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07/02/2016 | A DENTAL nurse and part-time model gave her pal a facelift despite having no qualifications for the dangerous op. Adele Royston, 41, used a local anaesthetic but put the patient at considerable risk, a court heard.

17/01/2016 | A WOMAN has been left with a big hole in her leg after going to a salon for cellulite removal treatment. Last March, Marcela Petrasova attempted to banish her cellulite by booking in a fat-freezing treatment at Xpressions Beauty salon in Luton.

08/01/2016 | Health Education England has today published two reports aimed at improving and standardising the training available to practitioners who carry out hair restoration surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, such as botox, chemical peels and laser hair removal.

05/01/2016 | Bodies donated to medical science are being used to train beauticians, it has emerged. During a course at Newcastle University, beauty therapists helped dissect a human head and inserted needles into its face.

03/01/2016 | It has taken more than a decade, but doctors in the UK caught performing cosmetic procedures on women who have crowdfunded their surgery risk being banned from practising, reports The Sunday Times.

14/12/2015 | Last year, Lee Min-ji (not her real name) decided to undergo fat grafting to her forehead and cheeks at a cosmetic surgery hospital in Seoul. Two months later, she began to feel palpable bumps in the areas where she had received surgery.

09/12/2015 | The NSW Government has moved to tighten regulation of the cosmetic surgery industry after a number of patients were rushed to hospital following breast enlargement surgery.

26/11/2015 | A cosmetic surgery clinic in Liverpool city centre was stripped of its right to carry out medical procedures over fears for patient safety. The health watchdog took legal action against the bosses of Nu Cosmetic Clinic, on Rodney Street, after inspectors raised serious concerns.

17/11/2015 | The American Medical Association on Tuesday called for a ban on advertising prescription drugs and medical devices directly to consumers, saying the ads drive patients to demand expensive treatments over less costly ones that are also effective.

10/11/2015 | The number of cosmetic laser clinics being investigated for not being registered has increased significantly, a BBC Wales investigation has found. Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW) currently checks premises providing non-surgical laser or Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) skin procedures.

02/11/2015 | There is growing concern about the largely unregulated laser tattoo removal industry in Australia, with plastic surgeons and laser technicians issuing warnings about dodgy clinics using cheap machines.

14/09/2015 | A top plastic surgeon could be struck off after a disciplinary panel found he had behaved inappropriately by trying to make a patient dance to Julio Iglesias with him during a consultation. Mohammad Ali Jawad, who treated acid attack victim Katie Piper, drank vodka with a female patient at his practice in Harley Street.

11/09/2015 | A two-month investigation by Xinjing News revealed many disturbing secrets at the clinic. One student told Beijing reporters she had to seek emergency hospital treatment for an infection after a teacher injected her nose with hyaluronic acid, used in anti-ageing products, as a lip-filler and in eye surgery.

08/09/2015 | Keep your NHS Out of Our Nose Jobs! Plastic Surgeons Make Unprecedented Stand on Training. New studies unveiled today at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

20/08/2015 | Cosmetic surgery has become a billion-dollar industry in Australia. But as more and more clinics pop up across the country, doctors are raising concerns about botched procedures as well as the kind of anaesthetics some of the facilities are using. The peak body representing cosmetic surgeons says some doctors within the industry may be putting patients at risk.

06/08/2015 | An aesthetic nurse has been found guilty of professional misconduct in connection with allegedly keeping and supplying Botox treatment. Mary Frances Nielsen was before a Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) fitness-to-practise inquiry. She was found guilty of professional misconduct.

15/07/2015 | European medics are rebelling against moves to standardize the way they treat patients. As the EU renews its efforts to move toward a single market — a new European Commission strategy is due out in October — they are demanding that Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker leave them out of the drive for norms on treatment.

14/07/2015 | Patients who have serious cosmetic surgery such as breast augmentation and facelifts in unregulated private offices could be at risk of serious complications and even death, doctors have warned.

10/07/2015 | A lack of regulation of the Australian cosmetic surgery industry means anyone with a medical degree can technically call themselves a surgeon, without have to undergo any specialist training.

09/07/2015 | PRIVATE clinics carrying out procedures such as Botox injections and teeth whitening are to be regulated from next year, the Scottish Government has announced. Legislation is to be brought in at Holyrood to allow Healthcare Improvement Scotland to start regulating private clinics where non-surgical cosmetic procedures are carried out from April.

19/06/2015 | The country`s patient safety watchdog is to be given powers to monitor and investigate private hospitals as well as cosmetic surgery clinics. The announcement will be made today by Health Minister Leo Varadkar, who has instructed officials to draw up the Heads of a Bill to give new powers to the Health Information and Quality Authority (Hiqa).

08/06/2015 | Doctors who carry out cosmetic procedures should give patients time to think before agreeing to go ahead, new guidance says. The General Medical Council has produced the guidance to make surgical and non-surgical procedures, such as facelifts, breast implants, dermal fillers and Botox, safer. It will now consult doctors and the public about the guidance.

28/05/2015 | The Vice President of the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has expressed disappointment that the Queen’s speech did not include legislation to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery. The RCS had called for the General Medical Council (GMC) to be given a new power to tell the public and employers which surgeons are qualified to undertake cosmetic surgery, but it was not included in any of the Bills announced in the Queen’s Speech today. At present, the law allows any doctor (including non-surgeons) to perform cosmetic surgery without undertaking additional training or qualifications.

07/05/2015 | A British survey found a quarter of all people contemplating cosmetic surgery did not know if their surgeon was properly qualified. The report prompted surgeons in Australia to launch an awareness campaign called Think Over Before You Make Over. Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons president Dr Tony Kane said the statistics in Australia were similar.

03/05/2015 | Despite a huge rise in popularity in recent years, no training or expertise is required to offer non-surgical cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections and lip fillers. Two years ago a major UK-wide review of the cosmetic treatment industry, carried out by Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS in England, warned that although fillers could cause lasting harm, they were covered by only the same level of regulation as ballpoint pens and toothbrushes. Dr Simon Ravichandran, the president and founder of the Association of Scottish Aesthetic Practitioners (ASAP), who set up private aesthetic medicine clinic Clinetix in Glasgow in 2006, said moves to regulate the industry were "slow."

24/04/2015 | An acclaimed plastic surgeon molested a patient after dimming the lights and asking her to dance to a romantic Julio Iglesias song, a medical tribunal has heard. Mr Mohammad Ali Jawad, 56, produced crystal shot glasses and drank vodka with the woman at his surgery as she sought advice for facial scars. Mr Jawad, who denies the allegations, is expected to give evidence by video link from Pakistan where he is currently working.

15/04/2015 | Owner of beauty clinic "prepared to pay a reward to anyone who has information that leads to the equipment being found". Equipment worth up to £500,000 has been stolen from a Weybridge beauty clinic. Burglars are thought to have broken into Light Touch Clinic on Sunday evening (April 12) to ransack the building of every piece of its advanced cosmetic equipment, as well as Apple Mac computers, iPads, furniture and skin care products.

08/04/2015 | Cosmetic surgery in Australia is a billion dollar industry that has been allowed to grow with scant regulation. Cosmetic surgery is not a recognised branch of medicine, so operators are only required to have a general medical degree. These doctors are able to operate in an environment with few minimum standards and no inspection system to ensure patients are not at increased risk of harm.

22/03/2015 | An Italian plastic surgeon has been suspended from UK work after allegedly leaving a granny with one ear bigger than the other. Pearl Richman, 69, won £43,000 compensation after the £8,000 facelift by Marco Moraci, which she said had also left her scarred. Dr Moraci has failed to pay and the London clinic he was working for has gone bust. Now the General Medical Council has suspended him amid calls for hundreds of `fly in, fly out` foreign medics to be properly insured.

26/02/2015 | The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the North Carolina state dental board does not have the authority to regulate teeth whitening services, a decision with the potential to transform the makeup and reach of similar licensing boards across the country. On a 6-3 vote, the U.S. justices ruled for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, which had reined in the N.C. Dental Board of Examiners several years ago after teeth whitening businesses complained about cease-and-desist letters they had received.

25/02/2015 | Dentists are being urged to steer clear of offering anti-wrinkle jabs such as botox to their patients as a way of expanding their business. The Dental Council said their use for cosmetic purposes was "not the practice of dentistry", according to a report in the 'Journal of the Irish Dental Association'. The report highlighted the case of 33-year-old man who came to the Cork University Dental School and Hospital complaining of a swelling on the inside of his lower lip.

16/02/2015 | As cosmetic clinics advertise free boob jobs and plastic surgery gets its own hashtag, Radhika Sanghani explains why our collective numbness is a problem. “Valentine’s Day kisses. 30% off lip fillers. Prepare your mouth for all the attention it will be getting!” This isn’t a spoof Valentine’s Day card – it’s an advert from one of the UK’s biggest plastic surgery clinics offering "subtle lip definition to charm your suitor"

13/02/2015 | One year on from the Government’s response to the Keogh Review, Valentine’s Day-themed marketing promotions show that much of the aesthetic sector has yet to fall in love with recommendations for best practice. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon today condemn unscrupulous time-sensitive discount deals that continue to flourish unchecked.

23/01/2015 | Patients having cosmetic surgery should be able to make informed decisions about their treatment, including being able to check if their surgeon is listed on an approved register, according to new proposals made today by the Royal College of Surgeons to improve standards of care. The Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee (CSIC), which was set up by the Royal College of Surgeons in 2013, proposes that patients considering paying for cosmetic surgery privately – where they choose to have an operation for aesthetic, rather than medical reasons – should have access to clear, unbiased and credible information about their surgeon, care provider, procedure and likely outcomes.

23/01/2015 | BAPRAS wholeheartedly welcomes the proposal put forward by the Cosmetic Surgery Interspecialty Committee (CSIC) to introduce a certification scheme for cosmetic surgery providers operating in public and private practice. We are delighted to see that all surgeons working in cosmetic surgery will have to be, not only listed on the GMC’s specialist register, but also only allowed to operate within that area of training.

20/01/2015 | A leading Harley Street cosmetic doctor has been suspended for 12 months after being found to have acted "dishonestly" and encouraging nurses to obtain Botox illegally. Dr Mark Harrison was first exposed by an undercover BBC London investigation charging nurses £400 a day for training. A nurse went undercover posing as a trainee to secretly film the doctor during an introduction to Botox course and his practices were later recorded on the phone by BBC undercover researchers.

16/01/2015 | Dr Mark Harrison charged the nurses £400 a day for the training courses at his central London clinic, during which he told them they should give Botox to patients without a prescription.

18/12/2014 | Experts have called for regulation in the cosmetic surgery industry, saying many under-qualified people are carrying out procedures. Margaret O’Donnell, the President of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons, told the Oireachtas Health Committee she is very concerned about this practice. O’Donnell said that misleading advertising and discount offers are also huge issues in terms of plastic surgery. She noted that many beauticians carry out certain procedures such as laser treatments which should only be done by medical professionals.

14/12/2014 | Two associations of plastic surgeons are worried about doctors injecting botox and other so-called fillers without asking questions. According to the two organizations, the safety of the patient is not always ensured. A new directive is needed to improve the quality of cosmetic care.

26/11/2014 | A woman from Kent has lost her High Court damages action against a top cosmetic surgeon over the scarring and pain she was left with after a tummy-tuck operation. Irene Packham, a 47-year-old mother-of two, consulted Anita Hazari at The Chaucer Hospital in Canterbury, Kent, because she wanted something done about the excess skin and stretch marks on her stomach caused by pregnancy.

15/11/2014 | A transgender woman known as 'The Duchess' who performed illegal cosmetic surgery on women's buttocks could face up to a 100 years in prison if she is convicted of manslaughter. Oneal Ron Morris, 33, is accused of leaving women ill and disfigured after she injected them with a mixture of substances including cement, bathroom caulk, tire sealant and Super Glue, at homes in Florida.

06/11/2014 | Minor cosmetic procedures such as Botox injections and dermal fillers are very safe when carried out by trained professionals, say researchers. A large US study that looked at 20,000 minimally invasive procedures done by dermatologists found few complications and none that had been serious. UK experts said the findings, in JAMA Dermatology, underlined the importance of proper training and regulation.

31/10/2014 | A London plastic surgeon is being sued for more than £100,000 after allegedly leaving a tummy-tuck client looking like she had “three belly buttons”. “Cosmetic surgeon to the stars” Shiva Singh, 66, is now the subject of a High Court claim for alleged personal injury and loss by medical negligence. Eileen Harbour, 64, launched the claim after undergoing the tummy tuck at private Highgate Hospital. Mr Singh strongly denies any negligence.

22/10/2014 | A long-simmering stoush over the accreditation of cosmetic surgeons as a separate specialty has entered the courtroom, with the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery taking aim at the body charged with recommending new medical specialties. The Australian Medical Council invited ACCS to apply for accreditation more than six years ago, and in 2012 an adverse assessment was completed.

22/09/2014 | Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba, who allegedly left one patient with a dented breast and one of her nipples too high, has disputed the decision to have him struck off. The General Medical Council (GMC) struck Mr Adeogba off in January, but he has since disputed the ruling at the High Court. The Royal Courts of Justices have allowed his appeal meaning the doctor is allowed to practise without restriction, pending further legal challenges.

14/09/2014 | Hundreds of British doctors polled said newly qualified consultants were not competent enough to perform specialist operations like boob jobs and facelifts. Doctors and patients have overwhelmingly called for the introduction of new specialist training for cosmetic surgeons to remove cowboy practices from the industry. The latest survey, the results of which are exclusive to The Mail on Sunday, polled 500 clinicians and 2,000 women and was carried out to coincide with the UK’s largest plastic surgery conference, next month’s Clinical Cosmetic and Reconstructive Expo (CCR Expo).

06/09/2014 | Surgeons have warned that someone will have to die before plastic surgery is regulated. The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) said this week’s conviction of a beautician for performing illegal Botox treatments highlighted the need for stronger regulation. The woman, who is from Russia, had also unlawfully imported the drug that is usually injected into facial muscles and is subject to prescription control.

02/09/2014 | A beautician who illegally performed the Botox beauty treatment at her salon despite being warned she was breaking the law has been fined €6,000. One person also suffered an allergic reaction to the procedure, Judge John O’Neill was told yesterday. Viktoriya Bulankova, of Luttrellstown Place, Carpenterstown, Dublin 15, pleaded guilty to charges contrary to the Medicines Board Act.

20/08/2014 | arliament’s Committee for Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs Wednesday reviewed a draft law to regulate licenses issued to beauty parlors performing medical cosmetic procedures, including Botox and hair implants. The head of the committee, Future MP Atef Majdalani, said “there is a need to draw a line between the regular beauty parlors, which basically deal with hairdressing and manicure, and beauty centers that carry out hair implants and beautification with Botox.”

17/08/2014 | The woman had sewn bags of cocaine worth £1.7m into her breasts. The 48-year-old Venezuelan woman was pulled aside by Spanish customs officials in Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez Airport. She had arrived in the country on a flight from Columbia’s capital, Bogotá, and was picked out by customs officers because she was acting in a nervous manner.

17/08/2014 | Tough action against medical clinics going beyond their mandate and doctors posing off as specialists, was the strident call from health circles as Colombo was in shock over the death of a woman doctor on Tuesday in a clinic dispensing cosmetic surgery.While an urgent clamour went out for the establishment of a Specialist Register with details of where they practise which would be accessible to the public and strict regulation of all medical clinics, the question being asked by the public is: Where are the watchdogs of the health

11/08/2014 | Hong Kong: The death of a woman at a beauty clinic this year highlights the need for tighter industry regulations and better consumer awareness. In June, dance teacher Lee Ka-ying died while undergoing liposuction at a private clinic in Tsim Sha Tsui. The 32-year-old fell into a coma during the treatment and never woke up. Lee, who had given birth to a baby daughter nine months earlier, weighed 113kg at the time of her death. The clinic, which specialises in hair transplants, is currently under investigation by the Health Department and Hong Kong police.

10/08/2014 | Summer-themed plastic surgery promotions continue to put patients at risk in defiance of a Government review calling for them to be banned. Deals promising patients ‘a beach-ready body’ if they go under the knife this month are still being sold, despite recommendations designed to protect patients from dangerous procedures by NHS medical director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh.

25/07/2014 | How plastic surgery imposters and crooks have thrived in Shanghai. July and August have become the period when students on summer vacation looking for a facial or body renovations boost the numbers of people seeking cosmetic surgery. City authorities have launched a major crackdown on illegal cosmetic surgery clinics and practices.

06/07/2014 | A cosmetic surgeon has been cleared of performing an inappropriate boob job by using implants which were too big. Dr Mohammad Aslam carried out the procedure at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre in Newcastle in 2010. Andrea Scott, who first had her breasts enlarged five years earlier, wanted new implants after they were left uneven following a tummy tuck and gastric bypass procedure.

24/06/2014 | John Parker also used an unlicensed treatment to remove a vein on a patient’s face. A nurse who falsely claimed to have a celebrity client and gave botox to a patient without a proper prescription was warned about his conduct. John Parker, who runs John Parker Associates in Woolton, appeared before the Nursing and Midwifery Council earlier this month. A hearing was told Parker also used an unlicensed treatment to remove a vein on a patient’s face has been cautioned. The patient’s face became swollen as a result of the procedure and the swelling and subsequent bruising took two weeks to reduce.

18/06/2014 | Cosmetic surgery purely to improve someone`s looks should not be available on the NHS, according to the Health Secretary. Jeremy Hunt has said the decision to fund cosmetic surgery should be made only if there is a clinical need. Currently, plastic surgery is supposed to be free only if there is a mental or physical health risk to the patient, including reconstruction work for women after surgery for breast cancer.

05/06/2014 | Woman suing over botched procedures in a difficult position, judge says. The Medical Defence Union’s decision to end its involvement in two actions against a cosmetic surgeon who died bankrupt, has left two women who were suing the doctor over alleged botched procedures in a more difficult position, a High Court judge said.

28/04/2014 | Vitalie Stan, the manager of the Burn Center in Bucharest, together with two other doctors from the same medical unit were taken into preventive custody in a case involving illegal plastic surgeries, according to a decision by the Bucharest Court on Sunday. The two other doctors arrested together with the manager are the chief of the plastic surgery – Nicolae Antohi and Doctor Elena Cristina Isac.

21/04/2014 | The association of plastic surgeons has called for soul-searching in the industry and stricter ethical standards for doctors following a case in which a 19-year-old woman lost brain function during an operation at Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic in southern Seoul. The woman’s parents said the clinic had performed the surgery without notifying them and put their daughter under general anesthesia despite the fact that rhinoplasty and double-eyelid procedures don’t typically require strong anesthetics. The 19-year-old is currently brain dead.

10/04/2014 | The nation’s largest group of plastic surgeons vowed Thursday to stamp out illegal medical practices following a string of lethal cosmetic surgery accidents. “A recent series of plastic surgery accidents were caused by some doctors’ unethical and illegal acts, largely prompted by over-competition and commercialization of medical institutions,” said the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons in a press conference. “(The association) feels responsible for such situations that threaten people’s health and lives.”

29/03/2014 | In 2012, the Harley Medical Centre chain of clinics went into administration to avoid possible payouts to 13,000 patients who had been given faulty PIP breast implants. A Government crackdown will mean the directors of surgery firms that go bust, as well as those found guilty of providing poor care, will not be allowed to shut up shop simply to open weeks later under a new name.

19/03/2014 | Allergan has been found guilty of breaching six clauses of the ABPI’s Code of Practice over its market research for Botox. The complainant, and ex-Allergan employee, took exception to his old firm after they sent market research on injecting botulinum toxins to his wife, a nurse. The complainant alleged that the material was presented as a ‘study’ but was clearly market research. He alleged that repeated use of the prescription-only medicine’s brand name within this market research by the pharma firm constituted ‘disguised promotion’.

13/03/2014 | A plastic surgeon who brought liposuction to UK had his career almost ruined due to false claims by a transsexual who claimed he botched his ear operation. Dr Brian Mayou, founder of the Cadogan Clinic, 120 Sloane Street, Belgravia, became the target of a one-man campaign of abusive emails, calls, texts and online postings claiming he was a paedophile. Alexandra Charles, 36, told Hammersmith Magistrates' Court the surgeon had caused him "much pain and distress" following the operation on his ears to address his gender issues.

10/03/2014 | During the past year the FDA has been cracking down on anti-aging claims by skin care providers in the US, and now the focus is being extended to encompass imported products.

09/03/2014 | Overseas doctors are illegally performing cosmetic procedures including Botox injections, laser treatments and chemical face peels on Hongkongers - and the local authorities are powerless to stop them. Local plastic surgeons raised the alarm over the procedures, often conducted in hotel rooms in the city, after having to fix the damage caused by botched treatments. The doctors are breaking the law because they are not registered with the Medical Council, but are likely to leave the city long before the police or health officials can act.

08/03/2014 | Revamp Clinic in Gosforth are calling on the government to toughen regulations in the cosmetics industries to stop botched procedures. Fresh rules for the cosmetic procedures industry were announced by the Government last month when ministers said it will become illegal to offer dermal fillers without training.

14/02/2014 | New rules designed to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery have been described by experts as 'appalling' and a 'wasted opportunity'. Cosmetic surgery leaders said they were aghast at the the lack of proper regulation put forward by the Government's response to an independent review into the future of the sector. Ministers have failed to agree to a key recommendation from NHS medical director Sir Bruce Keogh, whose review followed the PIP breast implant scandal.

14/02/2014 | Cosmetic surgery will continue to be the wild west of medicine, say professional bodies, because of the government's failure to bring in the controls recommended by its own NHS medical director. Plastic surgeons say they are appalled by the government's response, which stops short of the regulation suggested by Sir Bruce Keogh's report into cosmetic surgery. It does not clamp down heavily on the use of dermal fillers – substances injected under the skin, usually to plump out the face. Nor does it require that anybody involved in cosmetic procedures is properly trained, qualified and registered.

12/02/2014 | A woman has been fined €3,000 for selling a prescription drug, commonly used in cosmetic surgery to smooth wrinkles, without a prescription on two occasions in January 2010 and 2012. Mary Concepta Burke pleaded guilty to both counts of supplying the product Dysport which contains the active substance Botulinum Toxin.

17/01/2014 | Medical regulators should investigate the plastic surgery industry after the death of a woman who fell ill during a breast-enhancement operation, a veteran coroner said yesterday. Delivering his final verdict before stepping down, Coroner Michael Chan Pik-kiu ruled the 2010 death of Zoey Leung Kwan, 24, to be a case of misadventure. But he said it raised questions that should be considered by bodies that regulate doctors.

16/01/2014 | Beauty professionals are being invited to have their say in a review of the qualifications for non-surgical aesthetic procedures. As the industry awaits the full outcome of the Keogh Review, government body Health Education North West London, which is part of Health Education England, has been tasked with a review of the existing qualifications required for procedures such as dermal fillers.

16/01/2014 | The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned adverts for two health clinics after they promoted the benefits of Botox. Advertising prescription-only medicines such as Botox is prohibited under UK regulations. The ASA said the rulings against Dermaskin Clinics, based in Cardiff, and HB Health of Knightsbirdge "set a precedent of what we expect from all advertisers across the sector" and would be followed up by compliance work. The watchdog said:

15/01/2014 | Serious surgery blunders could be avoided if the Government overhauled cosmetic surgery laws, according to the president of the Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons. Dr Patricia Eadie said Ireland should follow Britain’s lead as it would “stop serious surgery blunders”. British proposals would prevent untrained doctors from performing plastic surgery procedures.

15/01/2014 | Dr Ashish Dutta was suspended after Andrea Scott was left with scarring and burst stitching following surgery at the Aesthetic Beauty Centre in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Dr Dutta did not carry out the surgery but advised Ms Scott and organised the operation even though he was subject to a six-month suspension. After a review hearing, he has just been given permission to return to work.

11/01/2014 | Girls as young as 16 are being offered unnecessary and potentially disfiguring Botox injections at clinics all over Britain, a Mail on Sunday investigation has found. Unscrupulous doctors – charging up to £170 for the controversial anti-ageing treatment – are shamelessly cashing in on an unfounded belief among teenagers that the jabs will prevent wrinkles developing in later life.

02/01/2014 | A surgeon who botched boob jobs at a Merseyside clinic was kicked out of the profession and branded a danger to patients. A tribunal found bungling Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba had left women going under the knife with devastating results. The cosmetic surgeon left one patient with a dent in one breast and one of her nipples too high. When she begged him to help, he told her to wear a supportive bra.

29/12/2013 | A national register logging every breast implant operation carried out in England is to be established in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the scandal in which tens thousands of women received faulty implants, ministers have said. The Government has accepted the majority of the recommendations of a review carried out by Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS medical director, following the disclosure that the French firm Poly Implant Prothese (PIP) had been manufacturing implants using industrial grade silicone.

29/12/2013 | Welsh Government will consider following England`s lead on recording breast implant operations on a new register. A new register logging the details of women who undergo breast implant surgery is to be set up by the UK Government in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the scandal in which tens thousands of women received faulty implants.

29/12/2013 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons welcomes a clampdown on unethical advertising, as well as news from the Department of Health that an official breast implant register is to be piloted. After the dissolution of the original database over 7 years ago, the BAAPS has campaigned to have a compulsory system reinstated - particularly since the PIP implant crisis, which saw over 40,000 women in the UK fitted with defective medical devices.

04/12/2013 | Experts have issued a health warning against carrying out non-surgical cosmetic procedures on yourself or allowing untrained friends to do them, saying doing so risks permanent facial paralysis. In an alarming new trend for DIY Botox, some 13% of people undergoing intense, non-surgical cosmetic treatments such as chemical peels or Botox injections have been treated by untrained friends, while four per cent are self-administering, according to research.

30/11/2013 | Fears over regulation of cosmetic industry as people turn to their friends to administer injectable beauty treatments. One in eight people who have had cosmetic treatments such as Botox or dermal fillers had the procedure carried out by an untrained friend or acquaintance, a survey has found. The poll of 2,000 people comes ahead of a Government response to a review of the industry, which follows growing concern that “cosmetic cowboys” without medical training are able to practice unchecked.

28/11/2013 | Patients who go under the plastic surgeon’s knife are often operated on by doctors with no specialist training, it has been claimed. There has also been a growth in private clinics using “fly in, fly out” surgeons, which can leave patients with little comeback should anything go wrong. The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) has called for the urgent regulation of the sector to protect patients who may be damaged by work carried out by non-specialist surgeons.

27/11/2013 | The British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (BAPRAS) reiterates that critical implementation work on the government-led review of cosmetic interventions must happen urgently and be publicly communicated, on the first day of its annual scientific meeting. The Association emphasises that action must include the establishment of a national, compulsory register for medical devices, including breast implants, within the next 12 months.

24/11/2013 | Cosmetic cowboys with no medical training will remain free to inject women with ‘backstreet Botox’ because health Ministers have bowed to pressure to leave the industry largely unregulated. The Mail on Sunday has learnt that the Government is to reject a crucial recommendation in a hard-hitting review of the booming sector, to the outrage of leading doctors.

20/11/2013 | South Korean services offering crash courses in cosmetic surgery to inexperienced Thai doctors are failing to meet minimum industry standards. Chonlathit Sinrachatanon, president of the Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association of Thailand, warned that medical tourism companies are now targeting young Thai doctors offering workshops on various popular cosmetic surgery procedures, giving doctors certificates at the end of each programme.

12/11/2013 | Jamie Winter had never completed a training course and was not the experienced practitioner she claimed to be, Hull Crown Court was told. She was sentenced to 150 hours` community work for lying to clients that she qualified at Harley Street. Customers thought they were getting a bargain at £90 a session but in reality she was using cheap Botox bought online.

07/11/2013 | A cosmetic surgeon who used his mobile phone to take a picture of a woman’s genitalia at a Peterborough hospital has been banned from practising for three months. Dr Erik Scholten was about to replace the woman’s breast implants when he pulled Patient A’s pants to one side and took the snap on his mobile phone at the Fitzwilliam Hospital in Peterborough in February last year.

31/10/2013 | A 22-year-old university student died Saturday nine days after she underwent a bimaxillary or corrective jaw surgery in a cosmetic surgery clinic in Busan. In June this year, a woman in her 30s died a month after undergoing the same procedure in the hope of looking prettier. Corrective jaw surgery is an extremely difficult procedure under full anesthesia that involves the use of surgical drills to carve away at bones, carefully avoiding muscles and nerves in the face.

21/10/2013 | Only certified cosmetic surgeons and people with proper qualifications should be allowed to carry out some aesthetic cosmetic treatments such as using fillers to erase wrinkles, health minister Edith Schippers said on Monday. A crack-down on cowboys was first announced last December following a flurry of complaints.

17/10/2013 | A new study showing increasing numbers of lawsuits being filed against non-physicians performing laser surgery has important implications for patient safety, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery Association (ASDSA). The first-ever comprehensive study of laser surgery liability claims, published Wednesday in JAMA Dermatology, shows patients are filing more injury lawsuits in recent years when laser treatments are performed by non-physicians outside traditional medical settings.

14/10/2013 | Campaigners have urged the health secretary to set up a Scottish register to prevent further scandals such as those caused by mesh, hip or PIP breast implants. Health Secretary Alex Neil has been told Scotland has the power to introduce its own safeguards to protect patients from botched implants. The UK medical watchdog, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, have said there is nothing to stop Scotland developing its own register to prevent further scandals such as those caused by mesh, hip or PIP breast implants. But yesterday Neil insisted a UK database was the Scottish Government’s preferred option.

02/10/2013 | A beautician has appeared in court in Preston to plead guilty to unlawfully practising dentistry. Elaine Taylor-Valles is the first person to be successfully prosecuted by the UK’s dental regulator, the General Dental Council (GDC), since the High Court upheld the view that tooth whitening is the practise of dentistry and should only be carried out by dentists, dental hygienists and dental therapists, working on the prescription of a dentist.

27/09/2013 | Awarding organisation Industry Qualifications has acquired the Cosmetic, Dermal, Botulinum, Aesthetic & Fillers Inspectorate (cdBAFI). cdBAFI will become part of a new IQ division, IQ Verify, which will offer inspection and certification services. cdBAFI is an independent inspecting body, which clinics and salons offering injectable treatments can join to have their premises inspected and verified. Unlike the IHAS Treatments You Can Trust register, cdBAFI is open to qualified therapists as well as doctors.

25/09/2013 | The EU's executive on Tuesday moved to improve the safety of medical devices in the wake of the worldwide scare over faulty PIP breast implants from France. The European Commission issued new rules for the 80-odd "notified bodies" in the European Union that are responsible for the inspection of 10,000 medical devices -- from plasters to pacemakers. "We now have a clearer basis for unannounced audits, sample testing, or joint assessments by notified bodies," said the Commissioner for Consumer Policy, Neven Mimica.

20/09/2013 | A proposal to increase regulatory scrutiny of medical devices will be put to the vote in the European Parliament's environment and health committee next week (25 September). The legislation, which is in part a response to last year's scandal over leaking breast implants, has provoked much controversy and hundreds of amendments in the Parliament. The committee had scheduled the proposal for voting yesterday (18 September), but the votes have been delayed while MEPs and officials attempt to reduce the number of amendments.

16/09/2013 | Local doctors are warning beauty-seekers not to buy botulinum toxin, commonly sold under the Botox brand name, from online shops because all the online products are fake. Botox is a biological product and is banned from online sales. Doctors said they have received news of some women buying cheap `Botox` for 60 to 70 yuan (US$9.84-US$11.48) for each injection, and getting the injections the questionable circumstances, such as self-administered or at beauty parlors.

01/09/2013 | A fake plastic surgeon whose botched injections left a woman’s face swollen beyond recognition is being investigated by police. Marcelle King suffered a severe allergic reaction after ‘Dr’ Ozan Melin gave her what he claimed was Botox. Her heart started racing and she was rushed to A&E to receive a cocktail of drugs to bring the reaction under control.

19/08/2013 | Recent reports of a Houston mother and her two daughters arrested for giving illegal Botox injections without a medical license at a medi-spa, a California obstetrician running a cosmetic surgery practice was charged with maliciously disfiguring 15 patients, and a Mississippi interior decorator facing trial for the deaths of two women who were injected at her house are just a few examples of why The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)

09/08/2013 | South Korea's booming plastic surgery industry has been targeted by the government as a source of tax revenue to keep abreast with the country's ballooning social welfare bill. Seoul has announced plans to levy a 10% sales tax on popular cosmetic procedures such as lip augmentation, chin reduction and body hair removal, from 2014, in a bid to address increased cost demands of a rapidly ageing population.

22/07/2013 | The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons is urging governments not to wait until someone dies to put cosmetic safeguards in place. Plastic surgeons are calling for the national regulation of cosmetic procedures, warning botox and collagen are more risky than people think. The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons wants popular cosmetic procedures such as injectibles and fillers, as well as laser treatments, to be subject to enforceable guidelines.

19/07/2013 | A Cosmetic surgeon who was dismissed by a Plymouth treatment centre was subsequently caught performing a four-hour liposuction procedure in the basement of an unregistered clinic in London's exclusive Mayfair, a misconduct hearing was told. Dr David Anthony Waghorn is alleged to have told inspectors that he planned to store the clinical waste from the op in his fridge at home until he could dispose of it at a hospital.

12/07/2013 | Senior GlaxoSmithKline execs investigated for bribery and tax violations following revelations that Chinese government officials were offered cash to prescribe botox. Police said `high officials` of company admitted allegations under questioning. Workers were said to have given free travel as `large bribes` to doctors. Comes after investigation in Shanghai, Changsha, Zhengzhou.

03/07/2013 | Beauty centre operators and non-doctors found to be practising aesthetic medicine could be fined up to RM50,000 or jailed for up to two years once the amendments to the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012 and its regulations come into operation before year-end. Health Ministry officials said Section 33 of the Medical (Amendment) Act 2012 stated that first-time offenders could be fined not more than RM50,000 and jailed not more than two years while the fine could increase to not more than RM100,000 and jail term to not more than three years for second-time offenders.

26/06/2013 | Doctors are alarmed that a nurse who put dozens of WA patients at risk of blood-borne infections by her "backyard Botox" business can still work without any sanctions. Despite the Health Department taking the rare step of issuing a public alert about her unsafe cosmetic procedures more than six months ago, Tiffany Fraser is still registered by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency without any conditions or reprimands.

22/06/2013 | A joint investigation conducted by several state agencies and local police led to the arrest of a 58-year-old Highland Beach woman Tuesday who, investigators said, posed as a registered nurse and offered Botox injections without a medical license. Sheri Goldman was arrested on a charge of unlicensed practice of a health care profession, which is a third-degree felony, and probation violation according to a Boca Raton Police arrest report.

03/06/2013 | A ground-breaking course in cosmetic enhancements has been launched in Coventry. Coventry University is the first in the country to offer an accredited training programme for the cosmetics industry. It comes after a recent NHS review in the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal.

02/06/2013 | Rogue practitioners are offering cosmetic procedures to women at parties and at home using illegal and dangerous products such as fake Botox and counterfeit dermal fillers. Victims have been left with serious medical complications, many have scars and some are risking their lives, doctors warn.

07/05/2013 | An expert group will consider whether tighter regulation is needed in Wales of cosmetic procedures, including surgery, after a report into the breast implant scandal. Health Minister Mark Drakeford's announcement follows the publication last month of a report in England which called for tougher rules.

30/04/2013 | Sarasota County Sheriff`s officials say an office manager is accused of performing a surgical procedure on a patient`s face at her brother`s cosmetic surgery office. The Sarasota Herald-Tribune reports 44-year-old Christine Patterson was arrested this week and charged with practicing medicine without a license.

30/04/2013 | With demand for cosmetic surgery soaring but a lack of regulation in place, Marie Claire has launched the `Take A Good Look` campaign to urge the government to ensure that women are informed, empowered and protected.

24/04/2013 | Anti-wrinkle treatments are a “crisis waiting to happen” and should be available on a prescription-only basis, a wide-reaching report on the cosmetic surgery industry has said. It warned that dermal fillers, which are injected to plump up lips and skin, were “no more controlled than floor cleaners”.

12/04/2013 | Two trade bodies representing private and independent sector hospital providers have joined forces under the direction of a new chief executive. The changes mean that the Independent Healthcare Advisory Services (IHAS) is now a division of the Association of Independent Healthcare Organisations (AIHO), the body formerly known as the Private Hospitals Association.

09/04/2013 | Medical waste including syringes, blood-filled tubes and pig snouts is being dumped on the pavement by Harley Street firms. Westminster council today issued a public safety alert as it accused a “handful” of clinics of failing to dispose of potentially hazardous waste safely.

08/04/2013 | Marie Claire has been prompted to launch the Take A Good Look Campaign (#TakeAGoodLook), which aims to empower and inform women. As part of our campaign, we want better training, a body to be set up that women can turn to if things go wrong as well as a ban on manipulative advertising that preys on vulnerable women. So, please sign our petition if you think women should be empowered, informed and safe about cosmetic procedures.

02/04/2013 | Non-surgical doesn’t mean non-medical; surgeons call for a ‘Moral Charter’. A recommendation from Sir Bruce Keogh’s review into cosmetic surgery, which calls for beauty therapists and doctors to achieve a formal qualification to provide facial injectable treatments, has been ‘cautiously received’ by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

02/04/2013 | Beauty therapists, hairdressers and doctors will have to undergo special training before injecting women with dermal fillers, the medical director of the NHS is expected to announce. Sir Bruce Keogh, who is leading a Government review of the booming plastic surgery industry, said that a lack of expertise means patients having the popular non-surgical treatments are exposed to `unreasonable risks`.

02/04/2013 | The Medical Council said it has been concerned about private clinics operating unregulated – which is set to change when a draft bill passes. The Medical Council is reaching out to people considering cosmetic surgery to arm them with the information they need before they undergo a procedure.

01/04/2013 | A bill to give health regulators more oversight of facilities like the now-closed Monarch Medspa in Timonium is making a late surge in the General Assembly after weeks of discussions among state and industry officials. If passed, the law would close a regulatory gap that does not allow state health officials to proactively inspect and oversee plastic surgery centers.

31/03/2013 | Beauticians and hairdressers are to be banned from injecting Botox in an effort to cut the number of people harmed by botched procedures. New standards drawn up in Europe stipulate that only doctors, dentists and prescribing nurses will be able to administer the cosmetic fillers.

21/03/2013 | A woman visited a beauty salon for wrinkle-busting Botox injections in a bid to impress her husband – and then fled without paying, a court heard. Claire Moore, 40, admitted running from the National Slimming and Cosmetic Clinic in Lake Road in Portsmouth. Prosecutor Alex Dabson said Moore, of Kirpal Road in Baffins, Portsmouth, booked an appointment for lip filler and three Botox jabs, worth a total of £490.

18/03/2013 | As the country gears up for the results of a Government enquiry into cosmetic surgery due out later this month, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons ( unveils today the results of an internal poll of its members, which highlights the importance of true ‘informed consent’ on the part of the patient. The survey reveals how dangerously misinformed people undergoing cosmetic surgery can be when their consultations are held with brokers, salespeople, ‘customer advisors’ or even other medical professionals, rather than with the surgeon who is performing the operation.

18/03/2013 | Football star Colin Hendry's daughter launches our new campaign to Stop Cosmetic Surgery Cowboys. Denise Hendry died in 2009, seven years after a botched liposuction surgery. Now her daughter speaks of her anger towards 'cowboy' doctor who did it.

16/03/2013 | , and was refused compensation from foreign surgeon. Bernadette Cini, 62, from Croydon, Surrey developed a rampant infection in her breasts just days after her £5,700 reduction surgery with Harley Medical Group.

10/03/2013 | Dentists are performing invasive cosmetic surgery including breast augmentation due to a 'huge gap' in a legal system that has left patients seriously harmed, the peak body of plastic surgeons has warned. Patients have been left confused by a system that allows anyone with a basic medical degree and registered as a doctor able to call themselves a 'cosmetic surgeon'

06/03/2013 | Dangerous cosmetic treatments are occurring daily, the head of Australia's peak body for plastic surgeons says. He has called for procedures being carried out in risky environments to be outlawed. Doctors have supported the call, with a senior research fellow from the University of Melbourne's centre for health policy, programs and economics saying the patients that came forward to complain were just ''the tip of the iceberg''.

03/03/2013 | Industry bodies involved in injectables have united in their call to government to consider the views of the sector as it prepares to publish its Keogh Review recommendations. Habia has joined forces with the Association of Aesthetics, Injectables and Cosmetic Laser (AAIC) and the Cosmetic, Dermal, Aesthetic, Botulinum and Fillers Inspectorate (cdABFI) to deliver a united industry stance on the issues raised in the review.

18/02/2013 | Habia has asked that the views of the sector are taken into account as the government prepares to decide on the future of injectable treatments. The Keogh Review is currently reviewing the existing EU arrangements for ensuring the quality and safety of cosmetic interventions. This includes non-surgical injectable treatments such as Botox® and dermal fillers that are routinely delivered in salons and spas.

11/02/2013 | A government review is set to propose tougher curbs on ads for cosmetic surgery following the scandal over faulty breast implants. Measures could include a ban on two-for-one offers, time-limited deals and treatments as competition prizes. The Department of Health said Sir Bruce Keogh, the medical director of the NHS, has found "very strong support" for such curbs in a consultation exercise launched after more than 40,000

06/02/2013 | A secret about cosmetic surgery exists that several physicians are hiding from their patients. The truth is many doctors performing cosmetic surgery in the USA are not actually cosmetic surgeons, a claim made by a growing number of board certified cosmetic surgeons around the country.

31/01/2013 | Babtac (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology) has accused medical associations of "scaremongering" by feeding biased misinformation to the media during the critical stages of the government review into cosmetic procedures.

26/01/2013 | Doctors have warned of the dangers of 'seagull surgeons' who fly into Britain on daytrips to carry out operations, often without insurance. Sky News has seen details of patients who have suffered complications from botched cosmetic surgery carried out at British clinics. But they have been unable to trace the surgeons abroad and have been left thousands of pounds out of pocket.

26/01/2013 | In the wake of the PIP breast implant scandal, the cosmetic surgery industry is being called into question. Here three experts spell out the hard facts behind the hard sell. Cosmetic surgery is one of the UK’s few booming industries, with treatment rates increasing by nearly 20 per cent in the past four years.

20/01/2013 | With increasing reports of patients experiencing problems trying to track down and secure compensation from surgeons who ‘fly in, fly out’ (ie are not permanently based in the UK), the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, today presents a clear-cut and cost-neutral solution. The scale of the problem is hard to estimate, they say, as many surgeons from abroad do not have indemnity policies based in this country.

16/01/2013 | The Irish Association of Plastic Surgeons (IAPS) is concerned by what it has described as the growing number of doctors who are either advertising or being quoted in the media claiming they are plastic surgeons when they are not.

10/01/2013 | A serial con man who pretended to be a plastic surgeon and injected bikini-clad strippers with fake Botox at a Surfers Paradise party was jailed yesterday but could be free within six months. David Robin Douglas, 48, who has legally changed his name to O'Cean, admitted he pretended to be Los Angeles-based "Doctor Ocean" in 2010 when he enticed a strippers-for-hire company into booking him for a Botox injection party in Surfers Paradise.

07/01/2013 | Women who paid for faulty PIP breast implants on Lloyds TSB credit cards are to receive "full, proper compensation". Lawyers representing 600 women say they have reached an agreement with Lloyds TSB but are still negotiating with 23 other card issuers.

02/01/2013 | Report calls for ban on two-for-one, time-limited deals and cosmetic surgery as competition prizes. People want to see tighter restrictions around the cosmetic surgery industry in a bid to protect patients from some of the more aggressive sales techniques. That's according to an interim report published by the NHS Medical Director, Sir Bruce Keogh’s review into cosmetic interventions.

01/01/2013 | [OPENS PDF DOCUMENT] This document provides a summary of reponses received as part of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions Review's Call for Evidence which ran from 15 August - 15 October 2012.

01/01/2013 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, the only organisation based at the Royal College of Surgeons solely dedicated to aesthetic (‘cosmetic’) plastic surgery, today welcomes an interim report from Sir Bruce Keogh’s inquiry into the sector, which confirms public approval for measures the Association has been calling for over the last decade. These include curbing aggressive sales techniques (including BOGOFs, prizes and time-limited deals) and providing better information for patients considering aesthetic procedures. A positive first step, the BAAPS accepts, but surgeons warn at least one dangerous loophole remains.

31/12/2012 | Association says only surgeons should be allowed to hold consultations with prospective breast enhancement clients - otherwise any reform would be 'a sham'. The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) has said that a government review into the sector contains a "gaping loophole" which could be exploited by unscrupulous breast enhancement companies.

28/12/2012 | A Flushing resident who decorated her home like a doctor`s office and performed a buttocks enhancement procedure involving Krazy Glue sent one woman to the hospital and may have caused a lifelong medical problem, Queens` top prosecutor said last Thursday. And according to a plastic surgeon at a borough hospital, it is a problem he sees all too often.

18/12/2012 | Ministers have been urged to move swiftly to implement regulations on parts of the cosmetic surgery industry after concerns over anti-ageing injections and the PIP breast implants scandal.

28/11/2012 | Head of UK's biggest cosmetic surgery chain, Harley Medical Group, initially denied any links with company in British Virgin Islands. The millionaire head of a controversial cosmetic surgery chain, the biggest in the UK, owned a secret offshore company linked to the clinic, it can be revealed.

21/11/2012 | Doctors have called for medical regulators to crack down on daily deal websites that sell cut-price Botox injections and liposuction, claiming the sites continue to breach advertising rules, which ban such sales techniques for the medical procedures. The Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australia has written to all major group buying websites warning them the deals flout Medical Board guidelines and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) legislation, which state such procedures must be not be advertised as limited-time offers.

16/11/2012 | The FDA has issued an ongoing alert for unlicensed Botox that is shipped in from other countries. According to the ASAPS, doctors pay about $530 for a box of two syringes of Juvederm Ultra. We discovered off shore sellers from Europe and Japan pitching a box of Ultra 2 for half the price. But there`s a catch. According to the FDA, Ultra 2 can not be legally sold or used in the USA.

09/11/2012 | A cosmetic surgeon who offers 'Mommy makeovers' has been accused of leaving a dozen patients deformed and even paralyzed. Dr Efrain Diego Gonzalez, from Sacramento, is facing legal action from women who say he botched operations aimed at improving their bodies. One woman says she was left with a deformed belly button while another lost a nipple during a breast augmentation operation.

01/11/2012 | A coroner who found a woman died after being infected during a liposuction procedure has called for national reforms to the cosmetic surgery industry. South Australia's Deputy State Coroner Anthony Schapel also recommended that patients be seen by their surgeon within 24 to 48 hours of having liposuction.

01/11/2012 | Pamela Baris Nascimento, 27, who appeared as the glamorous assistant host on several Brazilian prime-time game shows, suffered a punctured liver and lost a large amount of blood before dying of a heart attack. The surgeon who performed the operation has been accused of trying to cover up the death, which happened two weeks ago, and could face manslaughter charges.

30/10/2012 | Avon has found itself in hot water once again after a US law firm filed a class action lawsuit against the beauty behemoth over claims made about its anti-aging products; which have been deemed ‘misleading’.

26/10/2012 | Dentist Danielle Meagher, a star of TV’s ‘Real Housewives’ and self publicised as Dr Botox, has been directed by a court to pay one of her botox patients €7,500 damages for a breach of confidence. The Circuit Civil Court heard today that it had been publicly divulged at a late-night drinks party that 36-year-old mortgage consultant Amanda Dillon had received a botox treatment from Meagher’s clinic, Dermadental Limited.

25/10/2012 | BANGKOK (AP) -- Her dream was to look less Thai and more like Jennifer Lopez, so the 25-year-old street food vendor went to the Internet and typed in "cheap Botox." That was the start of a five-year makeover for Ratphila Chairungkit that included two nose jobs, two eye-widening surgeries, chin augmentation, lip trimming, skin whitening and dozens of Botox-type injections. The goal had been to redesign her entire face, but things went horribly wrong.

25/10/2012 | The Harley Medical Group is backing a new campaign that aims to ensure patients only visit qualified doctors and nurses when they receive Botox treatments.

18/10/2012 | A major review of cosmetic surgery and procedures is being undertaken by the Department of Health, led by NHS Medical Director Professor Sir Bruce Keogh. Here Tim Goodacre, Chair of Professional Standards at BAPRAS, outlines the evidence BAPRAS has presented to the review committee.

16/10/2012 | For the last two months (since 15 August) a cosmetic surgery review by the Government has been calling for evidence from both the profession and patients. Today this process ends and the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveals the main points they have put forward to assist in the inquiry.

10/10/2012 | A Philadelphia woman who calls herself the "Black Madam" is due in court today over the death of a London woman who died after having cosmetic surgery at an airport hotel. Padge Windslowe is charged with killing 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi. Police said the tourist visited Philadelphia in February 2011 to receive silicone injections which enlarge the buttocks.

09/10/2012 | Over the last decade or so, thousands of "medical spas" have popped up around the country, enticing consumers with a name that suggests a surgeon's skill mixed with the pleasure of a massage. Few states license or inspect them, and they rarely seek accreditation. Any place can call itself a medical spa. Anybody can operate one.

02/10/2012 | The Anti-Economic Crime Department of the Dubai Police has arrested six Filipinos including five women for allegedly possessing and administering Botox injections without legal permission. Brigadier Khalil Ibrahim Al Mansouri, Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation of the Dubai Police, said that the women worked in a salon in the Muraqqabat area.

30/09/2012 | Dancing lessons, dinners, theatre tickets, massages, cruises and flat irons can be purchased on Groupon with variable results. But if you want to remove your saddlebags, you might want to do some research before pushing the “buy” button. The one area in which you should never seek discounts or shortcuts is your health. Further, some legal experts say that it is violation of state and federal laws for doctors to split fees with Groupon.

27/09/2012 | The European Union has proposed tougher rules on assessing the safety and monitoring the use of medical devices and implants, after weak EU regulations were partly blamed for a global scandal over French-made breast implants.

27/09/2012 | A Phoenix woman who pretended to have cancer in order to raise money for breast implants has been sentenced to a year in jail and three years of probation. Court spokesman Kelly Vail says 27-year-old Jami Lynn Toler was sentenced Wednesday. She pleaded guilty in August to a theft charge in a plea agreement.

21/09/2012 | Unlicensed cosmetic 'doctor' Thanat Natveerakul, 24, who is known as Dr Pop, has confessed to police that he injected a filler material into 33-year-old Athitiya Eiamyai's buttocks that caused her to collapse into a deep coma.

20/09/2012 | The European Commission is about to present proposals to tighten up legislation on medical devices, such as hip and knee replacements. But following the recent PIP breast implants scandal the European Parliament is pressing for rules on implants to also be stepped up at European level.

12/09/2012 | The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned L'Oreal SA's (OR.FR) Lancome USA unit about the marketing of certain anti-wrinkle products, saying the products are marketed with claims suggesting they are drugs. The letter discussed the marketing of several products--including Lancome's Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate and Renergie Microlift Eye R.A.R.E. Intense Repositioning Eye Lifter--and said claims suggesting the products "boosts the activity of genes and stimulates the production of youth proteins" or provide "immediate lifting" to the eye area, violate federal drug laws.

09/09/2012 | New rules to end the secrecy over the safety of devices such as hip replacements and breast implants are being drawn up after a series of scandals. The changes will mean that for the first time the public will be able to access details of the clinical research behind the products, and their safety record since coming on to the market. The rules are being drawn up by the European Commission in the wake of the PIP breast implant fiasco and the scandal of metal-on-metal hips, which were found to poison the body and suffer failure rates of up to 50 per cent.

07/09/2012 | With botched surgeries topping 20,000 a year, efforts are on to regulate clinics people visit to look sharp and smart. The Chinese government is cracking down on a burgeoning industry involving thousands of illegal "surgeons" tucking in tummies, widening eyes and, more popularly, enlarging breasts of women trying to improve their career prospects or impress potential suitors.

06/09/2012 | Two of the UK's leading cosmetic surgery clinics have called for tighter regulation, blaming the recent PIP breast implant scandal on the failure of European regulators. Harley Medical Group and Transform said European regulators' failures over breast implants manufactured by French company Poly Implant Prothese had caused financial and operating issues.

16/08/2012 | Teeth whitening, Botox and dermal fillers are set to be included in a major review of cosmetic surgery and procedures following the PIP breast impact scandal. The British Dental Association and the General Dental Council will submit evidence to The Department of Health as part of its consultation into the cosmetic surgery industry, they confirmed to Dentistry.

15/08/2012 | People are being asked for their views on the cosmetic surgery industry after the recent PIP scandal, where thousands of women were given breast implants containing substandard material. The review, requested by the health secretary, will look at whether tighter regulation is needed in England.

15/08/2012 | A major review into cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures including botox, dermal fillers, laser hair removal, and skin peels, has been officially launched today (August 15) by the Department of Health. The government review, led by Sir Bruce Keogh, medical director of the NHS, and health secretary Andrew Lansley, promises to scrutinise the cosmetic surgery and non-surgical aesthetics industries, which could potentially change the law on who can perform which treatments. For example, concern has been raised about beauty therapists performing treatments such as peels and laser treatments.

02/08/2012 | New laws must protect the public from rogue cosmetic surgeons and their dangerous procedures for breast implants, nose jobs, liposuction. “I think the operating table was a dental chair," someone wrote to me recently, describing their experience of liposculpture in a London clinic.

01/08/2012 | A new state law aims to get tough on spas offering certain cosmetic procedures. The bill just signed by the governor sharply increases fines and other penalties if there's no doctor's supervision. Supporters of the change say previous rules didn't do enough to protect patients.

24/07/2012 | A Harley street doctor exposed in a BBC London investigation encouraging nurses to order potentially dangerous Botox drugs in one person's name for use on another has been suspended. Dr Mark Harrison will not be able to practise as a doctor for up 18 months pending a review. The General Medical Council (GMC) will decide whether he will face a fitness to practise panel.

20/07/2012 | Tim Goodacre, Head of Professional Standards at BAPRAS and a leading Consultant Plastic Surgeon, said: “The PIP controversy over the last six months has shown the public that there is a real need for a change in the way some clinics promote cosmetic surgery procedures, often targeting a very vulnerable section of the population with sophisticated marketing techniques. BAPRAS welcomes any commitment to improving standards in patient care

18/07/2012 | Costmetic surgeons have been offering a string of discount offers to try and attract people to pay for procedures with many now offering the possiblity of paying online. It's a promotional catchphrase that's famously helped to shift everything from bags of crisps to double-glazing. Now the famous marketing mantra 'buy one, get one free' or 'BOGOF' is being used to persuade self-conscious types to splash out on a breast operation or a nose job.

17/07/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons today warns that the public has been swindled for too long and backs calls for the term ‘surgeon’ to be legally protected. The BAAPS joins the Royal College of Surgeons in carving a line in the sand, demanding the Government restrict the use of the term ‘surgeon’ only to qualified medical doctors who have undertaken post-graduate surgical training.

14/07/2012 | The diminutive Filipina woman speaks little English but managed to say her wish was “to look Hollywood.” Her cosmetic surgeon figured she wanted to look like “a porn star” and went to work on her. An Ontario Superior Court judge has ruled there was a profound disconnect between the doctor and his patient, awarding her and her husband $155,600 in damages.

03/07/2012 | Failings "at every level" of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) mean it is letting down patients in its prime duty to protect them, says a report. The UK's 670,000 nurses and midwives have to register with the troubled regulator to enable them to work. The independent review gives details of the NMC's backlog of complaints against nurses and midwives.

03/07/2012 | The NMC has responded to the final report of the strategic review of the NMC and the annual performance review by the CHRE. The NMC has today responded to two reports published by CHRE: the final report of the strategic review of the NMC, published on 2 July; and the annual performance review [PDF], published last week on 28 June.

27/06/2012 | Despite several cases of horrific mutilation of women`s breasts through botched plastic surgery, loopholes continue to allow some general practitioners to perform cosmetic surgery. But these loopholes could soon be sewn shut when the Health Professions Council of SA finishes drawing up regulations on which procedures medical practitioners may perform.

26/06/2012 | A Bronx woman who did $1,500 butt lifts with illegal injections of silicone without a medical license was sentenced Monday to one year in prison. Whalesca Castillo, 37, who pleaded guilty last September to operating an underground cosmetic clinic out of her home from May 2009 until her arrest in January 2011, begged for leniency before Manhattan Federal Court Judge Leonard Sand.

14/06/2012 | Dr Aamer Khan, a Harley Street cosmetic surgeon favoured by the stars has been found guilty of misconduct after he pressured a woman into a procedure by offering her discounted surgery. A General Medical Council hearing ruled Dr Khan’s fitness to practice had been impaired after he broke strict marketing rules and failed to provide ‘good clinical care’.

11/06/2012 | Millionaire plastic surgeon Dr Mario Russo, who appeared on reality television show The Only Way Is Essex and Channel 4`s Embarrassing Bodies has been suspended by the General Medical Council while his work is investigated.

10/06/2012 | France`s wealthy could take it on the nose if the French tax man gets his way and cosmetic surgery becomes subject to the value added tax. France`s new Socialist government has promised to tax the rich, and the tax authorities are looking at going after expensive cosmetic surgery such as tummy tucks, liposuction and breast enhancements that so far have escaped the country`s 19.6% VAT tax.

08/06/2012 | A 45-year-old British woman whose breast implants exploded after surgery in Tunisia has successfully claimed compensation. Alison Chapman, from Hedge End, Southampton, said that she had suffered a "horrendous and humiliating" ordeal after the surgery went wrong.

07/06/2012 | A woman was arrested yesterday for allegedly performing illegal cosmetic surgery on two patients, who complained of side effects after the operation. Gloria Rabor, 56, of Barangay Kinasang-an, Cebu City was arrested in an entrapment conducted by the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) 7 for her allegedly illegal medical practice.

04/06/2012 | Danielle Meagher may soon have a cause to develop frown lines: it emerged that the reality star could face prosecution by the Irish Medicines Board for the manner in which she is promoting the anti-wrinkle treatment.

11/05/2012 | In 2010 the government deregulated the provision of non-surgical cosmetic procedures. No longer were they supervised by The Care Standards Commission. Not necessarily as a direct result, cosmetic laser therapy clinics - used for the treatment of thread veins, wrinkles, hair removal and skin re-surfacing - took off so that there are now nearly 10,000 in the UK.

06/05/2012 | A private clinic has been fined £40,000 for performing cosmetic surgery without being registered in the first prosecution of its kind. Healthcare regulator the Care Quality Commission (CQC) took action against The Northern Clinic Limited after receiving an anonymous tip-off from a member of the public.

27/04/2012 | A breast implant register, more stringent checks and product traceability, and a pre-market authorisation system are among the measures proposed by the Environment and Public Health Committee on Wednesday to prevent a recurrence of the PIP defective breast implants case. The resolution was passed unanimously.

17/04/2012 | A model used stolen credit card details to pay for expensive cosmetic surgery, a court heard. Faileigh Cooper, 23, turned to fraud to pay for liposuction and lip enhancements, the jury was told. When questioned by police she claimed she was going to sue because surgery had burnt her arm, Southwark crown court heard.

29/03/2012 | A women who got cosmetic surgery as a birthday treat was yesterday awarded €25,000 after she ended up with a tattoo line in the wrong place. Anne McCaffrey (62), Scholarstown Road, Rathfarnham, Dublin, won damages at the High Court after suing Advanced Cosmetic Surgery Ltd, Malahide Marina, Malahide, Dublin, which the court heard was now in liquidation. The award included the €254 price of the original procedure and more than €700 for lip pencils and make-up, which the woman said she had to use to disguise the tattooed line.

15/03/2012 | Plastic surgeons join women's rights activists in urging government to crack down in interests of public health. Feminist campaigners are calling on the government to ban advertisements for cosmetic surgery, claiming they "ruthlessly prey" on women's body insecurities and "recklessly trivialise" the health risks of invasive procedures.

14/03/2012 | Laws to regulate the cosmetic surgery industry are being prepared, according to Health Minister James Reilly. These would include qualification standards for staff. However, there is still no date for their introduction — four years after a report on patient safety identified cosmetic surgery as a priority area for a licensing and inspection regime.

14/03/2012 | Group buying website Groupon has had another advert banned after advertising a prescription-only medicine (Botox), a watchdog said. A sales promotion on the website offered buyers facial injection treatments at a clinic in Bath.

11/03/2012 | A man accused of posing as a doctor in San Francisco is facing additional charges after prosecutors said more women have come forward claiming he performed cosmetic surgery on them. Forty-nine-year-old Carlos Guzmangarza was arraigned on the additional charges on Thursday.

10/03/2012 | A Belgian cosmetic surgery clinic has been ordered by a British court to pay £100,000 in compensation to a woman left disfigured by a "botched" facelift. Laurence Vick, a solicitor, said Elyzea - which has consultation offices in London and Manchester - had failed to apologise for the operation or explain why things went wrong.

01/03/2012 | KUALA LUMPUR: Health Minister, Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai says the ministry is drawing up a set of guidelines for beauticians and warned them not to perform beauty treatment with needles or risk facing criminal charges. "Those who perform medical treatments will be charged," he said at the launch of the "Beauty Professional 2012" exhibition here yesterday.

25/02/2012 | A Texas hairstylist was arrested Thursday on suspicion of giving women dangerous and illegal breast implants in a back room of her salon. Police said Carmel Foster was doing the augmentations at her salon in Tyler, which is 92 miles east of Dallas. One woman was hospitalized with severe chest pains and remains in critical condition after family members said Foster gave her an injection.

16/02/2012 | The daughter of Denise Hendry, who died from complications after cosmetic surgery, is calling for tighter regulations governing operations. Mrs Hendry, who was married to ex-Blackburn Rovers player Colin Hendry, died in 2009 after liposuction surgery. Her daughter Rheagan, 22, has now opened an e-petition calling on parliament to review regulations.

10/02/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) today denounce clinics putting pressure on PIP implant victims to buy further surgery when seeking to have the controversial devices removed or replaced. Patients are also increasingly reporting being faced with gagging orders and time-limited offers from their clinics.

26/01/2012 | MEPs are calling on the European commission to ensure more traceability and unannounced inspections for the manufacturers of breast implants. The call came during a discussion with commission representatives on Tuesday, following revelations that a number of silicone breast implants manufactured by French company Poly Implants Prostheses (PIP) were defective.

26/01/2012 | An employee’s use of Twitter has landed Allergan in trouble with UK pharma’s Code of Practice regulator. The Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) ruled Allergan breached the Code on several counts after an employee accidentally tweeted publicly about Botox.

24/01/2012 | The Department of Health has today published the terms of reference for two reviews established following the recent concerns about PIP implants. The first review will establish what happened in the UK when the MHRA and Department of Health learnt about the situation with PiP implants in France. The second review will look at whether the cosmetic surgery industry needs to be more effectively regulated.

24/01/2012 | DR ROBERT LEFEVER: Because of recent concerns over the reliability of breast implants used in cosmetic surgery, there is a move to ban advertisements for all cosmetic surgery. My personal belief is that all doctors and clinics should be free to continue to advertise their services. But this belief comes with two major caveats. They should only be allowed to do so provided that they stay within the code of practice of the Advertising Standards Authority and they should be made to pay for the consequences of unreliability.

23/01/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), which represents the top plastic surgeons, is urging ministers to impose the advertising ban as part of a crackdown on the multi-million pound cosmetic surgery industry. The Association also wants to see a number of other new controls put in place, including the medical licensing of dermal fillers, which are injections used to reduce the signs of ageing, and a register for all breast implants.

23/01/2012 | The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons is delighted with the news of an enquiry by MPs to examine lax regulations which have allowed a ‘cowboy’ market to flourish in the UK. The BAAPS today proposes a straightforward, six-point plan which if followed will instil tighter controls in the sector.

20/01/2012 | An insurance scheme for cosmetic surgery patients could be introduced after the PIP breast implants scandal. Sir Bruce Keogh, who is leading the government review into PIP implants, told the BBC the scheme would protect consumers.

20/01/2012 | Medical device makers have spent the last year urging U.S. officials to approve high-risk products faster, like their European counterparts. A scandal over leaking breast implants made in France may make the argument harder.

18/01/2012 | People will pay less to get their breasts enhanced, their wrinkles erased and other forms of cosmetic surgery under a bill Gov. Chris Christie signed today to phase out a state tax on the procedures next year.

16/01/2012 | The European Commission is seeking regulatory reform for class III medical devices after problems with French-made breast implants. The Commission will set out new proposals later this year that are likely to recommend tougher rules on similar medical devices, but it could take up to three years before they are adopted by member states.

15/01/2012 | Experts voice concerns about level of training of private sector surgeons working on breast implants and nose jobs. Private cosmetic clinics are employing surgeons to carry out breast implants, nose jobs and tummy tucks who are not qualified to work as consultants in the NHS, the Guardian can reveal.

11/01/2012 | The Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley, today announced a series of steps to respond to recent concerns regarding French Poly Implant Prostheses (PiP) implants. The first step will be a review led by Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, the NHS Medical Director...

10/01/2012 | Behind the furore over whether the British women should now have their implants removed and who should pay for it; there is disquiet about the MHRA's role.

18/11/2011 | Some private clinics in the United Kingdom have begun using new assessment forms aimed at stopping people from having cosmetic surgery they may later regret.

15/11/2011 | Gov. Jerry Brown has signed into law a measure that will place Californias outpatient surgery centers under tighter scrutiny.

17/10/2011 | VAT is to be charged on facelifts and breast enlargements hiking the costs of the procedures by 20 per cent.

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