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16/10/2014 | The County Court has ruled any tooth whitening technician who hands the patient a whitening tray is the practice of dentistry and must be done by the dentist. Caroline Sumpter brought the case against Megawhite, who claimed their advanced laser tooth whitening technicians did not have to be dentists. Ms Sumpter, herself a beauty therapist, was sold the ‘Megawhite Teeth Whitening Licence' under the pretence she did not have to be a dentist to carry out the treatment.

14/10/2014 | Patients who have plastic surgery to reshape their bodies after bariatric procedures are able to maintain "significantly greater" weight loss than those who do not have surgery, according to a new study by Henry Ford Hospital researchers.

13/10/2014 | Ghulam Kibria, 34, from Didsbury, was caught out after an undercover sting at teeth whitening clinic. He'd used a fake name and was advertising on discount site Groupon. A dodgy dentist who offered cut-price tooth whitening was exposed after an undercover sting. Ghulam Kibria’s sham surgery aroused suspicions after the 34-year-old started advertised on popular discount site Groupon. His laserclinic in Manchester city centre offered massive 80 per cent discounts – with one-hour teeth whitening sessions costing just £59.

13/10/2014 | Silicon-coated breast implants could be responsible for a new subtype of a rare but malignant lymphoma suggests research from Vienna. Anaplastic large cell lymphoma (ALCL) is a type of non-Hodgkin lymphoma normally found in the lymph nodes but also the skin, lung, liver and soft tissue. The cancer doesn’t usually manifest itself in the breast, but there have been 71 documented cases worldwide of patients with the disease in which researchers suspect breast implants to be the cause.

07/10/2014 | Cases of possible association between breast implants and a form of lymphoma that may develop tumors at a later stage is currently under investigation. The researchers conclude that breast implants can cause a new subtype of the rare yet malignant lymphoma known as ALCL.

06/10/2014 | A new study published in the journal Dermatology and Therapy claims a compound derived from red grapes and found in red wine - resveratrol - may be an effective treatment for acne, particularly when combined with an already existing medication for the disorder.

05/10/2014 | A lack of mental health care services for people with skin conditions is a 'slowly ticking timebomb' for the NHS, a charity has warned. Changing Faces, which supports people with disfigurements and campaigns for 'face equality' and better quality of life for patients, said that whilst the cost of skin disease is relatively low at 2.23% of the NHS budget, the likely associated costs in mental health, or 'psychodermatology', are much greater. A survey by the charity found that only 11% of patients were offered psychosocial care by a health professional.

01/10/2014 | Researchers at Lund University in Sweden and other institutions have worked out how the pigment of the skin manages to protect the body from the sun's dangerous UV rays. The skin pigment converts the UV radiation into heat through a rapid chemical reaction that shoots protons from the molecules of the pigment. In a new study, the team from Lund University, working with colleagues in France and Italy, have studied pigment in the skin and its building blocks.

27/09/2014 | Do it yourself Botox kits that can cause blindness, damage facial nerves and even kill are being sold on the internet. The packs, complete with a step-by-step DVD guide, syringes and “Botox fluid”, cost just £275. That is a fraction of the price of treatment carried out in UK clinics. Experts say they are “truly horrified” about the kits.

25/09/2014 | Research unveiled today at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons shows that despite a rise of 8,000% in cosmetic surgery reporting in the mainstream media over the last twenty years, many products and techniques promoted directly to the press and public actually have very few, if any, published scientific articles behind them.

23/09/2014 | Singapore based scientists have discovered a way to get collagen to penetrate deeper into the skin in a more efficient way. The team at the National University of Singapore (NUS), led by Dr Kang Lifeng have developed a technique to encapsulate collagen in tiny needles attached to an adhesive patch.

22/09/2014 | Dr Olufemi Adeyinka Adeogba, who allegedly left one patient with a dented breast and one of her nipples too high, has disputed the decision to have him struck off. The General Medical Council (GMC) struck Mr Adeogba off in January, but he has since disputed the ruling at the High Court. The Royal Courts of Justices have allowed his appeal meaning the doctor is allowed to practise without restriction, pending further legal challenges.

18/09/2014 | Breast implants developed by Kazakhstani scientists will possibly find a market in South Korea. The new technology for breast implants does not seems to have a market in Kazakhstan. Development of mammoplasty in Kazakhstan, according to Dr. Mun, is difficult, because the demand for breasts plastic surgery is relatively low. The scientists are considering selling the technology abroad.

17/09/2014 | A woman offered to perform dental procedures in a Dundee beauty salon without being registered to do so. The sheriff court heard Leanne Couzens offered tooth whitening procedures at Doll Face Beauty Salon and claimed to be a dental hygienist, despite not being registered with the General Dental Council. The court heard that during consultation she told one potential customer she had 12 years’ experience working as a dental hygienist.

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