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22/08/2014 | and the agony they endure to laser away trashy tattoos. A fifth of the population has a tattoo, but recent figures show a third of people regret them and laser them off. Stacey Parker, a mother-of-one, counts off the seconds until her torture is over by thinking about her next holiday and making shopping lists — anything to distract her from the pain.

21/08/2014 | A Quebec porn star`s planned sex marathon to fund her breast implants was denounced by Gatineau’s mayor. Zoé Zebra, 22, is planning the event — dubbed “Boule-O-thon” — in a trailer next to Club 77, a strip club on the city`s Main St., on Sept. 5. Her goal is to perform sex acts with 25 men in one evening. In exchange, she will receive a cheque from her employer, porn company AD4X, which is producing the event and plans to film the whole thing. The money would cover the costs of breast implants from a surgeon of her choice.

21/08/2014 | A 32-year-old self-proclaimed tanorexic was diagnosed with skin cancer after an 18 year sunbed habit that continued even when she was nine months pregnant. Jo Irving from Blackpool first used a sunbed when she was 14-years-old and at the height of her UV addiction, was using them 5 times a week. She confesses she was ‘addicted to being brown’. But, she’s vowed never to set foot in a tanning salon again after being diagnosed with skin cancer last year.

20/08/2014 | arliament’s Committee for Public Health, Labor and Social Affairs Wednesday reviewed a draft law to regulate licenses issued to beauty parlors performing medical cosmetic procedures, including Botox and hair implants. The head of the committee, Future MP Atef Majdalani, said “there is a need to draw a line between the regular beauty parlors, which basically deal with hairdressing and manicure, and beauty centers that carry out hair implants and beautification with Botox.”

18/08/2014 | A Which? undercover investigation finds a third of laser eye surgery consultations are poor quality. We sent undercover researchers into 18 laser eye surgery clinics to look at how they were selling the procedure and the quality of advice given at initial consultations. An expert panel assessed that in a third of consultations the potential complications were not clearly explained.??Independent clinics, smaller chains and hospital-based providers scored the best, and high street providers came bottom, with Optical Express falling down on every visit when it came to explaining complications.

17/08/2014 | Tough action against medical clinics going beyond their mandate and doctors posing off as specialists, was the strident call from health circles as Colombo was in shock over the death of a woman doctor on Tuesday in a clinic dispensing cosmetic surgery.While an urgent clamour went out for the establishment of a Specialist Register with details of where they practise which would be accessible to the public and strict regulation of all medical clinics, the question being asked by the public is: Where are the watchdogs of the health

17/08/2014 | The woman had sewn bags of cocaine worth £1.7m into her breasts. The 48-year-old Venezuelan woman was pulled aside by Spanish customs officials in Madrid’s Adolfo Suarez Airport. She had arrived in the country on a flight from Columbia’s capital, Bogotá, and was picked out by customs officers because she was acting in a nervous manner.

14/08/2014 | Relationship break-ups and drunken mistakes are two of the biggest reasons behind Britons undergoing tattoo removals, an expert has revealed. Dr Maryam Zamani of the Cadogan Cosmetics, a leading cosmetic clinic in Chelsea, has reported on the most popular reasons Britons decide to get their body-art lasered off.

14/08/2014 | A weight-loss expert has blasted retailers for using size 16 mannequins, claiming they are 'normalising' obesity. Steve Miller, presenter of the TV show Fat Families, told MailOnline that 'political correctness is encouraging people to stay fat'. He has urged society to adopt 'shock tactics' to tackle the obesity epidemic head on.

13/08/2014 | The Cosmetic Devices and Drug Regulatory Authority (CDDRA) yesterday said it was carrying out investigations into the death of a female doctor at a beauty clinic at Visakha Road, Bambalapitiya following the administration of an antibiotic intravenously on Tuesday. The Police Spokesman`s Office revealed that Dr. Priyangi had developed a serious allergic reaction to the antibiotic administered to her.

13/08/2014 | Liverpool has been named as Britain's most pampered city as scousers spent the most on beautifying themselves in the past year. The Merseyside city was closely followed in the poll by Edinburgh, with Manchester coming in third. Londoner came in fourth while another Scottish city, Glasgow, came fifth. The study was based on the number of online vouchers and discounts used per head for each city.

13/08/2014 | Girls as young as 12 are afraid to leave home without wearing a full face of make-up, new research has revealed. A new study has found that over half of 12 to 14-year-olds wear make-up most days and 17 per cent refuse to leave the house without make-up on. The new research also reveals that over 63 per cent of 12-14 year olds even go to bed with their make-up on at least once a week with 38 per cent of them simply 'forgetting to take it off' and 36 per cent leaving it on because they are ‘too tired’. Dermatologists warn of dangers.

12/08/2014 | A new independent clinical study demonstrates a substantial reduction in hair regrowth following use of the no!no! Hair product, much to the joy of manufacturer Radiancy, a Photomedex subsidiary. The product line uses proprietary Thermicon technology and has come under scrutiny in the past with regards to claims. This resulted in settlements and a curtailing of its advertising claims.

11/08/2014 | Help is at hand for women experiencing problems with their breast implants at a new clinic at a Worcester hospital. The specialist clinic is set to open at the new breast care suite at the Spire South Bank hospital in Bath Road and is the first of its kind in Worcestershire. Women seeking an improvement on the results of their initial surgery will be offered free 15-minute consultations with oncoplastic breast surgeon Steven Thrush and plastic surgeon Joanna Skillman.

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