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11/04/2014 | In Dove`s latest ad campaign, real women test a `beauty patch` designed to increase their self esteem - but all is not as it seems. Billed by Dove as a `social experiment`, the ad shows several American women talking to psychologist Dr Ann Kearney-Cooke about their feelings of self-esteem. Like 80% of women (according to Dove research), all of the participants report anxiety about their looks, with one woman saying she avoids mirrors and another claiming her lack of self-esteem prevents her from approaching men.

11/04/2014 | The original business-to-business magazine for aesthetic professionals, Aesthetic Medicine, returned this month. With its original editor Vicky Eldridge at the helm, the magazine brings the aesthetics industry in-depth news, reports and analysis, product and treatment reviews, business insight and clinical articles written by industry experts.

10/04/2014 | The nation’s largest group of plastic surgeons vowed Thursday to stamp out illegal medical practices following a string of lethal cosmetic surgery accidents. “A recent series of plastic surgery accidents were caused by some doctors’ unethical and illegal acts, largely prompted by over-competition and commercialization of medical institutions,” said the Korean Association of Plastic Surgeons in a press conference. “(The association) feels responsible for such situations that threaten people’s health and lives.”

06/04/2014 | A former model who used sunbeds for over 20 years has called for them to be banned after she was diagnosed with rare eye cancer and given weeks to live. Mother-of-one Debi Gibson from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, starting using sunbeds at the age of 14. She decided not to use protective goggles when on the sunbed so she would be free of any tan lines. The 42-year-old was diagnosed with rare eye cancer in April 2012 - and has now been given a terminal diagnosis after the disease spread to her liver.

04/04/2014 | Checks on tanning salons in a Yorkshire borough have found people using sunbeds are being blasted with levels of radiation normally found in outer space. Officials at Barnsley Council found 83 per cent of sunbeds tested were over the legal radiation limit, with one in 10 as many as four times above.

04/04/2014 | An NHS maternity hospital has started offering breast implants to women in order to raise funds. Kathryn Thomson, chief executive of the Liverpool Women's Hospital, said managers needed to 'think creatively' in times of austerity and were expanding the private arm of the hospital's business. All profits the trust makes from breast enlargements and other paid-for surgeries will be put back into developing NHS services at the hospital rather than benefiting shareholders or investors.

04/04/2014 | A new cosmetics ad goes against the typical girl-power creed of embracing your natural look by showing how make-up can actually empower women. In new videos for Dermablend, two women with skin conditions explain how make-up has helped them present themselves to the world in a genuine way.

03/04/2014 | Lumenis Ltd., the world's largest medical laser company for aesthetic, surgical and ophthalmic applications, announced today that the new LightSheer® INFINITY™ and LightSheer® DESIRE™ laser hair reduction products will be introduced in Europe at the 12th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC).

03/04/2014 | Syneron Medical Ltd. announced that its proprietary Sublative™ technology has received CE Mark indication for the effective treatment of striae (stretch marks) and acne scars. The new treatment protocols are now available on all of the Syneron Sublative compatible systems, which include elos Plus™, eTwo™ and eMatrix™.

03/04/2014 | New statistics released today by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) show that breast lift procedures are growing at twice the rate of breast implant surgeries. Since 2000, breast lifts have grown by 70%, outpacing implants two-to-one. Breast implants are still by far the most performed cosmetic surgery in women, but lifts are steadily gaining. In 2013, more than 90,000 breast lift procedures were performed by ASPS member surgeons.

01/04/2014 | Authorities do not know how many Australian women had faulty French breast implants replaced with a second, now recalled brand. Last month the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) announced the Australian distributor of PIP breast implants, Medical Vision Australia, had pulled its Cereform implants from shelves following a recall in France.

30/03/2014 | Specialists have warned that skin cancer cases in East Anglia are set to rise over the next three decades after a department at a Norfolk hospital saw its case load treble in the space of six years. Experts from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital said that the skin cancer “epidemic” is set to get worse as the country’s post-war baby boomers are diagnosed with more tumours.

30/03/2014 | Women with the most common type of breast implants have an increased risk of developing bacterial infections that could lead to rupturing and additional surgery, a new study has found. Australian researchers have discovered that newer implants with a ''textured'' surface - frequently used by surgeons - are about 70 times more likely to harbour bacteria than the alternative ''smooth'' implants. Experts warn that once infected, the growth of bacteria on textured silicone-gel implants is significantly more likely to cause hardening around the tissue, persistent discomfort and deformity.

29/03/2014 | In 2012, the Harley Medical Centre chain of clinics went into administration to avoid possible payouts to 13,000 patients who had been given faulty PIP breast implants. A Government crackdown will mean the directors of surgery firms that go bust, as well as those found guilty of providing poor care, will not be allowed to shut up shop simply to open weeks later under a new name.

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