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Colombia to ban cosmetic plastic surgery for minors

Colombia’s Congress is about to pass a law that will prohibit controversial cosmetic plastic surgery for minors, who in some cases receive risky breast or buttock implants as young as 15. Apart from reconstructive surgeries or operations required due to physical or psychological ailments, Colombia’s youth will soon have to wait until they are 18 to go under the knife. The law will also prohibit the use of minors as models in advertisements for all types of aesthetic procedures.

Balls up: Are scrotal lifts the next trend in male grooming

You've heard about women having a little tidying up downstairs, right? Well this is the male equivalent, I said, as he fiddled nervously with the change inside his trouser pocket. Men, I explained, sick of slack scrotums and testicles inconveniently separated by boxer seams, were lining up to have their low-hangers permanently lifted. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised. With statistics from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons showing that the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures has more than doubled in the past ten years. It was only a matter of time before moob reductions and beard transplants became old hat and men looked towards another part of their anatomy to modify.

GMC urges cosmetic procedure patients to question doctors

People thinking of having a cosmetic procedure are being urged to question their doctors before going ahead with treatment, in new advice issued today (Wednesday 01 June) by the General Medical Council (GMC). As tough standards for doctors carrying out cosmetic practice come into force – covering everything from fillers to face lifts – the GMC has published a guide to help potential patients research and receive safe, high quality cosmetic care. The GMC says people considering a COSMETIC procedure should keep in mind the following when interacting with their doctor

JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA® XC Approved By U.S. FDA For Use In Lips And Perioral Rhytids

Many of my patients are very bothered by the lines that can appear around the lips, known as perioral rhytids. Additionally, when seeking lip augmentation, patients want a smooth, result that is not drastic said Dr. David E. Bank, clinical trial investigator and founder of The Center for Dermatology, Cosmetic & Laser Surgery. JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC adds fullness to the lips and softens the appearance of the lines around the lips. With JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC I am able to subtly enhance my patients pout. The FDA approval of JUVÉDERM VOLBELLA XC further demonstrates Allergans commitment to developing advanced products and technologies that allow healthcare providers to better address evolving patient needs

Botox jabs to stop teeth grinding could eat away at your jawbone

Botox jabs in the jaw are big business: the paralysing effect is widely used to prevent tooth grinding, and by cosmetic doctors to slim the lower face. The treatment reduces the size of the masseter muscles, the large chewing muscles located on the jaw in front of the ears, and can cause dramatic cosmetic changes in a matter of weeks. Jawline narrowing treatment, marketed as V-line contouring because of the shape it gives the lower face, is hugely popular around the world - even in the UK the procedure is available in hundreds of clinics.

Embarrassing Bodies doctor wins court battle over botched nose job

A student who was left with a kink in her nose by a top plastic surgeon has failed in a £35,000 bid for compensation. Mijin Zahir, 27, said she asked Harley Street specialist Shailesh Vadodaria for an ideal nose with perfect symmetry. But waking up after the July 2010 operation, she said she was horrified to see the results of the procedure carried out by Mr Vadodaria, who has featured in Channel 4 show Embarrassing Bodies

Botox patient accused of failing to pay Harlow clinic

A botox patient has allegedly left a Harlow dental clinic £200 out of pocket after leaving without paying. The woman pictured went to the Mulberry Dental Clinic in Market Street, Old Harlow, at around 2pm on Friday, April 22 where she received £200 worth of botox treatment. Essex Police are now trying to trace the woman who is believed to have left without paying for the treatment and who gave false personal details to the surgery.

Can Stomach Botox Injections Help People Lose Weight?

Doctors are considering a new use for Botox. The drug may help obese people lose weight, according to early research. The treatment may work by blocking a key nerve in the stomach that controls feelings of hunger and satiety, the researchers said. In a small new study, researchers in Norway injected Botox into the stomachs of 20 obese people, who had body mass indexes (BMIs) ranging from 35 to 44. The researchers used a medical instrument called an endoscope to see inside the stomach and inject Botox into the lower portion of the organ. Patients received injections at the start of the study, and then once every six months.

Medical Tourism For Hair Transplants Can Have Costly Consequences

International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery warns of technicians spawning black market to perform hair transplants. While medical tourism for cosmetic surgery is a growing trend, the lure of scenic landscapes and less expensive surgeries can prove to be a one-way trip to unsuccessful and unsafe procedures when performed illegally by technicians rather than trained, qualified physicians.

Hulls boob jobs are the biggest in Britain Hull

HULL is the big boob capital of Britain, according to cosmetic surgery firm Transform. Despite many women across the UK opting for significantly smaller breast enhancements compared with ten years ago, the biggest breast operations are carried out in the city. According to the latest figures, Hull women ask for a cup size DD - about one cup bigger than their southern counterparts. The average age in Hull for breast augmentation is 23.

Facebook post sees woman urge young girls not to compare themselves to celebrities

A woman has written an open letter urging young girls not to be fooled by filters used by celebrities on social media after sharing two photographs of Kendall Jenner, one of which appears to have been heavily airbrushed. Samantha Helen Laight, 22, from Manchester, took to Facebook on Monday afternoon to pen the message, which has already notched up 38,000 likes and been shared almost 4,000 times. The make-up artist was inspired to write it after seeing pictures of Kendall Jenner, 20, on the red carpet for the premiere of From The Land Of The Moon at Cannes Film Festival.

Annnnd this is why spray sunscreen might not be a good idea

Friends of Redditor amici_ursi and total newbies to the spray sunscreen game got scorched poolside by the Florida sun. Luckily, the spray sunscreen was able to protect very specific areas of their backs, though. When lined up together, they make for quite the summer art exhibit.

Plastic surgery billboard that declares size matters causes controversy

A Riverside County billboard that advertises breast augmentation surgery by declaring that bigger is better has raised the ire of a Murrieta High School student who says the message should come down.

Illegal Nose Job Leaves Woman Partially Blind

A 21-year-old woman from Changzhou, in China’s eastern Jiangsu province, lost vision in her right eye due to micro plastic surgery injections intended to reshape her nose, according to a report by state news agency China News Service.

Getting Botox doesnt just leave YOUR face impossible to read

Botox injections temporarily paralyze the muscles in your face, sometimes causing it to appear frozen in one expression. Not only can this be confusing to others, but researchers in Italy now say it affects your own perception as well. Botox makes a person unable to replicate some of the expressions they observe, and researchers say blocking this often imperceptible response can make it difficult to understand the emotional meaning.

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