts on cosmetic surgery on-site more so than in any other year.

26/01/2012 | MEPs are calling on the European commission to ensure more traceability and unannounced inspections for the manufacturers of breast implants. The call came during a discussion with commission representatives on Tuesday, following revelations that a number of silicone breast implants manufactured by French company Poly Implants Prostheses (PIP) were defective.

26/01/2012 | IN FRENCH - TRANSLATION AVAILABLE VIA GOOGLE LINK - PARIS — L'affaire des prothèses mammaires PIP au gel de silicone frelaté va constituer la toile de fond du grand rendez-vous européen annuel de chirurgie esthétique, Imcas, qui se tient de jeudi à dimanche à Paris.

24/01/2012 | The Department of Health has today published the terms of reference for two reviews established following the recent concerns about PIP implants. The first review will establish what happened in the UK when the MHRA and Department of Health learnt about the situation with PiP implants in France. The second review will look at whether the cosmetic surgery industry needs to be more effectively regulated.

23/01/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), which represents the top plastic surgeons, is urging ministers to impose the advertising ban as part of a crackdown on the multi-million pound cosmetic surgery industry. The Association also wants to see a number of other new controls put in place, including the medical licensing of dermal fillers, which are injections used to reduce the signs of ageing, and a register for all breast implants.

20/01/2012 | An insurance scheme for cosmetic surgery patients could be introduced after the PIP breast implants scandal. Sir Bruce Keogh, who is leading the government review into PIP implants, told the BBC the scheme would protect consumers.

20/01/2012 | Medical device makers have spent the last year urging U.S. officials to approve high-risk products faster, like their European counterparts. A scandal over leaking breast implants made in France may make the argument harder.

19/01/2012 | PARIS (Reuters) - The founder of a French company at the heart of an international health scandal acknowledged on Wednesday that he had used unapproved silicone in breast implants, but said France's recommendation for women to have them removed was "criminal."

18/01/2012 | Royal College of Surgeons of England: Authoritative new professional and patient guidance for all women who have received a PIP breast implant has been released today (Tuesday, 17 Jan 2012) by the professional bodies representing surgeons. The new guidance provides patients with practical advice on what to expect and their rights, indicates to GPs where to refer different groups of patient and advises surgeons on treatment. The guidance goes beyond current government advice aimed at patients with symptoms to give additional practical advice for the majority of patients who do not.

18/01/2012 | The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Tuesday intervened for the first time in the roiling global scandal over faulty breast implants, urging women with the devices to seek medical advice if they have any concerns.

17/01/2012 | The scandal engulfing the use of silicone-gel breast implants in the UK and across Europe might seem an isolated example of regulatory failure for an uncommon device. But breast implants are widely used, the cosmetic industry is growing, and there are valuable lessons to learn from countries that have experienced their own regulatory crises. The USA is one such country.

16/01/2012 | The European Commission is seeking regulatory reform for class III medical devices after problems with French-made breast implants. The Commission will set out new proposals later this year that are likely to recommend tougher rules on similar medical devices, but it could take up to three years before they are adopted by member states.

16/01/2012 | The culture of Omertà among employees at the French company which made faulty breast implants meant that thousands of women around the world were affected before the true scale of malpractice at the company was exposed, according to French daily Libération.

15/01/2012 | AFP - Hundreds of Austrian women, many more than the eight as first thought, may have had potentially dangerous French-made breast implants in cheap operations in eastern Europe, a press report said Sunday. The official number of women affected by the scandal is eight, but this does not cover "probably hundreds" who had operations in places such as Hungary and the Czech Republic, the Presse am Sonntag weekly reported.

15/01/2012 | Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary, was under pressure last night to bring in legislation to force private clinics to pay for women to have faulty breast implants removed. Mr Lansley said firms should "step up to" and offer free surgery. But Ed Miliband, the Labour leader, suggested legislation might have to be changed "to force these companies to face up to their responsibilities".

15/01/2012 | All women in Australia who receive breast implants will now have their details recorded on a national register so that defective devices can be easily detected. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has revised the register which will see women who have breast implants - for cosmetic or medical reasons - automatically added to it, when previously women chose whether to take part.

15/01/2012 | Experts voice concerns about level of training of private sector surgeons working on breast implants and nose jobs. Private cosmetic clinics are employing surgeons to carry out breast implants, nose jobs and tummy tucks who are not qualified to work as consultants in the NHS, the Guardian can reveal.

14/01/2012 | Around 60 women marched to Harley Street today calling for private clinics to replace potentially breast implants for free. The noisy group met in London with placards which read 'Toxic Time Bombs' and 'Health Before Wealth'. Their first target was The Harley Medical Group.

13/01/2012 | Around 4,500 French-made breast implants at the centre of a scandal over their rupture risks were used in Mexico for 16 years, with no serious problems reported, according to plastic surgeons here.

13/01/2012 | Below is the MHRA response to the Harley Medical Group’s position on the replacement of PIP implants. "The manufacturer PIP gave these products a European CE Mark indicating that it complied with the relevant EU regulations. This was overseen by TUV Rheinland - a German commercial organisation responsible for undertaking the necessary safety and regulatory checks required for a CE Mark. Once a medical device has a CE Mark it can be placed on the market in any EU member state.

13/01/2012 | Offers from prosthetics firms Sebbin and Cereplas for replacement implants have been timed to coincide with the January sales which begin in France this week.

13/01/2012 | FRANKFURT (Reuters) - German chemicals supplier Brenntag rejected accusations of negligence on Friday after a report it could face legal action over its role as silicone supplier to PIP, the company at the centre of a row about the quality of breast implants.

12/01/2012 | The Health Secretary for England, Andrew Lansley, is facing calls for more decisive action to help women concerned about PIP breast implants. The Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) says women are more confused and anxious than ever.

12/01/2012 | At least 50 women in Greece have used breast implants made by defunct French manufacturer PIP that have shown abnormally high rates of rupture, a newspaper said on Thursday.

11/01/2012 | The Welsh government says it will pay to remove and replace banned breast implants for women who were treated privately.

11/01/2012 | About 1,000 South American women plan to sue French firm PIP over the potentially faulty breast implants the company supplied to about 300,000 women across the world, their lawyer said Tuesday. Lawyer...

11/01/2012 | WILMINGTON, Delaware (Reuters) - When the French firm at the center of a breast implant scandal sought to expand its U.S. business a decade ago, it turned to Donald McGhan, a pioneer in the implant industry with a history of legal troubles. McGhan's career traces back to the laboratory at Dow Corning where the first breast implants were made in the early 1960s. By the time he partnered with France's Jean-Claude Mas, founder of Poly Implant Prothese (PIP), in 1999, he had been sued by shareholders who accused him of stealing money, was being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission for false accounting and had been replaced from his position as chief executive at one of the world's leading implant makers.

11/01/2012 | Emy Mignone passed through a Valencia operating theater in 2006 to augment and lift her bosom. Ten months earlier she had given birth to a son and she had developed something of a complex that her breasts had been left flaccid as a result. Mignone, a 40-year-old of Italian descent, approached one of the most famous plastic surgery clinics in Valencia to carry out the operation. She paid more than 6,000 euros for the procedure and for the silicone breast implants, manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese (PIP).

11/01/2012 | The Harley Medical Group, which fitted more PIP breast implants than any other cosmetic surgery firm in the UK, says it will not replace banned breast implants free of charge.

11/01/2012 | BAPRAS believes that ensuring safety and quality of care for patients undergoing cosmetic surgery procedures is of the utmost importance and so welcomes the steps announced by Andrew Lansley today.

11/01/2012 | The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, today announced a series of steps to respond to recent concerns regarding French Poly Implant Prostheses (PiP) implants. The first step will be a review led by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS Medical Director...

11/01/2012 | The Netherlands becomes the latest country to advise women with breast implants from a French firm at the centre of a health scare should have them removed.

10/01/2012 | Behind the furore over whether the British women should now have their implants removed and who should pay for it; there is disquiet about the MHRA's role.

10/01/2012 | BAAPS support the finding of the expert group, who reviewed the risks posed by PIP silicone breast implants, and welcomes the subsequent advice from the DoH. BAAPS were represented on the expert group by the President, Mr Fazel Fatah.

10/01/2012 | A private cosmetic surgery company, which operated on about a third of the women fitted with banned PIP breast implants, has insisted there is no cause for concern. The Harley Medical Group said it fitted 13,900 women with PIP implants between September 2001 and March 2010.

10/01/2012 | Women in Belgium have been fitted with a total of at least 674 potentially faulty breast implants made by the now defunct French firm PIP, the health ministry said Monday.

10/01/2012 | A Thailand hospital is offering to remove and replace Australian women's faulty breast implants at bargain prices as the federal government sets up a 24-hour breast implant information hotline.

09/01/2012 | One of the country's leading cosmetic surgery clinics is refusing to fund surgery for women affected by the faulty breast implant scandal, which could leave taxpayers with a bill of as much as £11million.

09/01/2012 | A group of private health companies has offered women with ruptured PIP breast implants free replacements. Nagor, an implant manufacturer based in Cumbernauld, said they would give implants to women who have suffered PIP ruptures.

09/01/2012 | A private cosmetic surgery company, which operated on about a third of the women fitted with banned PIP breast implants, has insisted there is no cause for concern. The Harley Medical Group said it fitted 13,900 women with PIP implants between September 2001 and March 2010.

09/01/2012 | BERLIN (Reuters) - German and British health officials issued conflicting messages on Friday about the health risk posed by breast implants made by a French company at the heart of a global health scare

07/01/2012 | The wellbeing of women who have had PiP breast implants is our main priority. That is why the Health Secretary asked an expert group – led by the NHS Medical Director, Professor Sir Bruce Keogh – to review all available evidence and data on PiP breast implants.

06/01/2012 | Health authorities have discovered during a recent French governmental inspection of breast implants, which were manufactured by PIP and ROFIL Medro since 2001, that most implants are filled with industrial grade silicone instead of medical grade silicone.

06/01/2012 | The French breast implant firm boss at the centre of safety fears told police in 2010 he had nothing to say to women facing surgery to remove them. France banned implants made by Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) with industrial silicone in 2010, and some 30,000 women were advised to have them removed.

06/01/2012 | The founder of the French breast implant maker at the heart of a global health scandal told police he had no regrets about selling faulty, untested silicone gel as early as 1993, blasting women who sued his firm as fragile money grabbers.

06/01/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, recently invited to participate in the Expert Group advising the Government on the situation concerning the controversial PIP breast implants, today welcomes the report of Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, NHS Medical Director and the announcement by the Secretary of State for health.

05/01/2012 | Thousands more women may be at risk after it emerged that suspect PIP breast implants were repackaged and sold under a second name. Industry experts estimate that some 5,000 British women have Rofil M-implants, described as simply being PIPs with a different branding.

04/01/2012 | Some private clinics have provided poor quality data to a review into the risks of rupture posed by a breast implant, Health Secretary Andrew Lansley has warned. The Government is willing to lend data experts to private clinics over the next 48 hours, if necessary, to help gather statistics for a Government-commissioned panel investigating the risks posed by the French-made PIP implants.

04/01/2012 | La Seyne-sur-Mer, France (Reuters) - A French investigating judge Wednesday visited the offices of the maker of breast implants linked to a global health scare as part of a probe into the death of a woman

04/01/2012 | A private healthcare company has become the first to say it will fund removal of faulty breast implants given to thousands of British women. Nuffield Health has pledged to remove the implants, made by French company Poly Implants Protheses (PIP), even if women with them have to date suffered no physical ill-effects.

03/01/2012 | Women who fear they are victims of the breast implant scandal are being forced to pay up to £50 simply to check their medical records. Among the women caught up in the scheme was Amanda Harrison, who has spoken out as it emerged dozens of clinics have now reported ruptured PIP implants to the medical watchdog.

03/01/2012 | Officials responsible for the UK's response to the health scare surrounding faulty breast implants have met this morning.

03/01/2012 | France vowed on Tuesday to investigate failures to detect problems with the French-made breast implants at the centre of a health scare, as a supplier confirmed selling non-standard silicone to the manufacturer.

02/01/2012 | Dr Tim Goodacre, who is on the official panel investigating the faulty breast implant scandal, says all 50,000 women should have them removed.

02/01/2012 | Jean-Claude Mas, the 72-year-old founder of Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) which went into liquidation last year is facing manslaughter charges in France. Up to 50,000 women in the UK, including breast cancer survivors, have the implants.

02/01/2012 | The cosmetic surgery industry is booming as the use of artificial means to improve appearance has become increasingly accepted

02/01/2012 | Shadow health secretary says the government should draw up a plan with the private cosmetic surgery industry.

01/01/2012 | The French tycoon who supplied potentially deadly breast implants to hundreds of thousands of women has been appointed an “expert consultant” for a new implant company set up by his children. Jean-Claude Mas is in hiding after the scare over faulty silicone gel from his implant manufacturer Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) erupted earlier this month.

28/12/2011 | Venezuelan Health Minister, Eugenia Sader, has announced that the full costs of removing the Poly Implant Prothèses (PIP) breast implants will be covered by the state. Ms. Sader emphasized that this offer stands for any woman who wishes to have them removed.

22/12/2011 | The advice, from British plastic surgeons, comes amid growing concern about the safety of French-made implants filled with a silicone gel believed to have been made for mattresses.

21/12/2011 | The MHRA is aware of the recent report in France of the death of a woman implanted with Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) Breast Implants associated with an anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL). This is a rare form of cancer which affects cells of the immune system.

21/12/2011 | In light of news that the French Government may consider explantation (removal of implants) for the 30,000 women in France who have controversial PIP devices filled with non-medical grade silicone, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today reiterated guidance and urged calm.

21/12/2011 | Despite the UK’s Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Agency’s (MHRA) stance that there is no need for preventative explantation (removal) of defective French PIP breast implants in this country, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons deems the French initiative 'not unreasonable'. The BAAPS also believes that clinics that used these implants have a duty of care to help their patients.

15/12/2011 | One in four with paracetamol-induced liver damage have taken a staggered overdose, Desiree had emergency liver transplant to try and save her but her body rejected the organ.

14/12/2011 | The 55-year-old said shed started with liposuction on her thighs at age 24 - and immediately noticed its effect on her work life.

14/12/2011 | More than 30,000 women have had breast implants filled with industrial silicone instead of medical-grade fillers

12/12/2011 | The number of cases of breast implants bursting or leaking has nearly trebled in the last four years, figures have revealed. In response to a Freedom of Information request from The Sun, health watchdogs revealed that there were 206 boob job disasters in 2010, including 153 ruptures, compared to 73 in 2006.

07/12/2011 | It's a sign that many brides-to-be are seeking out both surgical and non-surgical plastic surgeries in order to look their best on their wedding day.

07/12/2011 | Breast cancer is on the rise and 48 percent of all breast cancers occur in women older than 65, but very few of them choose to have breast reconstruction.

06/12/2011 | If you`re a female smoker considering breast lifts, consider yourself warned: smoking cigarettes could cause your nipples to fall off says one Plastic Surgeon in bizarre statement.

03/12/2011 | 53-year-old woman who had controversial PIP implants died last week in France from malignant lymphoma, developed in the breast’s capsular scar tissue, prompting a review of PIP explantation policy (removal of implant) by French regulatory authority AFSSAPS.

27/11/2011 | The winner of an Donald Trumps Atlantic City casino sweepstakes with $25,000 of plastic surgeries as a reward has opted for a cash payout instead.

26/11/2011 | Sheyla Hershey, 31, from Houston, Texas, underwent the op in an attempt to reach the 38MMM cup size she had before suffering an infection that led to the removal of her breasts.

21/11/2011 | Charging VAT on surgery that isn't for a medical condition will be difficult to judge and endanger patients' health say surgeons.

18/11/2011 | Some private clinics in the United Kingdom have begun using new assessment forms aimed at stopping people from having cosmetic surgery they may later regret.

17/11/2011 | In South Korea, mom may take you for a facelift before she takes you to a match-maker.

13/11/2011 | A new study suggests apprehension about how breast-feeding will affect the appearance of their breasts may be the reason why some women with breast implants fail at nursing their babies.

12/11/2011 | A pair of recent surveys reveals that a poor economy may be forcing many people to seek out non-surgical options rather than full cosmetic plastic surgeries to enhance their appearance.

11/11/2011 | When Mark Zuckerberg was inventing Facebook, he could not have predicted the repercussions it would have: marriages, jobs, alliances and revolutions are just the tip of the iceberg.

09/11/2011 | Public Spending Up to $10 Billion Per Year on Cosmetic Procedures that can Lead to Less Than Flattering Results & May Even Require Corrective Surgery. Top Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Francis Palmer Offers Public 5 Ways to Ensure that They Don't Throw Away their Money Chasing Beauty & Help Avoid Plastic Surgery Disasters.

08/11/2011 | In a new effort to put the rumours to rest, the fame hungry 17-year-old pops in to Dr Drew's new show Lifechangers for a special ultrasound.

30/10/2011 | Plastic surgeons group says it's often best for teens to delay surgery until breast growth ceases

27/10/2011 | While much attention is given to the Baby Boom Generation - the 78 million people born between the years of 1946 and 1964 - with respect to cosmetic surgeries, the next generation may actually help fuel the anti-aging industry in the years ahead.

25/10/2011 | Surgeons report 42% rise in over-40s requesting post-birth nips and tucks. Research from the Office of National Statistics shows that the number of women giving birth in their 40s and 50s has trebled in a decade.

24/10/2011 | The former glamour model even told Heat she has Botox not because she think she needs it, but 'because everyone else has it done'.

23/10/2011 | The reality is that cosmetic surgery is a luxury. And luxury goods require VAT to be paid. The question is not why VAT should be applied, but why hasnt it been applied before now?

19/10/2011 | News that one-in-five people who have cosmetic surgery report disappointment with the results forces us to take stock of our mad rush to plump and pull and nip and tuck. Not least with regards to value for money.

19/10/2011 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have spoken out against the British Governments proposal to tax all plastic surgeries carried out for cosmetic reasons

18/10/2011 | The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia has launched an education campaign for anyone wanting cosmetic surgery or surgical implants.

18/10/2011 | Many unsatisfied customers, including Katie Price and Heidi Montag are forced to undergo more operations to improve or repair the damage caused, a study has found.

17/10/2011 | VAT is to be charged on facelifts and breast enlargements hiking the costs of the procedures by 20 per cent.

13/10/2011 | In a plastic surgeons quest to find the ideal female proportions, he turned to 100 glamour models...

12/10/2011 | Americans who choose to go abroad for cosmetic surgery such as liposuction can save up to $6,500 (£4,150). This is according to a recent report by Reuters, published to illustrate the rise in medical tourism. The report looks at the potential savings to be made from travelling abroad for surgery, but also at concerns that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has about this trend.

10/10/2011 | Dinora Rodriguez, 40, from Los Angeles, California, was left with her two breast joined together after falling victim to white coat deception.

08/10/2011 | Five women are suing St. Louis surgeon Dr. Michele Koo, left, after saying they were left shamed, humiliated, and embarrassed by the discovery of their breasts on the internet after searching for their names online.

05/10/2011 | I thought I had heard it all but now one of Donald Trumps casinos are offering plastic surgery as a prize. One of Trumps casinos in New Jersey is now starting to offer a cash prize towards a plastic surgery treatment as a jackpot prize.

04/10/2011 | A new review published in WIREs Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology explores how nanotechnology may be used to develop safer breast implants as an alternative to silicone rubber, minimizing health complications.

03/10/2011 | Senior plastic surgeons have issued a warning over a new breast enlargement procedure being offered by private UK clinics.

02/10/2011 | The BAAPS is based at The Royal College of Surgeons and was established for the advancement of education and safety in Aesthetic Surgery.

20/09/2011 | The traditional therapy is said to enlarge the breasts with no surgery whatsoever - just a good deal of kneading, massaging and pummelling of the area.

19/09/2011 | A womans perception of how breastfeeding will impact the appearance of her breasts following breast augmentation, strongly influences her chances of successfully breastfeeding, says a study being presented at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) annual conference, Plastic Surgery 11 THE Meeting, September 23-27, in Denver.

19/09/2011 | Consumer watchdog Facua says it has convinced a cosmetic surgery clinic to pull a print advertisement for breast enhancement that featured a woman in a schoolgirl skirt and the tagline `Have the best bust in class`.

17/09/2011 | She angrily denied that she had surgery earlier this year, telling American Cheerleader magazine in February that her bustier form was just the effect of good bras.

13/09/2011 | Don’t be surprised to see silicone-gel breast implants in the news again.

08/09/2011 | Washington ? Food and Drug Administration officials said they would consider setting up a registry that tracks safety problems with breast implants, even though they state that silicone devices are safe and should remain available, Reuters reports.



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