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In the aggressive world of cosmetic surgery, patients cant afford to be naive

The lovely young woman on my medical rounds has a gaping hole on her forehead. The hole is deep and there is pus brimming from the side. The edges look macerated and discoloured and the stench emanating from it is noticeable. She looks like the victim of a vicious accident until we discover that this is the result of a cosmetic procedure gone wrong. She is flustered and angry, but mainly worried about the possibility of permanent disfigurement.

Eighteen successful tooth whitening convictions in the past 12 months -

There were 18 successful convictions for dangerous teeth whitening in a 12-month period, official figures show. Spas and salons were successfully prosecuted at only 12 magistrates courts around the country, despite growing concern over the activities of rogue beauticians.

Rise of the Career Lift: Would you have a nip/tuck to keep your job?

Caroline has a mane of shiny, dirty blonde hair, great skin, firm cheeks, a gleaming smile, a leather jacket and lean limbs. At first glance, it’s very difficult to place her age. And thats just how she likes it. Caroline, who works in finance at a senior level, recently celebrated her 50th birthday. Not that anyone in her office knows that.

Anti-ageing gin promises to fight off wrinkles as you drink

Gin is delicious. But, alas, not all delicious things are good for you. That could be about to change, as someone has developed a gin with purported anti-ageing properties. Aptly named Anti-AGin, the gin is distilled with ingestible collagen and "age-defying" botanicals. Collagen levels dwindle as we grow older, causing wrinkles and a loss of firmness in skin.

Australia: Call for crackdown on cosmetic industry

Cosmetic surgery patients will die unless Australia acts to regulate the booming industry. Thats the blunt message from plastic surgeons after an investigation by NSWs health watchdog found six breast implant patients at one clinic suffered potentially life-threatening complications during surgeries in the past year.

Rogue traders in Worksop adminstering cheap botox that could leave people bruised or even blind, warns nurse

Rogue traders in Worksop are administering cheap Botox and lip injections that can leave people bruised, deformed and even blind, a concerned nurse has warned. Cheryl Barton, a registered nurse and Botox practitioner at the Aesthetika clinic in North Anston, said she is appalled by the number of desperate clients coming to her in distress after being left with lopsided faces and other health complications as a result of these dodgy cosmetic treatments.

Caution for self-styled celeb botox nurse who offered woman refund to drop complaint

A self-styled celebrity Botox nurse has been cautioned by the watchdog for offering an unhappy customer a refund if she withdrew his complaint against him. John Parker was referred to the Nursing and Midwifery Council in January, 2015, after a woman was unhappy with a non-surgical aesthetic procedure provided by the Woolton nurse.

FEMAIL investigates the new way to administer Botox and finds out if it works

Kate Spicer is an aficionado of botulinum toxin and cosmetic medicine. Shes treated with the new pen, which delivers precise amounts of Botox. Shes not a fan of the method and thinks that doctors shouldnt use it.

Liberty Xs Michelle Heaton on the £2,000 filler jabs restoring her looks

Liberty Xs Michelle Heaton on the £2,000 filler jabs restoring her looks after having a hysterectomy AND double mastectomy while still in her 30s. It would be fair to say that Michelle Heaton has always looked pretty good. But particularly so considering everything she has been through. First there was a dramatic collapse while running the London Marathon in 2010, after which the former Liberty X singer was diagnosed with a heart condition that puts her at risk of stroke and sudden cardiac arrest – similar to the one 26-year-old England cricketer James Taylor revealed he is suffering from last week.

June Jonigk cleared at Oxford Magistrates Court of harassing Angela Chouaib over botched breast surgery

A PATIENT who suffered a painful botched breast operation has been cleared of waging a three-year campaign of harassment against the woman who arranged the surgery. June Jonigk wiped her eyes with a tissue as a judge said her actions – which forced Angela Chouaib to move from her Weston-on-the-Green home – had not been unreasonable or irrational.

Nurse Who Used Sunbeds Left With Coin-Shaped Hole In Nose After Skin Cancer Removal (Graphic Images)

A woman who developed skin cancer after using sunbeds from the age of 13 has released shocking images of the coin-sized hole she had cut out of her nose as a result. Under peer pressure to have a tan, Jade Thrasher, 26, said she had 20 minute sessions three times a week for 11 years.

RCS calls for new law to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery, as it publishes professional standards

The Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) has called on the government to introduce legislation in the next Queen’s Speech to protect patients undergoing cosmetic surgery, as the organisation and the General Medical Council (GMC) publish new standards on cosmetic procedures.

Clampdown on cosmetic surgery cowboys

The body that regulates UK doctors is bringing in new guidelines for cosmetic procedures to stop rogue practitioners who put profits before patients. The General Medical Council rules, coming into force in June for private clinics and the NHS, make it clear that patients must not be rushed or cajoled into having surgery.

Mother has a non-surgical 'designer vagina' treatment after becoming worried about the effects of ageing

A mother-of-one has undergone a non-surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatment, making her private parts look more youthful. Susie, 30, from Peterborough became very self-conscious about things down below looking misshapen. But since have an Intimalift procedure at a London clinic, she says that her vagina looks plumper and feels smoother.

Self-styled celeb botox nurse gave woman money to withdraw complaint

A self-styled celebrity botox nurse could be struck off for allegedly giving money to a disgruntled patient in exchange for dropping a complaint against him. John Parker is being hauled before the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) to face a misconduct charge.

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